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Introduction To Backbone JS Training Course:

Backbone JS is an light weight JavaScript library that allows you to develop & structure client side applications that run in an web browser. It offers MVC framework which abstracts data into the models, The DOM into views & bind these two using events. The Backbone.js gives an structure to the web applications which in-turn allows to separate business logic & the user interface logic. The backbone js training covers most of the topics that are required for an basic understanding of Backbone JS & to get a feel of how it works. Register for backbone js training and learn how it is ideally suited for creating front end heavy, data driven application. Backbone js is very easy to setup & work, Learn the basics of Backbone JS & its programming concepts in much more simpler & easy way only at Global Online Trainings.


Backbone.JS Introduction
  • Overview of BackboneJS
  • Architecture of AngularJS
  • Differences between Backbone.JS and Angular.JS
  • Tools required for the Backbone JS Development
Developing a Sample Application using Backbone.JS
  • Overview of MVC Pattern
  • Understanding the Models
  • Understanding Collections
  • Understanding Views
  • Understanding URL Routing
  • Creating a Sample Application using Backbone.JS
Working with Models
  • Creating a Model
  • Model Attributes
  • Validating Model Attributes
  • Performing Validations in a HTML form
  • Nested attributes
  • Implementing relationships
Working with Collections
  • Adding models to the Collection
  • Deleting models from Collection
  • Sorting elements in a Collection
  • Filtering elements in a Collection
  • Looping through a Collection
Working with Views
  • Displaying a model in a view
  • Displaying a collection in a view
  • Working with subviews
  • Working with Backbone.Router
Working with Events and Bindings
  • Overview of Events & Bindings
  • Working with events in the Backbone.js
  • Binding a model to a view
  • Binding a collection to a view
  • Working with the Backbone.stickit
  • Working with router events
Working with Templates
  • Working with templates in a view
  • Using template loader
  • Design a Form
  • Applying Validations to a form
  • Using Bootstrap framework to customize a form
  • Working with Layout Manager
Working with the REST services
  • Synchronizing models and collections with RESTfull service
  • Developing RESTful frontend with the Backbone.js
  • Performing CRUD operations
Unit Testing with Backbone.js
  • Creating a Backbone.js extension with the Grunt
  • Writing tests for a Backbone extension with QUnit
  • Mocking up a REST ful service with the jQuery Mockjax in asynchronous tests
  • Organizing a project structure with Require.js