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BizTalk Training

Introduction to BizTalk Training:

BizTalk Training at Global Online Trainings – BizTalk is Microsoft’s integration and connectivity server solution. Biz Talk is used to connect divert systems

The purpose of BizTalk Training is to be able to take data from all kinds of systems from an ERP system, from an inventory system, HR system and to be able to pull that information together and to be able to move it from one place to another. It is a platform for a technology. As systems communicate and function together in a very large ecosystem. Global Online Trainings offers best BizTalk Online Training by experts.

Prerequisites for BizTalk Training:

To learn BizTalk Training at Global Online Trainings, the person must have basic knowledge on

  • .Net
  • C#
  • Net
  • JSON
  • SQL

biztalk training Course Content

  • Describing how the BizTalk messaging engine works
  • Identify BizTalk administration tools & tasks
  • configure BizTalk Server for a multi server environment
  • Deploy applications using MSI packages
  • Automate application deployment using scripts
  • Configure hosts & host instances
  • Configure and isolate services
  • Deploy, manage & monitor business rules
  • Integrate with trading partners using EDI
  • Track & debug services using Health & Activity Tracking
  • Troubleshoot services using the Group Hub page
  • Evaluate system performance using Performance Monitor
  • Monitor BizTalk operations using SCOM 2007
  • Backup & restore BizTalk databases
  • Configure multiple Message Box databases
  • Develop a disaster recovery solution
  • Implement Enterprise Single Sign-On
  • Enable Business Activity Monitoring

Overview of BizTalk Training:

The purpose of BizTalk Training is to be able to make that process much simpler, maintainable, faster and cheaper for an organization. It allows all the individual systems to talk directly to one another. Thus it acts as a communication hub between all the systems in an organization. The other benefit of Biz Talk is, it contains a lot of adapters. And those adapters allow you to connect to some other system. 

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM):

Business activity monitoring or BAM is a concept in BizTalk Training which is used for allowing the flow of activities and other essential information regarding the flow to be tracked. The purpose of BAM is to give the stakeholders of the process information about performance.

Information makes it possible to act, react and most preferably to be proactive regarding events within the process. It refers to the supply and demand analysis and presentation of real-time information about activities inside organizations and involving customers and stakeholders. To be able to work with BAM, you must start by having your processes designed and in place if you already have monitoring, but you do not have your processes mapped out or better still design them not using business activity monitoring. But you do not monitor the business processes. So after designing your processes, you preferably need to set them up in your process engine.

An Orchestration is basically a workflow. Orchestrations are basically used to control the flow of your business processes. Orchestration process will be explained with real time example during the BizTalk Online Training.

XML is a way to standardize messages communicates between systems. XML is a way of describing information or data and is shared electronically. This allows sharing of information in a consistent manner. To support a concept of SOA with XML service-oriented architecture becomes probable.

BizTalk as an ESB (enterprise service bus) – BizTalk Training

Let us consider an example in order to get a clear idea about enterprise service bus. Consider two organizations. Where, one organization contains enterprise service bus and the other one will not have it. The organization that does not use ESB will use a methodology, a conventional approach for integration. The organization that has ESB will be an organization that adopts a Biz talk server as its Enterprise service bus. The organizations that do not use ESB will use conventional type integration.

Conventional type Integration:

Organizations that don’t have adaptation, will do the typical integration whereas, system is integrated to another system directly. For example, if we have a database, that holds a data warehouse and if we have another system called CRM then it needs to interact with this system. Then we need to create a custom connection between these two systems. We may create a connection between these two systems or create a script. We may put a scheduler, so that these two systems can integrate between each other. Thus we may have a variety of different systems in our organization and they all need to be integrated with each other, synchronizing the data.

Components in BizTalk Training:

Biz Talk basically consists of four components. Schemas, maps, pipelines and orchestrations.

Schemas are used to define XML messages. Whereas, maps help you to transform those messages from one XML message to another. Pipelines help you convert non XML data to XML or vice versa and these also helps to do things like encryption, decryption, translation etc.,


  • EDI means Electronic Data Interchange.
  • EDI is the structured transmission of electronic data. Such as purchase orders, invoices and shipping notifications between different organizations. That affects your revenue and level of your customer service.
  • Whenever your organization takes part in supply chain processes, data errors have negative impact on your business. Errors can include overpayments, late or delayed payments that affect your revenue and level of your customer service.
  • EDI improves your data security and tracking capabilities, using EDI solutions you can improve your supply chain management by reducing both stationary and postal charges.
  • EDI is mainly used by Organizations for electronically exchanging business documents.EDI can be integrated with leading ERP and accounting systems enabling the process to be automated. Implementing EDI enable the business processes associated with the exchange of business information to be digitized and automated.
  • Thus it helps to remove manual-based processes and reduce expenses in areas including stationary forms and paper printers and link document storage, lost documents and postage. One of the most advantages of EDI is to automate the exchange of documents.
  • EDI also assists in improved forecasting and planning. 

Dell Boomi:

Dell Boomi provides a unified cloud native platform for the connected business. It helps in connecting every part of your business, helps you to run faster, smarter and better. Dell Boomi Training provides the capability and flexibility that modern enterprises need to move, manage, govern and orchestrate data in a hybrid IT environment. Dell Boomi Training plays a major role to drive digital transformation. It acts as a digital backbone for the connected business. Global Online Trainings provides a best Dell Boomi Online Training, which helps to improve, make great changes in your business.

Dot net is a framework that can be used for developing various kinds of applications. In order to develop various kinds of desktop, web applications and mobile applications we can use Dot net. It is an advanced framework. Dot net is said to be as a framework because, it supports multiple languages, multiple technologies and multiple databases.

In Dot net Training at Global Online Trainings, our trainers will explain you how to develop the applications and also to execute and deploy the applications. It benefits the end users by providing them applications with higher quality and security.  Dot net is a Microsoft development platform released in the year 2002.

The best BizTalk Training is offered by Global Online Trainings. We also provide the BizTalk Tutorials to the individuals along with demo. And after the completion of course we also provide you the BizTalk Online Training Certification. Our Trainers also give you the basic knowledge about BizTalk Server Training. Which also helps you to learn the advanced techniques.

So,Enroll for the best BizTalk Training at Global Online Trainings. Which increases your business and makes the process simple and easy.


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