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Bluecat Training

Introduction to Bluecat Training:

The DDI is a DNS , DHCP and IPAM acronyms as you can only do in the network technology in its DNS DHCP & IP Address management that is the space the Bluecat has been in from last 18 years and now it’s going to through a big transformation and we are part of the transformation and coming to the company we are actually get the second token Canadian company were founded, It is an Enterprise DNS Software solution the main aim of this Bluecat is to unleash the latent potential of DNS that actually people where have touched or configured DNS like for an organization not necessarily represent.



The best of our field engagement team because corporate some sort of significant curious. Vice president of marketing at bluecat network and well pretty exciting we are doing the DMS Space that represent field engagement team because we wanted to bring a lot of prospective on what our customers are looking forward to this conversation because drivers our innovations in our roadmap. The DNS is an always on ubiquitous service and that occupies a critical space and the networking things is the first hop, so from the network more you can unlock pervasive automation in conjunction with other critical infrastructure.


  • Networking Concepts
  • Strong Knowledge on DDI, DNS, DHCP, IPAM and IPv4 Addressing

Bluecat Training support provider level 1 DHCP 

  • Visibility And Control
  • Pervasive Automation
  • Cloud Agility
  • Enhanced Security

Overview of Bluecat Training:

What is IPAM?

The IPAM nothing but IP Address Management, the overview of environment of windows server 2016, this coming to functionality of IBM and important about IP address management and how you get benefits of IP address management at short functionalities and the components. Mainly we have to focus on deployment of IPAM and the other requirements, to manage IP address space by using IPod so the complexity of modern networks can make the management of technologies such as DHCP it means dynamic host configuration protocol.

Why it is IPAM Essentials:

The IPAM is to manage DNS System and the enterprise a difficult task so managing these components and the way basically work with your windows internal database (WID) the requirements of the IPAM Deployment are to ensure a successful Implementation.  The domain name controller to install.

What is DHCP? And how it works ?

It is known as Dynamic Configuration Protocol and it is used to assign TCP/IP suppose you boots up your laptop and connect it to the internet if you try to visit the websites and you would not able to connect it because your machine has not connected to an IP Address like you cannot receive a mail at a house without a delivery address similarly on your Machine cannot download a webpage without an IP Address that i.e. you cannot access internet until your machine has a IP Address.

 Make sure when you are accessing internet accessible IP Address is also needs to be assigned to your device by the network administrator or it can be done automatically and manually. The Network administrator configures one special host which runs services to Least IP addresses to all of the connected 250 devices and this special host is called a DHCP server so in general we are using a router in our home it supports and embedded DHCP server.


DORA Process:

A laptop with automatic IP Settings enabled is connected to the internet the left operands DHCP Protocol as a result DHCP server assigns an IP Address to your laptop hence you are connected internet and you can access any web address without any issues. there four obtaining the an IP Address from the DHCP Server by the client.

The DHCP Server involves the transmission of 4 DHCP Messages including like

  • Discover
  • Offer
  • Request
  • Acknowledgement

The infrastructure of SRV Service Location Records in DDI:

A domain Controller in Service location (SRV) locator resource recorder for These four categories software defined everything cloud automation and security the growth rate in these areas is rampant holds back these initiatives it actually operates as break, this traditional space this legacy DDI Space market and the technology has not caught up and managing it is difficult and its controlled by small handful of what we consider

  • SD-WAN

E-learning is perfect for your busy schedule people like who are currently working so they can manage flexibility around cloud multi cloud, hybrid cloud deployment as computer the data set to out the cloud and back and finally enhance the security which everyone mind what can we do to enhance the DNS security

 Bluecat gateway Fundamentals: it is deals with address manager solution and Also Core Network services provided by DNS and DHCP servers, the share amount of value & volume that’s represent by DNS queries of customer to manage to understand to analyze to interpret.


This is a command-line tool that displays information and DNS Troubleshooting tool nslookup this is a great tools for querying and testing from the non authoritative source most likely from a DNS cache

DNS resolution and related issues in the DNS from command prompt enter in nslookup followed by Google will be transferred Authoritative DNS server on the internet and this DNS records for

DNS records essentially comes from an authoritative DNS server even though they had to pass through another DNS Server in order to get workstation was run the couple of times so DNS records are transferred the copy of the workstation it doesn’t need the copy of the workstation and contact the authoritative servers as it had the DNS records in the cache on the second run it had the extra line in the output indicating the DNS.


The Administration console (CLI) in Bluecat training:

Actually those who have experience to work with the console so they are very familiar using this CLI and in this Command Line Interface where the commands will be issued and then command will be respective output will be obtained so this is a minimum interface software can provide to user.

Depending upon the Operating System (OS) we know there are different types of commands are there and each and every command as differ in syntax depending upon the platform, the command is text based set of Instruction like user will operate in a script methods like macros , scripts it will make easy to understand for a user operations. The Administrator so these are command prompt Ls commands are going to executing the commands where Outputs are coming having with multiple different columns it’s a single console.


Conclusion to Bluecat Training:

Bluecat Training plays a very important role in the network technology. Many companies are looking for the candidates who are having a good and practical knowledge on Bluecat and they are ready to pay huge salaries. The responsibility of the Bluecat Training employee is to prepare the DNS System and the enterprise a difficult task data massing and the data coming from the different sources.

You can get the knowledge on Bluecat Training from Global Online Trainings with experienced trainers at a reasonable price. So to maintain all these responsibilities the candidate should have a practical knowledge. We provide online training as well as corporate training according to the client requirement. After the completion of Bluecat Training we also provide BI Publisher Job Support. Our team is available for 24/7 and always feels free to contact.

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