BCSM Training course Introduction:

BCSM Training is to define the high-level finite state machine description of the CCF. The Basic Call State Model describes the basic processing steps that must be performed by a switch in order to establish and tear down a call. CCF activities required to establish and maintain communication paths for users who have services. For circuit switched operation, there will be an Originating and Terminating Basic Call State Model.

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Bcsm Online Training course content

Bcsm Security 7
  • SAN Device Security
  • DCC and Authentication Policies
  • Access Gateway Policies
  • Switch Access Security
  • Dynamic or Active Directory
  • Policy Database Distribution
  • Managing SAN Data Security.
  • Devices
  • Usage Limitations
  • Master Key supervision
  • Crypto target
  • Encrypting Group Configuration
Management Tools
  • SAN Management Concepts and Tools
  • HBA Management
  • DCFM concepts
  • DCFM Professionals
  • DCFM Enterprise
  • SAN Health
  • Advanced Performance Monitor
Troubleshooting scenarios
  • Troubleshooting and Data Gathering concepts
  • LSANs, Ports, Media and ISLs.
  • Performance Baselines
  • Zoning and Segmentation issue athwart a Fabric
  • Audit Event Logging
  • Fabric State
  • Problem Escalation
SAN Management and Monitoring
  • Monitoring SAN Performance
  • Adaptive Networking
  • Port Fencing
  • SMI-S
  • Fabric Watch
  • TI Zones
  • ISL Trunking
  • Monitoring and Managing Fabrics
  • NPIV
  • Virtual Fabrics
  • Logical Switches
  • ICLs
SAN Configuration and Maintenance
  • Routine Maintenance
  • QoS Zones
  • Brocade Branded USB Device
  • Buffer-to-Buffer Credits
  • Web Tools – B-Series Element Manager
  • FC-FC Routing
  • FCIP
  • Virtual Ports and FCIP Tunnels