Introduction to Azure Training:

Azure Training- Microsoft Azure previously known as Windows Azure. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform and it is created by Microsoft. This is used to create, develop and also to maintain the applications with the help of global network of data centers.  Global Online Training is one of the best online training from India because we provide all types of trainings at a reasonable cost. We provide high quality training by our industrial experts. Register with us and join today.  

Prerequisites of Azure Training:

To learn Azure Training at our Global Online Trainings that candidate should have a basic knowledge on

  • Cloud Computing
  • Windows environment
  • Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Networks

This Microsoft Azure Training is also useful for the software developers.

Azure Training Course Details:

Name of the course: Microsoft Azure Training

Mode of Training: Online Training and also Corporate Training according to the client requirement.          

Course Duration: 30 Hrs (Can be optimized as per requirement)

Do you provide materials: After the registration with Global Online Trainings, we provide all types of materials related to that course

Course Fee: After the registration one of our coordinator will contact you

Trainer Experience: 12 years+ experience

Timings: According to the student flexibility

Batch Type: We provide regular, weekends and also fast track according to the student requirement.


Azure Training Course Content


Overview of Azure Training:

Azure Training is related to Cloud Computing. The main benefit of the Cloud Computing is to store the data and also to access the data by using the Internet. So there is no need of hard drive to store and access the data.

What is Cloud Computing Architecture?

The components of the cloud computing are as follows.

  • Front end device
  • Back end platform
  • Cloud based delivery
  • Network

Among them the main components are Front end device and Back end platform.


Front-end device: Front end devices are very important because they access the data or program with the help of browser or special applications.


Back end platform: The combination of computers, servers, virtual machines etc is known as Back-end platform.


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How many types of clouds are there for storage?

There are three types of clouds for storage. They are Public, Private and Hybrid.

  • Public Cloud: The clouds that are available to the public and providing this service to the public is known as Public Cloud. This service provided with the help of internet.
  • Private Cloud: Private cloud is related to a specific company to store the data that is related to company. This data cannot be shared with other company.
  • Hybrid Cloud: The combination of public cloud and private cloud is known as Hybrid cloud.
What are the advantages of cloud in Azure Training?

Some of the advantages of cloud are as follows.

  • The main advantage of Cloud service is that it reduces the cost of capital infrastructure.
  • Users can access the application from any area and there is no need of hardware configuration.
  • There is no need of buying license for each and every machine to access the application.
  • The data in the clouds is safe and it is not lost easily.
What are the services that are provided by Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure provides two types of services. They are PaaS and IaaS.


PaaS: The full form of PaaS is Platform as a Service. With the help of PaaS, clients can create and develop the software on their own and also they can develop the applications. It also handles the operating systems, servers etc.

Advantages of PaaS:
  • The maintenance cost is low because we can add the resources are demand.
  • The servers are also updated automatically.
  • The unknown security issues are also checked.
  • Azure team members check the latest versions of the development tools and the developers can handle the tools easily. As a result they can reach the customers demand.


IaaS: IaaS stands for Infrastructure as a Service. With the help of this service we can control the total operating system and also the client can operate and maintain the data by their own.

Advantages of IaaS:
  • The requirements of the company can be handled with the help of virtual machine.
  • We can also migrate all the application into the windows Azure.
  • The service to the clients is quick with the help of IaaS and also the vendors can sell the software’s in the market.

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What is BLOB in Microsoft Azure?

In Microsoft Azure, BLOB stands for Binary Large Objects. This is the combination of images, text files, videos and audios. In Windows Azure, the services consist of three types of Blobs. They are Block blobs, Append blobs and Page blobs. All Block blobs, Append blobs and Page blobs should be present in a container.


Block blobs: Block blobs play a very important role for the users because with the help of Block blobs the user can upload the large of amount of data and it is the collection of different types of blocks with unique block ID.


Append blobs: To make the operations perfectly the Append blobs are used and these Append blobs are optimized blocks.


Page blobs: The collection of page is known as Page blobs. With the help of Page blobs we can randomly read and write the operations. When we create a blob we have to mention the type and if the type is not mention than it is automatically set as a block type.

What is Queues in Azure Training?

To store the data we use a data structure known as Queue. This Queue follows a rule known as First-in-First out and it is used to store the messages in Queue. In this process, sender sends the message and the receiver receives the message.  In this process, the receiver normally deletes the messages and if the messages are not deleted than it will be deleted automatically at a certain period of time.


There are three ways to send the messages. They are

  • Single sender to Single receiver.
  • Single sender to many receivers.
  • Many senders to many receivers.
What are the types of queue mechanisms in Azure Training?

In Microsoft Azure there are two types of mechanisms. One is Storage queues and the other is Service Bus queues.

Storage queues: Storage queues are one of the parts of Azure storage infrastructure. Where the messages can be processed among the services.

Service Bus queues: Service Bus queues are also one of the parts of broader Azure messaging infrastructure. The applications and services are separated with the help of Service Bus. For asynchronous data and state transfer this is the safe platform.

What are the parts of services in the Microsoft Azure?

Foreign keys are not stored in the Azure within the table. With this table we can handle the large amount of data. There is also another service known as relational database and it is stored with the help of SQL Data Services.

There are three parts of services. They are

  • Tables
  • Entities
  • Properties

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What is the importance of applications in Microsoft Azure?

The importances of applications in Microsoft Azure are as follows.

  • Windows Azure is a hosting solution because we can develop the applications with the help of programming languages and technologies.
  • We can also create and develop the applications with the help of dot net, Java, PHP etc.
  • We can also manage the web application if the traffic is either more or less.
  • The main advantage of web applications in Windows Azure is that it can support dot net, Java, Node js, Python and php.
  • By using the Azure platform, the developers can develop and there is no need to think about the technical stuff.
What are the features of Microsoft Azure Training?

Some of the important features of Azure Training are as follows.

  • The main important feature of Azure Online Training is IaaS feature and this feature helps for the virtual machines both in Microsoft Windows and Linus platforms.
  • Developers can publish and manage the websites and apps easily with the feature known as PaaS.
  • The data can be stored and we can access on the cloud by using both REST APIs and SMB protocols.
  • By using the queries, we can communicate the programs in an asynchronous fashion.
Along with Azure Training you can also learn Devops Training:

DevOps is the combination of two words that is development and operations. There is a relation between the development operations and also IT operations. There are various phases in the DevOps. Some of the important phases are planning phase, coding phase, building phase etc.

Benefits of DevOps Training:

The important benefits of DevOps Training are as follows.

  • We can do the things faster with the help of DevOps.
  • In DevOps, the errors are negligible and then we can get the better software quality.
  • With the help of DevOps, we can release the release velocity.
  • We can handle the total development cycle from the design part to the production deployment part.

These are just the basics of DevOps Training and you will get detail knowledge on DevOps Training along with Azure Online Training.

Learn Machine Learning Training along with Azure Training:

Machine learning is one of the applications of Artificial Intelligence which is simply known as AI. By default we can improve and learn without programming. We can say that the Machine learning is related to the improvement of programs.

Advantages of Machine Learning:

Some of the advantages of Machine Learning are as follows.

  • The main advantage of Machine Learning is that it can handle more amounts of data.
  • Machines have the ability to learn and it can take the proper steps by their own.
  • Machine Learning gives accuracy and efficiency. So that we can take the decisions quickly.
  • With the help of Machine learning we can handle the data easily of different dimensional and also with different variety.

These are just the basics of Machine Learning, you can detail knowledge on Machine Learning Training along with Windows Azure Training.

Learn IOT Training along with Azure Training:

IOT stands for Internet of Things. In simple words Internet of Things is nothing but it is the connection of physical objects through internet. In this we can collect the data and also transfer the data with the help of network.

Advantages of IOT Training:
  • The main advantage of IOT is that there is a communication between machines to machine. As a result everything will be processed in a proper order.
  • The machines are connected to one another through internet and it is controlled digitally without the wireless.
  • Without the involvement of human beings the machines can communicate with each other.

These are just the basics of IOT and you can get the detailed knowledge on IOT Training along with Azure Training.


Conclusion to Azure Training:

Azure course is one of the most popular courses in the present market and many organizations are looking for the candidates who are well trained in all topics that are related to Azure course. Because that candidate has to design, develop and configure the applications to reach the business requirements.  So many organizations are ready to pay huge salaries for the employees who are well skilled on Azure.

At Global Online Trainings only you can get the practical knowledge because we provide training by our well experienced trainers at affordable cost. If you have any doubts regarding the training always feel free to reach us and we are available round the clock to clarify your queries. Otherwise register with us than one of our coordinator will contact you as soon as possible.

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