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BitBucket Training Introduction:

Bitbucket Training is nothing but collaborative tool. In these Bitbucket, the Git repository is used for each user. The important one is; it is the open source project, and it has ability to provide private repository. The Bitbucket is another Atlassian application it is responsible for hosting, your source code developers. And also, it can be browse their code changes and manage their repositories through Bitbucket user interface. Global Online Trainings provide best Atlassian Bitbucket Online Training by industry experts.

The classes are taken here in flexible-hour, participants can take their classes at their spare time as per personal schedule. We provide both Bitbucket Online Training and also Bitbucket Corporate Training course by high professionals. For more details contact our help desk.

Mode of Training: Bitbucket Online training/Bitbucket corporate training/Bitbucket Virtual Web training.

Duration Of Program: Can be optimized as per required(30 Hours).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for best Bitbucket online training.

Course Fee: please register in our website, so that one of our agents will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 10+ years.

Prerequisites for Bitbucket Training:

The attendees for Bitbucket Training at Global Online Trainings should know the basics of,

  • SQL PSQL, UNIX shell, Oracle DBA and Incident Management,
  • SQL, BMC remedy, Application Support and Jenkin,
  • Kintana, production support and Atlassian tools.

Atlassian Bitbucket Online Training Course Content

Bitbucket Online Training Course Content

Overview of Bitbucket Training:

The Bitbucket Training includes many basic concepts about the Atlassian applications of Bitbucket. It mainly includes the concepts like Bitbucket essentials, Bitbucket desktop applications and also the basics of other courses related to Bitbucket Training like Bitbucket admin Training, Bitbucket Server Training, GIT and Bitbucket Training etc., It also includes the concepts of many other software.

Global Online Trainings provides best Atlassian Bitbucket Online Training by high professionals. They will provide you all the above concepts regarding Bitbucket Training course. Each topic will be explained with practical examples.

Learn what is Bitbucket in Bitbucket Training:

Bitbucket is a common tool. In Bitbucket, GIT repository plays a major role. In case, we have a Git open source project, by using this Bitbucket we can remove and add the team members to the particular repository in the open source project. Bitbucket supports many number of software’s, and also it is providing Bitbucket server.

The Bitbucket server it will be helping to deploy the own Bitbucket server and also it can help to create new projects. The Bitbucket has introduced recently that is called Bitbucket pipeline. The Bitbucket pipeline is the continuous integration, and these pipelines are run inside the docker container. It is similar to Jenkins, but the difference is to is to doing pipeline and runs inside the docker container.

Why Bitbucket is important can be learned during Bitbucket Training:
  • The repository management tool is the important for the code, previously the centralized version control system that means subversion system is used.About Bitbucket Training
  • But the day to day technology develop, the git is developed to control workflow and ability to work anywhere. Git is the software, so the BitBucket cloud is developed.
  • It will give the solutions for the repository team and also bitbucket gives the teams with all sizes. The bitbucket is designed with the more features like it is the pull request dashboard, branch permissions.
  • The bitbucket comes from Atlassian, and it offers the best JIRA integration. We can easily test and deploy your code, because the bitbucket designed with continuous delivery.
Learn the basics about Git in Bitbucket Course:

Git is also called as version control management system (VCS), this VCS is helps to keeps track of all the changes that you do in the files of your project. Every time you make changes to files of a project, you can push those changes to repository.

The developers continue the work with to they are added to the project files for improvement and pull your changes from the repository. The GIT and Bitbucket Training will give you the more details.

What is version control system in Bitbucket Online Training?

A version control system is the system that will be used to help to manage multiple revisions of the same unit of information. It is useful in the context of software engineering and of software development.

It is used to allows archived versions, these versions are store subsequent versions of source-controlled items in to the Version control system. The version control system is used to maintain historical information. We are using this Version control system to share data, store information and share document through the use of this VCS system.

The version control system can conserver and save disk space on the both the source control, client and on the server.

Learn about GitHub and Bitbucket during Atlassian Bitbucket Online Training:
  • For storing Git repositories, these GitHub and Bitbucket both are same. These are used to store the repositories in server and it is the solution for team environment.
  • And it is the support multiple teams, they are contributing with same project. By using these GitHub and Bitbucket, we can backup our files on remotely.
  • The main difference of these two are, the GitHub are the public repository, if want the private repository you have to pay.
  • But in the Bitbucket the private repository is free; it means they are free account.
  • Global Online Trainings provides both Bitbucket Online Training and also Bitbucket Corporate Training by experts.
Creating Bitbucket in Atlassian Bitbucket Online Course?

First step is to download Bitbucket application in your computer, create Bitbucket repository. Then go the and then click on then free button and then login with your choose email address.

In that Bitbucket dashboard, click on the repositories, and create, name it. The Bitbucket app is generally is called as source tree. For downloading the Bitbucket app, we have to go to source tree and download it.

About Bitbucket pipeline in Bitbucket Online Training:
  • Bitbucket pipeline is the software and it is built for continuous integration and continuous delivery.
  • The bitbucket pipeline is similar to Jenkins, but the difference in between on Jenkins and bitbucket is to, the bitbucket pipeline is the cloud.
  • And also, the Jenkins is written in groovy DSL, but the Bitbucket pipeline is in docker images. Create the project, and then create repository. And then interface this project to the repository.
  • After this the bitbucket pipeline is enabled, how it is means for example, the bitbucket provides a template. Choose whatever language you need, I’m choosing maven.
  • Then you have to create local file with maven and then push it. And this file is named with bitbucket pipeline.  And this file is pushed to remote repository. 
  • Go to the pipeline option, and then enable the pipeline option. When you enable the pipeline, the build process starts.
  • All these concepts can be explained clearly during the Bitbucket Training.
Learn the basic importance of Confluence in Atlassian Bitbucket Online Training:

The confluence is the collaboration tool; it can have built for helping to share, storing any document. Not only document it can manage documents, designs and conversations. It means that confluence it can be organize everything.

So, the confluence can place one space in the single organization and also it can place multiple spaces in one centralized place. The confluence provides structure, so we can easily work and also easily find. It acts as one of the management tool. So, having knowledge on Confluence Training is helpful for Bitbucket Training. Global Online Trainings offers best Confluence Training.

Use of JIRA in Bitbucket Training:
  • JIRA is a powerful management tool, it will be used to solve and manage the issues in the project. The JIRA software is used to breaks down the important parts of project in to manageable distinct parts are called issues.
  • These distinct parts mean issues are then be tracked, distributed and maintained effectively. The JIRA is most important for easy exporting and importing any applications. And its is market leading product and highly customizable.
  • And it is easily tracking issues and also manages the issues in your application. The Jira software supports the agile development.
  • JIRA is the highly flexible issue tracker that allows you to plan and track the development of your software projects.
  • The Bitbucket is another Atlassian application it is responsible for hosting, your source code developers. And also, it can be browse their code changes and manage their repositories through bitbucket user interface.
  • Review each other’s changes using lightweight code review system known as pull requests. Bitbucket server is based on many of the core libraries that form the JIRA platform.
  • Bitbucket server instance is dividing into series of projects and each of these projects houses are related to git repositories.
  • One Bitbucket project corresponding to each JIRA project and each of these repositories contain all of source code artifacts.
  • Thus, Jira Training is useful for learning Bitbucket Training. And it also includes many concepts that are useful in Bitbucket.
  • We provide best Jira Training at Global Online Trainings by expert trainers.
Conclusion of Bitbucket Training:

Bitbucket Training at Global Online Trainings includes many advanced features of Bitbucket and it also includes the necessary information with high quality.

Register for best Bitbucket Training by well experienced Trainers having years of experience in Online Training at Global Online Trainings. All the concepts regarding the Atlassian Bitbucket Online Training are provided to the individuals with real time/sample examples. We also provide you the Bitbucket Training materials during the regular sessions of Bitbucket Online Training Course.


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