BizTalk ESB-OnlineTraining

BizTalk ESB Course Content

Understanding BizTalk ESB Toolkit
  • Review BizTalk & SOA
  • What is an Enterprise Service Bus?
Installing & Configuring the ESB Toolkit 2.1
  • Identifying the pre-requisites for installation
  • Install the ESB Toolkit 2.1
  • Use the configuration tool to configure installation
  • Using the UDDI Publisher tool to publish tmodels & sample services in UDDI 3.0
  • Install the ESB sample applications
  • Defining the required install order of sample applications & identify installed components
Routing & Transforming Messages using an ESB Itinerary
  • Create an ESB itinerary using the Itinerary Designer
  • Add itinerary services to route a message to a file location & to Web Services
  • Configure an itinerary service to route a single message to the multiple locations
  • Deploying itineraries to the Itinerary database & to a local file store
  • Test the client side itineraries using the Itinerary Test Client application
  • Create generic ESB on-ramps & resolve an itinerary using the Itinerary Selector pipeline component
Processing ESB Messages using Pipelines
  • Create a multi step ESB itinerary
  • Determine when to use the Itinerary Forwarder pipeline components within an itinerary & modify a message namespace using a pipeline
  • Dynamically resolve the Message Transformation & Routing requirements
  • Dynamically route messages using the UDDI resolver to perform key searches & category searches & dynamically transform messages using the BRE resolver
Calling ESB External Services from a console application
  • Create a client to call the ESB Transformation WCF service
  • Dynamically transform a message without sending the message through BizTalk
  • Create a client to call the ESB Resolution WCF service & dynamically resolve a map using the Resolution WCF service & a business rules policy
Exception Management with BizTalk ESB Toolkit 2.1
  • Submit a message from a custom .NET application
  • Generate fault messages in external applications
  • Repair & resubmit messages associated with a fault
  • View an audit trail of resubmitted messages
  • Create alerts associated with faults & subscribe to alerts
Modifying & extending BizTalk ESB Toolkit 2.1
  • Register a custom resolver, deploy a custom resolver extender
  • Register a custom messaging the service
  • Create a custom orchestration based itinerary service & register a custom orchestration based itinerary service