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BigData Greenplum DBA Training:

BigData  Greenplum Database is built on a foundations of open source database of PostgreSQL. GreenPlum primarily functions as a data warehouse & also utilizes a massively parallel (MPP) architecture. GreenPlum Database is partitioned across the  multiple segment servers & also in  each segment owns & manages a distinct portion of the overall data. Benefits  of Bigdata Greenplum DBA Training is to enhance skills on the database administrators, preparing to deploy the Greenplum database system.

1. Greenplum Architecture
  • About the Greenplum Master
  • About the Greenplum Interconnect
  • About Segment Mirroring in Greenplum
  • Segment Failover and Recovery in Greenplum
  • About Master Mirroring in Greenplum
3. Access control
  • Managing Roles and Privileges in Greenplum
  • Security Best Practices for Roles and Privileges
  • Creating New Roles (Users) for Greenplum
  • Creating Groups (Role Membership) in Greenplum
  • Managing Object Privileges
  • Encrypting Data in Greenplum
5. Accessing the Greenplum Database
  • Establishing a Database Session
  • Supported Client Applications
  • Greenplum Database Client Applications
  • Greenplum Database Application Interfaces
  • Third-Party Greenplum Client Tools
  • Troubleshooting Greenplum Connection Problems
7. Managing Data in Greenplum
  • About Concurrency & Isolation in Greenplum database
  • Inserting New Rows in Greenplum
  • Updating Existing Rows in Greenplum
  • Deleting Rows in Greenplum
  • Vacuuming the Greenplum Database
2. Distributed Databases
  • Understanding Greenplum Distribution Policies
  • Broadcast
  • About Greenplum Query Processing
  • Understanding Query Planning and Dispatch in Greenplum
  • Understanding Greenplum Query Plans
  • Understanding Parallel Query Execution in Greenplum
4. Greenplum Time-based Authentication
  • Required Permissions for Greenplum
  • How to Add Time-based Constraints in Greenplum
  • Configuring Greenplum Client Authentication
  • Allowing Connections to Greenplum Database
  • Limiting Concurrent Connections in Greenplum
6. Database Objects
  • Creating and Managing Greenplum Databases
  • Creating and Managing Greenplum Tablespaces
  • Creating and Managing Schemas in Greenplum
  • Creating and Managing Tables in Greenplum
  • Choosing the Table Storage Model in Greenplum
  • Partitioning Large Tables
  • Creating and Using Sequences
  • Using Indexes in Greenplum Database
8. Starting and Stopping Greenplum
  • Overview
  • Starting Greenplum Database
  • Stopping Greenplum Database
  • Understand how to load, unload the data with an example.
  • Loading and Unloading Data
  • Greenplum data loading options

Why BigData Greenplum DBA training?

  • Greenplum optimizer uses an cost-based algorithm to evaluate potential execution plans & a Database takes a global view of an execution across the computer cluster. The factors involves a cost of moving data between nodes.
  • The training course also explains the concepts and in-depth features by specialized experience professional with hands-on. Our team trainer’s expertise in each phase of a e-Learning modules.
  • The training sessions start from the very basic fundamentals to the very advanced and updated topics. Our BigData Greenplum DBA training covers development & deployment to prepare trainees to tackle real-world search application requirements.
  • Enroll with Global Online Trainings for best BigData Greenplum DBA training. The training is available for individual and corporate batches. To know more about this online BigData Greenplum DBA course contact reach at helpdesk of Global Online Trainings today.