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Introduction To BeanShell Scripiting Training Course:

The BeanShell is an scripting language which is similar to that of both  ImageJ macro language & to Java. In fact, one can even execute almost verbatim Java code, but the common case is to write the scripts, i.e. leave out all the syntactic sugar to make your code part of an class. The BeanShell also does not require strict typing (i.e. read: you do not need to declare the variables with types), by making it easy to turn prototype code into the proper Java after seeing that the code works. Basically the BeanShell is an lightweight scripting language that’s compatible with the Java language. It provides the dynamic environment for executing the Java code in its standard syntax but also allow common scripting conveniences such as the loose types, commands, & method closures like those in Perl & JavaScript. 

Scripted Methods
Scripted Objects
Scope Modifiers
Scripting Interfaces
Special Variables & Values
BeanShell Commands
BeanShell Commands Adding
Strict Java Mode
Class Loading and Class Path Management
Modes of Operation
Embedding the BeanShell in Your Application
Remote Server Mode
BshServlet and Servlet Mode Scripting
BeanShell Demo Applet
BeanShell Desktop
BashDoc - Javadoc Style Documentation
The BeanShell Parser
Using JConsole
Reflective Style Access to the Scripted Methods
Executable scripts under Unix
BSF Bean Scripting Framework