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Introduction of BMC Remedy Training:

BMC Remedy Training provides a framework for developing the applications and it enables the support standard changes effectively and efficiently across the business atmosphere. It provides a single and time efficient method for easily supporting the custom AR system object and data of BMC Remedy from one application to another. BMC Remedy ITSM Online Training is an action request system that allows automating the business processes without having knowledge of any programming languages or different composite tools for development. It is a framework to build the applications quickly for any kind of business requirements. Global Online Trainings provides BMC Remedy Corporate Training at a reasonable cost by well experienced Professors. Where you can learn from the basic level to advanced level. 

By the end of the BMC Remedy Training you will get the detailed knowledge on BMC Remedy course.

Prerequisites for BMC Remedy Training:

Before learning this course you should be familiar with

  • UNIX and SQL.
  • Basic knowledge of Shell Scripting and Service Now.
  • Nagios and ITIL should also be known for this course.

BMC Remedy Training online Course Outline:

Course Name: BMC Remedy Training

Mode of Training: We provide Online Training, Classroom Training and Corporate Training for BMC Remedy Online Course

Duration of Course: 30 Hrs

Do we Provide Materials? Yes, if you register with Global Online Trainings, the BMC Remedy Training Materials will be provided.

Course Fee: After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer Experience: 15 years+

Timings: According to one’s feasibility

Batch Type: We provide Regular, weekends and fast track batches.

BMC Remedy Training Course Content

BMC Remedy Training Course Content

Overview of BMC Remedy Training Architecture:

The Remedy Corporation introduced the AR system and then BMC owned the Remedy Corporation and than launched the product as BMC Remedy AR system. The BMC Remedy is associated with many domains such as healthcare, finance etc and provides help for them by implementing application as per their organizational needs.

What is the architecture of BMC Remedy?

The architecture of BMC Remedy is built upon the concept of multi-tier atmosphere. This atmosphere  consists of different phases which are the top consumer layer, central layer, the main server layer and the database layer.

  • The client layer contains of AR system clients such as windows client, wireless clients, browser clients etc and most clients send information to application users and receive results from them.
  • The mid layer contains components and adding services that run on web server. These services enable the users to view the application on the web of BMC Remedy ITSM Online Training with corporate material and training videos.
  • The server layer of BMC Remedy contains the main component AR system server which controls workflow processes and access to various databases in the data tier. It also contains server-side applications such as approval server and Remedy flash boot server.
  • The database layer consists of various data servers and those servers are easy to access for the BMC system. The database server performs the storage operation to store the data and gives the information in the terms of response.
How BMC Remedy works?

So here when the consumer input the data into the interface then the BMC Remedy middle layer got the accessibility to create the interface. Then the AR system generates the workflow procedure with some inbuilt elements and make it process inside the database and outside of the application. Now the data is ready to access by the user and can be spread across various applications.

  • First, the developer creates a package that includes the customization which will be implemented on the target server.
  • After creating the package the development to production plug-in builds and validates it.
  • Then it exports the built package to the local computer so now the developer can share it with the deployment manager on the target server.
  • The deployment manager in BMC Remedy logs on to the deployment management console of AR system and imports the package.
  • The plug-ins validate the package and deploy it on the target server.

We also provide BMC Remedy ITSM Online Training with corporate material and training videos.

How BMC Remedy works with Archive Manager?
  • The user can turn the archiving process off and on and the user can also manage the individual archiving policies and even help to manage the size of the database by exporting archiving records that is no longer needed.
  • Unlikely the archiving process the export is not automated so the user needs to run this process manually.
  • The top area of the AR system in BMC Remedy Training console allows changing the archive setting by turning it on or off and controls the entire process.
  • Another field controls the frequency of archiving process and the default value is every 24 hours.
  • If the organization needs archiving to run more or less often then the user can change it.
  • The middle section of the AR manager console allows managing the archiving policies individually. There are a number of criteria that the archiving process looks at when evaluating if a record qualifies for archiving.
  • The only criteria that can be changed are the agent days value and this criterion refers to how much has passed since the records submit date or in the case of BMC knowledge management forms when the record was last modified.
  • The bottom section of the AR manager console allows running an export. Running an export is the one way to maintain the database performance by removing the records from the archived forms that have passed their retention date.
  • There are couples of different export operations available in BMC Remedy that you can choose depending on your needs.
  • You can export and delete which rights to qualified archive records to a series of CSV files and then delete the records from the archive forms.
  • The agent day’s value refers to how long ago the record was archived and the value corresponds to the organization’s retention policy.
Learn Zendesk along with BMC Remedy Training:

Zendesk Training is also helpful in creating a ticket like BMC Remedy does. Zendesk has the standard features listed in the customer service category such as it can automate the workflow for creating and managing the tickets and can support multi-channel for email, chat and social media. It has excellent mobile accessibility for IOS and Android apps as well as a responsive website.


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BMC Remedy Training with Smart Reporting (KPI):

KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator.  KPI notifies about the level of performance of the ongoing processes and KPI reporting is based on the KPI indicators.

  • The data is saved directly on the indicators against dimensions and is calculated on a predefined logic that standard across the board.
  • The KPI metrics are pre-calculated and customized for smart reporting that leads to optimization for better performance.
How many types of KPI in BMC Remedy?

The KPI of BMC Remedy is categorized into two types. They are

  • Incident management
  • Change management.
Change management:

The Change KPI consists of three reports. They are Change KPI meter, Change request trend and Change closure and submission report.

  • Change request trend report: The Change request trend report displays the request trends in the business for total changes, open and resolved changes and emergency changes.
  • Change closure and submission report: The Change closure and submission report display the graph for calculating the number of total changes versus resolved changes.
  • Change KPI meter: The Change KPI meter report displays the emergency changes, change failure rate, change rollback rate and change success rate meters.
Incident management:

The Incident KPI has also consisted of three reports. They are Incident KPI meter, Incident trend and Incident submission and closure by the support group.

  • Incident Trend Report: The Incident trend report displays the trends in the number of incidents submitted, major incidents, reopened incidents, resolved incidents and closed incidents.
  • Incident submission and closure by the support group: The Incident submission and closure by support group report displays the graph for the number of closed incidents versus incidents submitted by the support group.
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  • Incident KPI meter: The Incident KPI of BMC Remedy meter report displays the number of overdue incidents, incidents that mate the SLA, major incidents and reopened incident meters.

So these were the built-in KPI reports for change management and incident management by BMC Remedy.

BMC Remedy Training with Single Sign-On (SSO):

SSO stands for Single Sign On. If there is no SSO then the user will have multiple usernames and password i.e. one user id and password for each application. Then the user have the hassle to remember the password for different applications and also change it as per the password policies set up in each application.

  • For administrator there are some additional tasks such as add user, remove the user, reset password etc individually for each application. So Remedy SSO as generic technology comes into the picture.


  • The BMC Remedy Training with SSO is built for the same purpose of solving the problems of the user requiring that Remedy specific password.


  • Once Remedy SSO is configured or integrated with existing corporate user management system then the users will be now able to access different BMC applications without the need to log in.
  • It is the new achievement of SSO and it is easy to manage and customize. It is simple, light-weight and easy to integrate with various Remedy applications.
  • An organization has several protected resources and in order to restrict access to such resources for unauthorized users they implement the authentication protocols and BMC Remedy SSO supports authentication protocols.

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  • As a first step, the authentication process prompts the user for credentials then matches the credentials with stored information. If the information matches then only the user is allowed access the resources.
  • Integration allows BMC applications to use the authentication mechanism of Remedy SSO. The SSO can be integrated with BMC Remedy AR system, mid-tier, smart IT and analytics.
BMC Remedy Training Integration with Atrium Orchestrator:

BMC Remedy Training has an out of the box adapter for Atrium Orchestrator in BMC Remedy.

  • Log in with your CDP and enable the two adapters of Remedy which are the actor and the monitor.
  • After enabling adds them to the grid then it is ready to be configured. Give the details for the actor adapter such as name, description, host name or the IP address of the BMC AR system application server of BMC Remedy,
  • The port that it works on, the username that is used to connect to the AR system, the password and rest of the details can be the default and save it. Configure the monitor adapter as well in the same way.
  • Once the adapters have been configured in BMC Remedy then we have to enable them.
  • To do that work login and enable the adapters that exist there then save it. You can also verify the connection status of both the adapters.
  • Now it is the time to create a filter to generate an event. In order to do that log into developer studio and create a new filter. You can use work order form to create a filter and save it.
  • Now that the filter is saved so we are ready to test it by creating a new work order in smart ID.
  • Now that the work order has created and is in the assigned status then log back into an orchestrator and open the grid log. We could see that the alert has been captured by the Atrium Orchestrator adapter.
  • This alert can now be used to trigger workflows inside the Orchestrator.

This is how Remedy integrates with the Atrium orchestrator.

Learn Salesforce along with BMC Remedy Training:

The Salesforce Training by Global Online Trainings along with BMC Remedy ITSM Online Training with corporate material and training videos will help to extend the Salesforce investment through the use of Remedy. These two different systems i.e. Salesforce and Remedy are used by two different support groups for various types of tickets. They can integrate and run together on one platform.

You can learn Salesforce Training along with BMC Remedy Training at Global Online Trainings.

BMC Remedy Training with v9.x:

The BMC Remedy introduced the new version of Remedy that is BMC Remedy 9.

  • It contains the features like innovating the IT service management and provide Multi-cloud service.
  • It also has the cognitive capabilities which help for reducing remedy TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and also simplify the concept of the administration.
  • The BMC configuration manager helps for continuously delivering in the terms of ITSM user experience.
  • The data quality is more improved and still focused on the better report by KPI. The CMDB provides the better view of the operations.
  • The UI can be configured for Smart IT with this release of BMC Remedy which provides the ability to do dynamic expressions such as the components can be moved around on the screen for flexible field placement.
  • The dynamic expressions can improve the various properties and basic values of the field.
  • The input and output operations are the major points for scalability to understand the IDE and the custom fields such as columns can be added to the Smart IT reconfigurability.
  • The performance of Smart IT is improved to work faster and better for filtering the console frequently which includes the selection of assets.
  • The tickets and knowledge are limited to the global search but you can still search for assets and people if that meets the business needs.
  • The Zero Downtime is also introduced for automating the further process which will be upgrading the platform. This gives the ability to re-launch the installer without deleting the previous programs.
  • It is designed to improve the customer satisfaction which provides visibility and reduce the cost of service. With Remedy 9, the analytics is used to get the information about problems and solve it quickly.
  • The Remedy 9 version of BMC Remedy has integrated service which handles the SLA issues in the cloud and provides a better view of service status. The incidents are automatically created and maintained.

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BMC Remedy Training is designed for mobile devices and this is an IT service management tool. Remedy is a part of Service Management Business Unit and this is related to BMC software. This is used to do productivity from Complex to simple IT. BMC Remedy delivers Digital Service Management. In this reports and KPIs are available out of the box. Join in the Best BMC Remedy Online Training at Global Online Trainings. At Global Online Training’s we also provide BMC Remedy classroom Training according to client choice at Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Nodia, Bangalore. We are providing both online training as well as corporate training for BMC Remedy Training. We offer the best BMC Remedy Online Training course materials and additionally share project scenarios that are similar to the corporate environment.


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