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Base  Adv sas Online Training

Introduction To SAS Base & Adv Training Course:

The Base SAS & the Advanced SAS both are the most revered credentials in the programming domain with the worldwide acceptance.  Global Online Trainings is offering the SAS Programmer online training which is an combination of both the Base & Advanced SAS. The SAS course ideal for individuals aiming to acquire the related knowledge in the point of certification The SAS Base and Advance Training course provides an deep insight in all the areas, ranging from base to the advanced level of the SAS data concepts. The Base SAS domain mainly focuses on concepts such as Essentials & Data Manipulation Techniques. The Attendees will gain very rich understanding of navigating the SAS windowing environment, as well as the enhancing  listing & summary reports along with the combination & validation of SAS data sets. As the training progresses to the Advanced SASdomain, we discusses the concepts related to advanced data step programming statements, SAS Macro code & programs, manipulating characters & constructing sub-queries, and much more. For more details about SAS Base & Adv Training Contact now.

Module 1 – Base SAS

Data Structures
  • SAS interface and library structure and definition Introduction
  • Reading data using Datalines & importing and exporting datasets
  • Infiles statement – reading raw data
  • Formats and Informats
  • Variable attributes & data modification using Data & Set statements
Data Management
  • Using conditional statements to modify data – Where, If & Nested IF   
  • Appending and Merging datasets
  • SAS Functions for data manipulation
  • Loops & Arrays in SAS
Report Generation
  • Basic Proc steps – like Proc Contents  
  • Proc Format, Proc Report and Proc Tabulate
  • Proc steps for the basic statistics – like Proc Univariate and Proc Means

Module 2 – Advanced SAS

Proc SQL
  • Introduction to SQL – basic DBMS & RDBMS concepts           
  • Using SQL Procedures in SAS
  • Using conditional statements in SQL and aggregate functions
  • Data manipulation using the Proc SQL
SAS Macros
  • Introduction to Macros
  • Local and Global declarations
  • Using built-in macro procedures and functions