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Bi Training

Introduction To Oracle BI Training Course:

Oracle Business Intelligence  in short calles as Oracle BI. The Oracle BI 12c is an unique platform  which  enables customers to un-cover  the new insights & make faster, more informed business decisions by offering the agile visual analytics & self-service discovery together with best-in-class enterprise analytics.  It has instant mobile, highly interactive -dashboards, powerful operational reporting,  just-in-time alerts, content & metadata search, strategy management, native access to Big Data sources, sophisticated in-memory computing, &  streamlined systems management combine to make  the Oracle BI 12c the comprehensive solution that reduces the total cost of the  ownership & there by  increases return on the investment for the entire organization.  Register for Oracle BI Training for more details about the course.

Oracle Business Intelligence platform Overview
  • Fusion Middleware BI Solution
  • Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Publisher
  • Oracle BI Discoverer
Discoverer Plus Relational
  • Ad hoc queries
  • Understanding Data Warehouses
  • Creating Reports
  • Adding and Sorting,
  • Pivoting & Deleting
  • Customizing Report layout
Advanced formatting with Parameters and Conditions
  • Complex calculations
  • Time-series calculations
  • Calculated (custom) members
Workbooks and Worksheets
  • Configuring, creating & editing Worksheets
  • Discoverer URL parameters
Scheduling & Distributing Reports
  • Scheduling Reports and Workbooks in Discoverer Plus Relational
  • Export methods – MS Excel, HTML, PDF…
Analysing Data
  • Oracle Data Miner
  • Spreadsheet Add-In for Predictive Analytics
  • Analytic Function Template
  • Drilling up & Drilling down
  • Drill Structures and Facilities
  • Item & Date Hierarchies
  • Pivoting
  • Graphs
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) metrics
  • Scorecards – Balanced Scorecard and Six Sigma
Oracle OLAP
  • Relational and Multidimensional Data Models
  • Primary data types
  • Creating Worksheets and Workbooks with Discoverer Plus OLAP
Oracle Discoverer Administrator
  • Overview of End User Layer
  • Business Areas
  • Sharing reports
Lists of Values (LOVs)
  • Overview of LOVs
  • Creating and management of LOVs
  • Alternative Sort
  • Conditions
  • Item Classes
Folders and Items
  • Configuring properties
  • Creating Calculated Items
  • Registering PL/SQL Functions
  • Joins & Join Relationships
  • Complex Folders
  • Summary Folders
  • Automated Summary Management (ASM)
  • Custom Folders and LOVs
  • Analytical Items
  • Aggregate Items
Batch Scheduling
  • Managing the Batch Repository
  • Repository User properties
  • Scheduling & Managing Workbooks
Creating & Maintaing the End User Layer
  • (EUL)
  • Refreshing Database
  • Managing the Business Area & Folders
  • Going Live
  • Automating Tasks
  • Assigning & verifying the Default