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Introduction of Oracle BI Training:

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is known as Business Intelligence (BI). This BI is also known as Oracle Business Intelligence or Oracle BI because this tool is provided by Oracle. OBIEE is related to Business Intelligence tool and this tool is used in most of the industry verticals. This Oracle Business Intelligence Training is used to improve the business strategies and this is related to technologies and applications.

Global Online Trainings provides the best Oracle Business Intelligence Training by our real time trainers according to industrial standards at a reasonable price. Here you can gain the practical knowledge from the basic level to the advanced level. We provide both online training as well as corporate training for Oracle BI Training. For more details register with Global Online Trainings and join today!

Prerequisites for Oracle Business Intelligence Training:

To join in Oracle Business Intelligence Training the person should have a minimum knowledge on the following courses.

  • Basic data base modelling
  • Basic level of Operating System path variables.
  • Java frame-work.
Oracle Business Intelligence Training course Details:

Name of the course:  Oracle Business Intelligence Training

Mode of Training: We provide both Online Training as well as Corporate Training (according to client requirement).

Course Duration: 25 Hrs

Materials: Yes we provide materials to all the persons whoever register with Global Online Trainings.

Course Fee: After registration with Global Online Trainings, one of our coordinator will contact you as early as possible.

Trainer Experience: 12+ years.

Timings: We provide Online Training as well as Corporate Training according to client feasibility.

Batch Type: We provide all types of Regular, Weekends  and also Fast Track batches.


Oracle BI Training Course Content

Overview of Oracle Business Intelligence Training:

 The word Business Intelligence (BI) is related to technologies and applications. This is used for business decision making. To transform raw data into meaningful information we use Business Intelligence and the transformation of raw data into a meaningful information is a set of process. Business Intelligence is very useful to known the nature of the business.By using Business Intelligence the user can analyze the data and at the same time the user can create the reports, graphs.


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What is the Architecture of Oracle BI?

Architecture BI mainly has two components. They are System Components and Java Components.

  • System Components: In system components, Business Intelligence (BI) server, Representative server.
  • Java Components: In Java components, Administrative server, Manage server and node manager.
Administration server includes
  • Web logic Server: This web logic server is used to manage and monitoring the Java components.
  • Enterprise Manager: Enterprise Manager is used to manage and monitoring system components.
  • OPMN Tool: OPMN tool is also known as Oracle Process Manager and Notification server and this is used to manage and monitoring system components . This is used for advanced users.
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Administration Tool: This Oracle BI administration tool is used managing metadata repository.
How Oracle BI works?
Oracle BI works as follows.
  • The BI presentation server: User interface, Dashboards and Answers are created by BI presentation server.
  • Logical SQL: User generated SQL through graphical interface is used to remove the physical coupling between data layers.
The BI Server:
  • The BI server is used to process inbound logical SQL requests.
  • This server is used to repository to build and execute physical SQL against one or more physical data sources.
  • This server is used to returns results to BI presentation server.
Repository File:

Repository file consists of three layer data model file. They are Presentation layer, Mapping layer and Physical layer.

Physical layer: Physical data sources consists of columns, Table names and passwords

Mapping layer: Mapping layer is used to make transformations of data, creat joints between tables or to create calculated columns

Presentation layer: This presentation layer is used to show the data to the end user.

What are the components of Oracle BI?

Oracle BI consists of two components. They are Server Components and Client Components.

1.Server Components:

With the help of server components we can run OBIEE systems. They are Oracle BI server, Oracle Presentation server, Application server,Scheduler,Cluster Controller.

  • Oracle BI server: Oracle BI server is very important because with the help of Oracle BI server only the communication between OBIEE components is possible. This server generates a query and send to the database to fetch the results.
  • Oracle presentation server: Oracle Presentation server transfers all the requests to OBIEE server. This takes place through Browser.
  • Application server: With the help of Application server we can communicate with client components such as Dashboards, Answers, etc.
  • Scheduler: In repository, the scheduler is used to schedule the jobs and this is also used to create the tables in that tables we can save all scheduled information. To manage this information we use a manager called Job manager.
  • Cluster Controller: To balance the load on server we use cluster controller.
2.Client Components:

Client component is one of the component of Oracle BI and this is used to create Reports and Dashboards.  Important client components of OBIEE are as follows.Dashboards,  Oracle Delivers, BI Publisher, BI Presentation Service Administrator, Answers, Disconnected Analytics and MS Office Plug in.


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What are the features of OBIEE?
Some of the important features of OBIEE are as
  • Interactive Dashboards: Interactive Dashboard is most important feature of OBIEE. In OBIEE, Interactive Dashboard is also created by the user.
  • Enterprise reporting: In OBIEE, Enterprise Reporting provides the user to use extremely formatted templates, Reports and also Flash reports.
  • Self Service Report Creation: Self Service Report Creation is used to create  and can also do modifications of their own reports.
  • Microsoft Office Integration: OBIEE is connected with Microsoft office. So we can use the data from word, power point and Excel in OBIEE.
  • Proactive Detection and alerts: Depending upon the business events, OBIEE provides the alert engine. This alert engine gives notifications in the form of specific medium.
  • Actionable Intelligence: In OBIEE, we can convert Business Process into interactive reports and dashboards.
  • Map Visualization: User can visualize the data in maps like pie chart, bar chart etc.
What are the advantages of OBIEE?
Some of the advantages of OBIEE are as follows
  • Visualization: In OBIEE, there are many types of visualizations due to this it can provide interactive dashboard.
  • Creation of Report: In OBIEE, the user can create a report from scratch in any functionality.
  • User Friendly: User can easily create a report and it is user friendly also. To create a report the user has to just drag and drop the columns.
  • Flash Report: In OBIEE, the user can improve the interactive dashboard by using flash      reports.
  • Report Template: In OBIEE, the user can build report template as well as Ad-hoc reporting.

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Along with Oracle Business Intelligence  get the detailed knowledge on Power BI Training:
  • Power BI is used to visualize the data.
  • Business Intelligence tool is used to convert data from different data sources and sends this data to interactive dashboards and BI reports.
  • In Power BI, there are two products. They are SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS) and Microsoft Excel.
  • Dashboards, Reports and Data sets these are the heart of power BI.

Components of Power BI: 

Power BI is divided into three components. They are Power Pivot, Power Query and Power view.

Power Pivot: Power pivot is used for creating data modelling and also creating relationships, columns and fitting images.

Power Query: Power Query is used to do all SQL operations with user interface and this can also be used to perform SQL transformations.

Power View: For creating reports and visualizations, we use power view tool. These are just the basics of Power BI, learn Power BI in detail along with Oracle Business Intelligence.

These are just the basics of Power BI Training, you can learn in detail along with Oracle BI Training at Global Online Trainings at a reasonable cost.


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Business Intelligence Training is used to develop KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and this KPI is based on historic data. This helps in data visualization and it also plays a major role in in taking the decisions. Oracle Business Intelligence Training is provided by one of the dominant online training cloud for many software courses Global Online Training. We have a team of most experienced technical trainers and they will give training in all required aspects as per your job point of view. With the help of our trainers training you can build and you can also able to take care of monitor applications in the aim of maximizing customer or user values. We are providing Oracle Business Intelligence Training through online from India for low cost and for your flexible time slots with our trainers. Fresher who just got job and students who are willing to get job in Oracle Business Intelligence both can take this training through online. For more details and contact information please visit our official website.


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