BDD Training

Introduction To BDD Training Course:

The Behavior Driven Development in short called as BDD. It is an technique within the agile software development processes which strengthen the cooperation of  both QA & BA in software development projects. Global Online Trainings offers  Behavior Driven Development training course with world’s leading experts professionals  in BDD. BDD is best practiced for efficiently evolving useful code. While its name implies that it is mostly about development, The BDD is primarily about the collaboration & delivering the business value; it keeps the programmers focused on exactly what they need to build & helps them avoid over the engineering. The Behaviour Driven Development, helps the business  &technology professionals to collaborate in delivering the best possible products.

Scenarios Specifying Safely
  • Scenarios & The Power of Examples
  • Getting Diverse Voices Involved in Scenario Creation
  • Writing Scenarios with the Gherkin
  • Patterns for Writing Safe Scenarios
  • Specifying an Application Using Gherkin
Automating Scenarios Safely
  • What Will We Automate and How?
  • Automation Tools
  • Your First Automated Scenario
  • Automating Scenarios: Getting Beyond Basics
  • Dealing with Obstacles: Randomness, External Systems, etc.
Implementing Behavior-Driven Development
  • Driving Implementation & Design from Scenarios
  • Creating an Application from Scratch from Scenarios:1st Part
  • Creating an Application from Scratch from Scenarios: 2nd Part
  • Creating an Application from Scratch from Scenarios: 3rd Part
  • Automation Hazards
  • Safe Automation Practices