Introduction to AWS Security Training:

AWS Security Training at Global Online Trainings. Cloud Security is also known as AWS Security why because the major priority of AWS  Cloud is to provide Security. It is a hub that offers a wide range of high-priority security in the AWS cloud. The main purpose of AWS Cloud is to allow people to manage their business data in a secure environment. Global online Training delivers the most effective Amazon Web Services coaching across the globe. We have foremost knowledgeable specialists in AWS Security Training. Our magistrates work on Amazon Web Services and connected to top MNCs. Our AWS Security course primarily focuses on AWS Security best practices that improve your data security and cloud systems. At Global Online Trainings we are providing training from basic level to advanced concepts. In this training you will learn the concepts of how to use AWS services and tools for automation, responding to logging, continuous monitoring and security events.


AWS Security Online Training Course Details:

 Course Name: AWS Security Training

Mode of training: Global Online Trainings provide both Online Training and Corporate Training for AWS Security Training

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials? Yes, if you register with Global Online Trainings, the AWS Security Course Materials will be provided.

Course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 15 years+

Timings: According to one’s feasibility

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track!


What are the prerequisites to learn AWS Security?

If you want to learn AWS Security Training, there are some prerequisites. They are

•    Basic knowledge of AWS Security fundamentals

•    Basic knowledge of AWS  Security architecture

•    understanding of cloud computing concepts


Overview of AWS Security Training:Components-of-AWS-Security

  • Today’s businesses and organizations are rapidly expanding their networks into third-party cloud providers’ infrastructure. So, the cloud infrastructure services are playing an important role in big industries and grow up day by day. With the feature of having your entire infrastructure, it’s very easy for companies to choose third-party cloud providers. That’s why it became very expensive.
  • By distributing a portion of your network or a large part of your network with a third-party cloud platform, your company can lose your data on the cloud and you need to spend more money because you don’t know that how much money your data need.
  • So, ready to move your infrastructure to Amazon’s cloud and benefit from powerful new features with the cloud’s rapid innovation and experience.
  •  Your network comes with its own specialized cybersecurity challenges on third-party cloud infrastructure. And the cyber threat environment for company operations will be harsh and more complicated in the future. But it is possible to have good security and regulatory approval when using Amazons’ AWS Security.

What is AWS Security?

  • The main role of AWS Security is the “Security of the cloud”.  Security of the cloud means it provides security for the whole infrastructure of your company by taking actions on hardware and software that run on AWS Cloud. So any cyber attacker cannot hack your data because they need access while using your machines.
  •  Many formulas for the safety of on-campus networks also apply to cloud networks. There are perimeters to be preserved, supervised service configurations, encrypted data, and physical security. Denying distribution of service attacks (DDoS), malware, and man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks may affect the cloud server when doing any other server services that are connected to the public Internet.
  •  If your companies infrastructures aren’t operated on AWS Cloud Services and move towards to secure them is a little bit difficult.
  • When it comes to shared responsibility model Amazon will take some actions and for another action, you should only take. Here he Amazon shared responsibility model helps you to describe how Amazon’s security is responsible for your company’s services.

This is the definition of AWS Security. You can learn more by joining in AWS Security Training at Global Online Trainings. You can also learn Amazon Web Services by most experienced trainers. For more information take a look at AWS Training.


Types of AWS Security Services:

  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)
  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)
  • Amazon S3

Let me give a brief description of the above Security Services,

Amazon EC2: Amazon EC2 is an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. Amazon EC2 gives access to run your business in the cloud. Amazon EC2 gives a clear estimation of how many servers you need and when to use them. It enables you to run your applications with the capacity as much as you required.

Amazon VPC: Amazon VPC is also known as Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. It helps you start AWS assets into the virtual networks easily.

Amazon S3: Amazon S3 is abbreviated as a Simple Storage Service. It is specially designed for storing data. In Amazon S3, you can easily store and recover the data where ever you need.

 They are some special features in Amazon S3:

  • Scalability and security
  • Durability and availability
  • Flexibility and Less cost

What are the Advantages of AWS Security?

AWS provides a wide range of capabilities to protect a variety of workloads. Through AWS Security services you can protect your company’s data. It also provides the ability to check security-related activities. While checking the security-related activities you will get the responses automatically. The overall capability of AWS is to provide the ability to cloud to increase their security poses in their cloud with fewer costs.

In this case, we have six major advantages of cloud security. They are

  • Integration: AWS allows you to control AWS activity monitoring services to determine configuration change and security events, integrating AWS functionality with your existing monitoring solutions for simplified compliance reporting. We give permission to reports by handling thousands of security controls inherited by the AWS platform, making it easy and fast for security and compliance.
  • Manage systems and applications: The security surface of the cloud is very small. So, those users should control their systems and applications to manage their own. Amazon’s Security will help you to manage on high lever operating system and application security management. Therefore you have to select the security services on the basis of which security helps you to manage your systems and applications that contain your own content.
  • Financial criteria apply: Amazon AWS Security platform made advanced development and security modernization depends upon customer’s feedback. These feedbacks are taken by the customers while companies propose their security requirements. So, AWS Security platform launched thousands of security features and service enhancements.
  • Better visibility, automation, and homogeneity: With the cloud, you get to choose a great but more homogenous structure and capabilities set. You can control the level of the operating system image used in your environment. By using cloud orchestration capabilities such as AWS Cloud architecture, your security experts can verify the pre-defined configuration and can be “protected” with all the security features that are enabled later. For example, the AWS Quick Start can automatically automate the AWS resource configuration according to many compatibility requirements.
  • Cloud, big data, security: Using the cloud to safeguard our cloud clouds (with large data analytics on security data and log data, which provides more insight into their security stabilization and issues that can solve the problems very quickly) with the huge cost of storage and processing capability. Cloud Haystack is the cloud’s repository storage and processing power to find security program needles
  • AWS Cloud platforms worked as System Containers: Cloud Platforms provide more insight into their behavior and performance, including security issues, including traditional systems, and provide new depth coverage. Container programmable that runs your operating systems and applications oversees the ability and reactive software. For example, if you do not know about the internal function of your application, you can set up monitoring alarms at the base level, if it knows its normal network behavior, which stimulates a smart response to any unusual activity.

As the speed and innovation level rises, the cloud story is much better. AWS increases the bar in our efforts to provide IT and security services that provide agility, visibility, scalability, and integrity. AWS track record of operational integrity, along with our fast-paced and fast connectivity, has gained the credibility of government machine owners, provided by secure, efficient and cost-effective IT services.


What are the benefits of AWS Security?Benefits-of-AWS-Security

  • You can keep your data secure by AWS Security:  Amazon’s AWS offers well security protections for all your data that available in the cloud to helps keep your data secure and protect your privacy. AWS Security will store up all your data in the AWS cloud by giving extreme security.
  • You can fulfill all your business needs: AWS always supports to manage thousands of business programs in its cloud.  It provides the security for all those programs and by this AWS cloud, you can reach your business necessities.
  • You can save money:  There will be a leas cost you going to spend with maintaining all your business data in AWS Cloud.
  • Highly Scalable and Quick able: You can secure your data at high standards very fast in AWS Cloud usage. No matter the size of your business, the AWS infrastructure is designed to keep your data safe with highly scalable and quick able.

This is the brief information about AWS Security benefits. If you want to know more please join in AWS Security Training at Global Online Trainings. The AWS security training course will cover all aspects needed to develop technical expertise in the expansion, maintenance and operation of the AWS platform.

We also provide AWS Architect Training. Through this training you will learn the understanding of cloud architectural standards basic to design and convey reliable and adaptable cloud business solutions. Global online trainings provide best Amazon Solutions Architect Training by corporate trainers and we also provide the classroom training at client premises Noida, Bangalore Gurgaon, Hyderabad Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune. Don’t be late. Join immediately!


What do you know about AWS Shared Responsibility Model?

AWS gives the first preference for security. Like that AWS offers AWS Shared Responsibility Model and assist you to secure the business infrastructure and services in the cloud around the world.  By using AWS Responsibility Model in AWS you can build your own systems and also use features of AWS to build ISMS in the cloud. In order to create ISMS, first, you need to know the AWS Shared Responsibility Model very well which requires AWS. So, customers can work together towards the security objectives.

One of the major advantages of AWS is it provides secure global infrastructure and services however you only supervise the operating systems with secure, platforms and data in the cloud. It provides the ability to control users, user permissions in the cloud and to improve the security; it configures infrastructure components such as Identity Access Management (IAM).

To improve security, AWS provides Shared Responsibility Models for each and every type of service. They are:

  • AWS Shared Responsibility Model for Infrastructure services
  • AWS Shared Responsibility Model for Container services
  • AWS Shared Responsibility Model for Abstract services

In AWS Shared Responsibility Model for Infrastructure, AWS offers powerful security services for infrastructure elements and data. It gives them access to manage, For example, It gives access to all networking components and hardwires in the cloud.

In AWS Shared Responsibility Model for Containers, AWS provides a variety of services includes AWS RDS (Relational Database Service), AWS EMR (Elastic Map Reduce), AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

In AWS Shared Responsibility Model for Abstracts, AWS provides services including AWS S3, Amazon Glacier, Dynamo DB, and SQS.

Conclusion of AWS Security Training:

With some of the best features of scalable, durable, available, flexible, and fewer costs the AWS platform is rocking in today’s market. AWS demand is increasing rapidly in the IT industry. There are thousands of businesses that have been accepted Amazon Web Services across the world. It has the great ability to develop fast meanwhile increasing the security of AWS Cloud Infrastructure.

Are you ready to learn?

Join in Global Online Trainings. We designed the AWS Security Training course with basic level to advanced concepts according to IT needs. This self-paced course is specially designed to introduce you to fundamental cloud computing and AWS security concepts. We provide AWS Security Online Training by real-time experts who having 10+ yrs of experience. Take the training with us and get the AWS Certification.


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