BCLP training Course Introduction:

BCLP Training at Global Online Trainings you must be able to design, configure, administer and troubleshoot complex implementations of Brocade Layer 4-7 application delivery solutions. By Joining for BCLP Training you will be able to perform secure access management on ADX and Demonstrate knowledge of GUI features.

BCLP Training Courseprovides an in-depth study of Server Load Balancing (SLB) using Brocade ADX ServerIron products and is designed for network administrators, system administrators, network architects, along with systems engineers and application engineers involved in the design, deployment, and management of Brocade application switching products. Register today in the website for the best training by the real time expert trainers.

Bclp Online Training course content

  • Explanation to perform secure access management on ADX
  • Demonstrate knowledge of GUI features
Health Checks
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Layer 7 Health Checks for a scenario
  • Exhibit knowledge of Layer 4 Health Checks
  • Describe how to configure ports with real time scenarios.
  • Exhibit knowledge of routing with Server Iron
  • Describe way to health injection
  • How to implement SLB with IPv6
  • Implementing SLB through VLANs
  • How to configure SLB spanning multiple subnets
  • Classify policy-based SLB
  • Exhibit advanced knowledge of how to use SLB predictors with a scenario
  • Describe HA designs with a scenario
  • Exhibit the ability to implement a HTTP to HTTPS redirect policy with a scenario
  • Depict when a CSW policy would be used
  • Exhibit knowledge of the implementation of GSLB
  • Describe SSL properties
  • Describe different SSL configuration modes
  • Exhibit knowledge of the embedded security features