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Blue Prism Training

Introduction to Blue Prism Training:

Blue Prism Training is the market powerful Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool. It is very simple to maintain and avoids the regular person mistakes to a limited point. Being a splendid tool, it is getting the consideration of countless everywhere throughout the world. It gives to the business and organizations more agility in the workspace. Blue Prism Training will empower to develop income, customer satisfaction, automated business, and marketing intelligence methods. It encourages organizations to get esteem information for Business Intelligence to enable them to know the correct needs of their clients. Global Online Training is providing RPA Blue Prism Online Training with online training, corporate training by top trainers.

Pre-requisites of Blue Prism Training:

  • Blue Prism Training will require a remote SQL server database or local SQL Express database.

Blue prism automation Online Course

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Overview of Blue Prism Training:

Blue Prism Training is a Robotics Process Automation Software. This course is designed for anyone who likes to learn Blue Prism to develop RPA solution. Though it will be an advantage if you already know any programming language, it is not a prerequisite. I will be covering the basic concepts you need to understand for creating an RPA solution. The configuration files which will be used by a blue prism to launch the application. Blue Prism Training Platform has the fundamental usefulness to meet the strict principles to demand change administration, control, scalability, robustness, security, and scheduling.

Blue Prism Training is software that you install on a user’s computer and programs it to do a sequence of steps to mimic what the user does. This could be a very simple action like launching an application or clicking some buttons, to some complex functionality like comparing 2 images or performing optical character recognition. This configuration file will basically contain all the configuration information which will be used by a blue prism to establish the connection.

  • Now all that being said, let’s see what Robotics Process Automation is, in other words, RPA. Blue Prism training is based on the setup and demonstrated Microsoft .NET Framework.
  • Blue Prism Training helps businesses to get quality data for Business Intelligence to enable them to know the exact needs of their customers.
  • Blue Prism Training will give excellent information that can utilize considerable Marketing Intelligence and Business Intelligence to distinguish the client conduct, continuous examination, and change of each move; this all will deal with the robot programming.
  • Blue Prism Training at Global Online Training-This document provides guidance on the process to follow carrying out an installation of Blue Prism in preparation for local foundation, Surface Automation or Product Induction training courses.
  • In  Blue Prism  Training, Robotic Automation programming empowers business operations to be nimble and practical through quick computerization of manual, rules-based, back office regulatory procedures, decreasing expense and enhancing exactness by making a “Virtual Workforce”. We provide best online training with job support for Blue prism course.

Blue Prism Modules:

Blue Prism Training has 6 different modules, that can be accessed either from the tabs on the top or from the navigation bar on the left.



  • Home
  • Studio
  • Control
  • Dashboard
  • Release
  • System

Home: It is the first page that shows up when you sign in to Blue Prism and it displays the default dashboard the user has set under the dashboard module.

Studio: It is the place where you create the automation process by drawing flow charts. Creating business objects that will interact with other applications and configure the elements of the flow charts to do a specific action. The studio has 2 sub-modules are Process Studio and Object Studio. Global Online Trainings provide the best training for Blue Prism Training.

Control: It is called the Control Room. This is the place where you implement and control the processes that you have designed and created in the studio module. This is also the place where you schedule the processes manage queues and session, and allocate resources which are basically the computers that are running Blue Prism.

Dashboard: Where you can create a dashboard with blocks of graphs and charts called tiles that are dynamically generated from different datasets. These charts are self-refreshing and customizable.

Release: The Release tab as you might have already guessed is the release manager module where you create packages and release files so that you can move the code between various environments like development, testing, and production.Global Online Trainings is very good at providing Blue Prism Training.

System: The System tab which is the system manager module. The purpose of this tab is primarily to provide sysadmin functionalities like user account management, setting up environment variables, storing and managing credentials, maintaining audit logs, etc.

Importing VBOs in Blue Prism Training:

VBOs in other words Visual Business Objects are created using the objects studio in the blue prism, when you install Blue Prism it comes with a set of videos for the most commonly used applications like Excel, word, active directory, and sequel server etc. But they do not show up in the action stage unless you import them.Global Online Trainings is rich at providing the best Blue Prism training by the industry experts.

In order to import these videos go to the main screen of the blue prism – click file – import – click browse – then navigate to program files – blue prism limited – blue prism automate and go to the folder VBO. Here you can see all the available videos as XML files. You can select file click open – next – and finish. You can see has appeared, now if you close my processes to do re-launch it adds an action and if you click the business object drop down. Blue Prism RPA software includes a centralized release management interface and process change distribution model providing high levels of visibility and contro. If you select that you will get all the actions for the selected video. So this is how you import and use a VBO in Blue Prism Training. 

Components of Blue Prism Training:

Blue Prism training consists of a set of tools, runtime environments and libraries for implementing Robotic Process Automation. Its components follow:

components of blue prism

  • Application Modeler
  • Object Studio
  • Process Studio

Business Object of Blue Prism Training:

Our exercises have been theoretical examples intended to explain the mechanics of a process diagram. A real process would be required to do some useful tasks, and in order to do so, it would invariantly need to work with external applications. The interface to an application is not contained within a process diagram but in a separate diagram known as a Business Object.

Key points:
  • A Business Object isn’t designed in Process Studio however in a particular, parallel condition called Object Studio.
  • The reason for an object is to give an interface to one application. Business Object rationale can be thought of as framing a different layer to process rationale.
  • It isn’t presented to control room and is never utilized alone, and it is constantly utilized by a procedure.

Object Studio of Blue Prism Training:

Object Studio is used to capture the functionality of an application so that it can be employed by processes. A Process is used to combine the application functionality with business rules in order to perform useful work. This application functionality is known as a Business Object.

In Blue Prism Training we will see that object studio looks very like process studio. There are key differences, which we shall look at in due course, but the principal points to known as a follows.

  • Object studio is like business object and process studio, it is designed as an outline much similarly.
  • Object studio offers a few sorts of the stage not accessible to process studio and it doesn’t have a principle page however it has two default pages. We provide best online training for RPA Blue Prism Online Training.

Process Studio of Blue Prism Training:

  • The RPA Blue Prism online training Process is made as an outline that looks much like a typical business stream graph.
  • The key contrast with a Blue Prism diagram is that it isn’t a dormant two-dimensional portrayal of a Process. Or maybe, it is the graphical portrayal of a working PC program, one that will associate with applications, control information, and perform information and figures.
  • Processes are made in a zone of Blue Prism named Process Studio. As we will see, seems to be like different process demonstrating applications and utilizations standard flow diagram symbols and documentation.

Automating Web Applications of Blue Prism Training:

Automatically set to HTML mode is the web page and when you place the mouse pointer over the input value and slightly move it up and down. You can see that two regions are being identified, most of the times it will be the innermost region but if you want to confirm. Let’s go ahead and capture both the regions as two individual elements and compare their attributes. We also provide RPA tools and related courses.Blue Prism Training at Global Online Trainings provides the best training for both individuals and corporate batches.

Multi BOT Architecture of Blue Prism Training:
  • Computer to run a process this is good for processes with a small volume. However, if we have to process a large volume of items within a short period of time one machine may not be sufficient.
  • RPA Blue Prism online training is where blue prism Multi-BOT architecture comes into place. Blue Prism Training in an enterprise infrastructure people don’t really install SQL server express on the local machine unless it’s for some testing or demo purpose.
  • In Blue Prism Training instead, there will be a dedicated database server running sequel server standard or enterprise edition and the computers use for development will only have blue prism installed.
  • In Blue Prism Training this server is what we call as a Blue Prism application server and this is a very high-level overview but in reality, most of the large enterprises don’t even install Blue Prism on users desktop or laptop installed.
  •  Blue Prism Training at Global online Training-Multi BOT Architecture has one more server which will run virtualization software like VMware, ESX or Microsoft, hyper-v which will host multiple virtual desktops.
  • These Virtual desktops will run Windows operating system and blue prism, and they will connect to the blue prism application server. The users simply take a remote desktop session of virtual machines to use the RPA blue prism online training.In Blue Prism Online Training it is essential to understand the concepts of Multi  Bot Architecture.


RPA of Blue Prism Training:

Blue Prism Training at Global online Training-It is quite a buzzword in the industry right now.RPA Training is a software which is used to minimize all the human actions to perform some task and to get a result.One of the best feature in RPA is there is no coding required.It completely works on Flow diagram.By using RPA it saves a lot of course because it is  downsizing the  workforce with a drastic number so that organizations would not be paying salary to a lot of employees now and also I am getting my work done very fast right so it saves cost and it is more accurate in lesser time because machines they do not commit mistakes,they never get tired,they never commit any error and hence they are very accurate and they do each and every task in the least time possible.

UI Path of Blue Prism Training:

Blue Prism Training at Global online Training-UI Path is a tool used to implement RPA Technology.UI Path Training consists of 3 parts.
UIPath Studio  –   It is a designer tool used to create diagrams of business processes.It is based on the microsoft workflow Foundation and from a visual point of view is very similar to Microsoft Visio or other flowcharting software solutions.

UIPath Robots  –  The Ui Path robot runs the processes designed in UI PathStudio,the same way a human user would.It works either in fully autonomous mode,or as an Assistant.In Assistant mode,a human triggers specific workflows,depending on their current needs.The fully autonomous robots can run unattended,in virtual or remote environments,and can automate any number of processes without human supervision.In Blue Prism Training we also provide knowledge on UI Path.

UIPath Orchestrator   –  It is a web based management platform that enables remote control,monitoring release management and centralized scheduling of robots and processes.It also offers analytics,insights and it lets you create configurable reports or dashboard.

Automation Anywhere of Blue Prism Training :

Blue Prism Training at Global online Training-  Automation Anywhere  is  one of the trending tool used to implement RPA Technology.We provide best Blue Prism Training  shared by our expert trainers in Global Online trainings for both individual and for corporate batches also. Automation Anywhere Training provided the world’s best RPA and cognitive technology to leading financial services, BPO, healthcare, technology and insurance companies.

Open Span of Blue Prism Training:

Open span is the robotic process automation tool which help us to integrate desktop application without my image groups.Open span runs within the Microsoft visual studio as isolated cell design involvement or as a plug-in to the visual studio application itself.Blue prism Training at Global Online Trainings provide knowledge on Open Span Training  as well.

Global Online Trainings offer best quality training on RPA Blue Prism Online Training to groom all its participants’ at most flexible hours under the industry award best subject experts. Sessions are arranged for the individuals as well as for corporate batches under most reasonable fee. We provide many courses through online, corporate training, remote system, job support and online support as well.

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