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Blue prism training

Blue Prism Introduction:

Blue Prism is the market leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) of a tool. It provides to a business and companies more then the agility in the workspace. Blue Prism will be provide high-quality data that can be use the consequential Marketing Intelligence and the Business Intelligence to identify the customer behavior, real-time analytics, and the change of every action, this all will take care of the robot software. Blue Prism will enable you to be grow revenue, customer satisfaction and then automated business and marketing intelligence method. Global Online Training is providing Blue Prism from India by top experts, for more details about Blue Prism call to our help desk.

Blue prism automation Online Course

1.Process Studio
  • Running a Process
  • Basic Skills
  • Process Validation
  • Decision Stage
  • Calculation Stage
  • Data Items
3.Inputs and Outputs
  • Input Parameters
  • Stepping and Pages
  • Data Item Visibility
  • Data Types
  • Output Parameters
  • Start Up Parameters
  • Control Room
  • Process outputs
  • Timeouts
  • Terminate
  • Write
  • Attach and Detach
  • Read
  • Actions      
2.Process Flow
  • Circular Paths
  • Set Next Stage
  • Breakpoints
  • Collections and Loops
  • Pages for Organisation
4.Object Studio
  • Creating a Business Object
  • Application Modeller
  • Spying Elements
  • Attributes
  • Attribute Selection


6.Action Inputs and Outputs
  • Data Items as inputs
  • Error Management
  • Exception Handling
  • Recover and Resume
  • Throwing Exceptions
  • Preserving the current exception
  • Exception Bubbling
  • Exception Blocks

Blue Prism Training Overview:

  • Blue Prism training complements existing of application investments, infrastructure and then enterprise data repositories, enabling the cutting edge and a legacy systems to co-exist and then share data easily. Another significant of a benefit of an centrally IT-managed and a business user of a configurable robotic automation platform, is a opportunity to consolidate and then remove rogue IT initiatives from the business operations, and to do all of this without a creating new data repositories. Blue Prism is a complete technology and the methodology for rapid business of  process automation
  • Blue Prism training gives Robotic Automation the platform provides almost all the total coverage of a process automation in opportunities. Blue Prism training enables rapidly changing, transient, seasonal and a operationally localized of a automations to be configured directly by a business users – delivered within a fully audited and then controlled, IT governed delivery and then support methodologies.
  • Blue Prism training provides a most demanding the clients with flexibility, scalability and then governance requirements demanded of an strategic application. The combination of an strong platform within the best-practice methodology that enables organizations to extend a reach of technology further and then faster than ever before.