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Introduction To Autosys Training:

AUTOSYS Training is a scheduling tool and it is job controlling system used for monitoring, reporting and scheduling. Each and every task is consider as a job and job may be a single script (script is nothing that all commands) and command and AUTOSYS training is used in main frame in some company. With the monitoring tools, advanced feature it is very easy it’s not only web based. AUTOSYS is an event and time trigger for job scheduling and it is a product of CA . We provide the AUTOSYS Corporate training as well as the Austosys online Training in Global online trainings.

Autosys Corporate Training Course Content

autosys training course content

Corporate training is now days very much convenient to the audience who are new to e-learning. who are new to e-learning can watch below sample video to understand how an online training sessions can be conducted. For full details about the course please register yourself in the website.

Autosys training Demo Video: 

Overview of AUTOSYS Training:

  • Day by day work load is increasing and the scheduling environment has become so complicated to complete the work in short period of time. So there is an increase the need to overcome this problem and to treat scheduling is a service for ad hoc requests. Workload automation has discovered to the job scheduling.
  • Where the AUTOSYS is job scheduling software the main work of this it will check the all job in time and their status and state and it allow the events and the time trigger for job scheduling. For completing the work of job, job should be in a box to complete all tasks.
  • In AUTOSYS online training specified time will allocate to complete the task for job. With the server only we can do AUTOSYS Training. AUTOSYS Corporate Training using LINUX, UNIX. AUTOSYS Training has after the workload automation to solve problem of the work to be complete in short time.
  • AUTOSYS Training will defined the attribute of a job with the attribute it will say the remaining behavior. AUTOSYS Training is explained by using the JIL and GUI  and it will tell when and where the job run. Without the server we cannot do any job in AUTOSYS. Scheduling tools is dollar universe and control m and the other main tool is AUTOSYS training more important among them. Global online trainings provides best Autosys online training and also we provide best Autosys job support my virtual job support team. Virtual job support team helps to solve all the technical queries, who are facing in their jobs. Best Autosys job support by highly skilled trainer at low cost.


  • Event server
  • Scheduler
  • Application server
  • Agents
  • Workload control center

Event server: In this Event server AUTOSYS databases store the information about the job description, job events and the it will provide about the information configuration.

Scheduler: It will give the time to assign when the job will work are else like that and reviews the job definition.

Application server: The purpose of this is to accept the events from the agents and that that what we accept will update the event server data base and it should also accept the job description from the WCC and the clients

Agents: For this they should receive the information and to accept the instruction that are from the scheduler and that what they have accepts what to be event update must be send to the application server.

Workload control center: It is an optional component and it is the last component where the web application will provides the central consol to monitor and job manager.

AUTOSYS training Instance:

It is more important in AUTOSYS corporate training where instance is a licensed version of the AUTOSYS Training software. Which runs on AUTOSYS server. AUTOSYS Instance is an environmental variable and that is called AUTOSERV. And it should contain the three letter identifier.

AUTOSYS training Agent Requirements:

Network and the Application are the main requirement in the AUTOSYS Corporate training .AUTOSYS Scheduler to AUTOSYS Agent port is 7163 and the AUTOSYS Agent to AUTOSYS Application server port is 7163 an Workload control center to AUTOSYS Agent port is 7163.Windows must compulsory to install with the administrative account and run with the local system account. Unix it should be install with the root account and with the root only.

Types of Machines in AUTOSYS training:

There is a some types of machine in AUTOSYS training

  • Server machine
  • Client machine

Server Machine: AUTOSYS Server machine in which both the scheduler and the event server are to be situated.

Client machine: AUTOSYS Client machine is the remote agent are installed in this and the main purpose of this machine is here the job actually run.

Types of Jobs in AUTOSYS Corporate training:

  • Box Job
  • Command Job
  • File Watcher Job

Box job: It is a self perform job there is no action in this and it will help the other job to run and it consists of the jobs and the comprises the command , file watcher and the even box jobs also.

Command Job: Usually single actions are performed  which are validate machine and the job can be run under the id on remote machine and the main concept of this execute the command script and only one command only execute in one job.

File Watcher Job: The main work to this job is it will search only one file when the job is defined. If the file is detected then it will success and then there is remote process to monitors the existence and the size of the file.

AUTOSYS Training Job Status:

AUTOSYS training will keep the status of the job  that is current status.

  • Activated
  • Failure
  • Inactive
  • On-Hold
  • Pend-Mach
  • Restart
  • Running
  • Starting
  • Success
  • Terminated

Activated: It is top level box and the job should be in running state and the job itself  not to be an dependencies for job has been satisfied.

Failure: If the job code there and the code is greater than 0 than it is failure

Inactive: In this job has not to be run or its status is internally altered.

On-Hold: The administrator has kept that job on-hold so that will not run until it release.

Pend-Mach: In this job can be start as a logically but that system will show it is offline present.

Restart: In this job will unable to start because the machine should be restart the issues are due to the network problems.

Running: Job is currently executing.

Starting: Agent will send the job request to start the job.

Success: If the job code is less than 0 then it is a success.

Terminated: Job is to be terminated with the kill event or with the terminated parameter.

Box Logic in AUTOSYS training:

Default Box job Behaviour:

Where the job runs only in one per box for execution. Job in the box will run only when itself run. If any job is running in the box the running status will show and the process will not complete until the all jobs are run and the success status will return only when the job return its status is success in a box and failure status will also come like that only. Unless the job status returns only it will over otherwise the job should be run until it reaches status of success or failure. And changing the state of a job is inactive.

What Will Happens When a Box Runs in AUTOSYS Training:

If the box starts its run then the all jobs which are in box will work and there status is activated and they are authorized to do work. After that every job is analyzed for additional starting condition and the jobs without   additional starting condition can be started without any prioritizing. Jobs with additional starting condition remains in the activated state until those additional dependencies have meet.      

What is an AUTOSYS JOB training:

AUTOSYS JOB can be explained  as by using the GUI or JIL where it contains the set of attributes  with the qualification  and the condition should be there when and where to job run. Single actions are to be performed on the which are validated machine. 

Types of Methods in AUTOSYS JOB training:

  • AUTOSYS Job Information Language (JIL) 

Objectives of AUTOSYS Training:

  • AUTOSYS Job Information Language (JIL)
  • Essential Attributes
  • General Attributes
  • Optional Attributes
AUTOSYS Job Information Language (JIL):

AUTOSYS JIL has it’s own syntax and to tell the when and where and how the job is running.

Essential Attributes:

First of all job should be inserted and then required job type ,and the job owner which means id of user and then command will run under the client machine and the machine will said that which command is running on machine.

General Attributes:
  • Command is an single Unix command and the description should be there for documentation.
  • Max run alarm which means it should not take longer time than the specified time.
  • Min run alarm which means it should not complete the task less than the specified time.
  • Standard out file where the owner permission are written then file can be redirected to any file and watch file is the name of the file will be given to watch that.
  • Job terminator will specifies the whether job is terminated are not and the box is an fail or terminated.
Optional Attributes:

Where in this job date condition, start time days of week condition, run calendar, exclude, term run ,n retry, run window, job load.


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