BCFCOEP Training Course Introduction:

BCFCOEP Training is for the professional who want to clear their certification. Here we Global Online Trainings will help you out to clear this test by training you in the best way. Brocade certification exams are designed to validate your knowledge and expertise. The questions require knowledge and demonstrated expertise in the various areas tested. We cover the complete topic mentioned in the course content related to FCOE. We conduction test to check your knowledge and skills against the BCFCOEP and which also increase you confidence levels.

BROCADE CERTIFIED FCOE PROFESSIONAL (BCFCOEP) online training is best for the professional who want to move their career towards BCFCOEP. Register for BCFCOEP Training by the experienced and real time IT experts.

BCFCOEP Online Training Course Content

FCoE/CEE concept
  •  Fabre Channels over Ethernet
  •  Terms related to FCoE
  • CEE Enhancements towards Ethernet
  • Priority Flow Control (IEEE 802.1Qbb)
  • Multi cast Queuing system      
  •  FCoE Mapping Priority
  • Overview on FIP
  • ASIC Frame Flow: FIP Solicitation /want ad
  • Customary Ethernet and CEE Protocol Support
FCoE Hardware
  •         Brocade 8000 Port number and Serial Number
  •         Managing Brocade 8000
  •         Brocade FCOE10-24 Blade
  •         FCOE10-24 Compatibility with Other Blades
  •         Wiring and Optics
  •         CEE Media
  •         Media show CMSH controls and commands
  •         Example of CEE Port Numbering in Web Tools
  •         CEE to FCoE Port Mapping, CNA Driver
FCoE Design
  •         Brocade 8000 Switch
  •         CEE and Ethernet (Layer 2) Capabilities
  •         FCoE capability
  •         Brocade 8000 Fabric OS vs. 6.3.1 Features
  •         FCOE10-24 Blade Block Diagram
  •         FCoE Addressing using FPMA
  •         Fabric OS switch show Command
  •         Fabric OS v6.3.1 VLANs Supported
  •         Configure CEE Port
  •         Link Aggregation
  •         Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) concepts
  •         Brocade CNAs
  •         Supported Storage Features and their set of rules
  •         Top of the Rack Deployment Example
FCoE Configuration
  •         Brocade 8000 Port Side
  •         DCFM: CEE Access Control List
  •         DCFM – Generating a Historical Performance Graph
  •         DCFM – Generating a Historical Performance Report
  •         Virtual FCoE Port Configuration
  •         Viewing Virtual FCoE Ports
  •         LLDPDU Packet Dump
  •         LLDPDU–Link Layer Discovery Protocol Data Unit
  •         Other tools
  •         Firmware Upgrades and Downgrades
  •         Target Rate Limiting
  •         BCU Commands – CEE
FCoE Troubleshooting
  •         DCFM/Web Tools CEE/FCoE and its assessment
  •         Check CEE Map
  •         Check Spanning Tree
  •         show lldp interface 0/1
  •         Security checking
  •         Traffic Flows by Type
  •         Looking at Port Errors on the CEE Port
  •         CEE to FCoE Port Mapping
  •         DCFM: CNA in order
  •         Target Rate Limiting
  •         BCU – type instructions Used in Support save
  •         Host Connectivity Manager (HCM) concepts
  •         CNA routines
  •         To Brocade CNAs
  •         Catapult ASIC standards
  •         Captivating the Test