BMC Control-M Workload Automation Training


Introduction To BMC Control-M Workload Automation Training Course:

If Your organization owns an Control-M.Now, you & your team members  need an BMC Control-M Workload Automation Training to ensure that you are getting your best ROI. BMC Control M is an digital enterprise management solution that simplifies & automates diverse batch application workloads while reducing the failure rates, improving SLAs, & accelerating application deployment. The BMC Control-M Workload Automation is a monitoring &  management tool for the enterprise batch-scheduling environment. It allows users to manage job processing across all distributed systems platforms supported by instances of Control-M/Server and Control-M/Agent.  The sessions what we conduct here are interactive and informative with expert consultants and real time scenarios, So what are you thinking for register now to know more details about the course.


BMC Control-M Workload Automation Online Training Course Content

  • User Roles & Security
  • The BMC Control-M Concepts & Terminology
Introduction to Control-M Workload Automation Interface
  • Navigating Control-M Workload Automation
  • Creating Folders & Jobs
  • Managing Workspaces, Folders & Jobs
  • Cyclic Jobs Overview
Controlling Job Flow
  • Job Prerequisite
  • The Condition Properties
  • Automatically & Manually Creating Conditions
  • Condition Display Options
Scheduling the Jobs
  • Basic Options
  • Using & Managing Calendars
  • Periodic Calendars
  • Rule-Based Calendars
  • Advanced Scheduling the Options
Managing Job Templates & Mass Job Creation
  • Using Functions in Templates
  • Mass Job Creation
Using Variables
  • Specifying Variables in Job Definitions
  • Using Include Variables
  • Global Variables Overview
  • Variable Utilities
Managing Notifications, On-Do Actions, and Alerts
  • Purpose of Notifications & On-Do Actions
  • Purpose of On-Do Actions
  • Viewing & Acting on Alerts
Managing Viewpoints
  • Accessing the Viewpoint Manager
  • Creating Customizable Filters
  • Using the History Domain to Open Archived Viewpoint
Controlling Workspace Display & Updating Multiple Jobs
  • Control-M Workload Automation Options
  • Find & Update Overview
Understanding Global Conditions
  • Global Conditions Overview
  • Managing Global Conditions
Using Resources
  • Control Resources Overview
  • Managing Quantitative Resources
  • Workload Policies Overview
Understanding & Using SMART Folders
  • SMART Folder Overview & Properties
  • Creating SMART Folders
Creating Reports
  • Control-M Reporting Facility Overview
  • Generating Reports
  • Creating Report Templates using Report Wizard
  • Batch Processing of Reports
BMC Control-M/Forecast and BMC Batch Impact Manager
  • BMC Control-M/Forecast
  • BMC Batch Impact Manager