BOM training

BOM training

Introduction to BOM training:

BOM training is standing by Bill of Material training. It is used by Oracle industrialized and Oracle order management. It uses Bills of material to accumulate a list of items that are connected with a parent item. Each article is related to its parent. A bill of material contains information on the parent item. It also contains the workings, attachments, and graphic elements. Oracle manufacturing supports standard, model, option clsass, and planning bills of materials. Oracle bills of material is used by Oracle manufacturing and Oracle Management.

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Mode of training:  Backbone Js Online training/backbone Js corporate training/Backbone Js classroom training.

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global online trainings, the materials will be provided.

course fee:  After register with Global online trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 15 years+

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track.

Overview of BOM training:

  • In this BOM training, you can create a bill of material. In this creating, there are two types of bills. Those are engineering type bill and manufacturing type bill. If you create a bill, it exists only in the current organization. You can copy an active bill or reference a common bill.
  • To use this bill in another association, you must copy it or reference it as a common. These are all done in Oracle manufacturing and management. Oracle manufacturing supports benchmark, model, alternative and along with this class and bills of material. Best trainers in Global online trainings will give the BOM training.

Creating a Bill of Material:

  1. In the BOM training, the Bill of Material training is created by the information which contains parent data. Each standard bill can have multiple reference designators and substitute components. You can create the Bills by navigating to Bills of Material window.
  2. In BOM training, If you have to create a bill, enter the parent item for which you have to create a bill. If you are creating an alternate bill, then enter the alternate. You can create the alternate bills with the similar name also. If it is the case, then bills and routings can share alternate labels.
  3. And the components are assigned to operations on the alternate routing. If there is no routing with the same alternate label, a mechanism is assigned to operations on the primary routing. In Oracle Bills of Material, training should select and upload the revision and revision date.
  4. In the main alternative region, enter the quantity used to make one unit of this assembly item in the current process. Global Online trainings will provide in-depth knowledge of Oracle Bills of Material training.

Bill of Material types in BOM training:

There are 5 types of Bill of Material in the BOM training. Those are Standard Bill of material, Model Bill of material, Option class Bill of material, and planning Bill of material and Engineering Bill of material.

Standard Bill of material:

A standard bill of material lists the obligatory components, and it is the most common type of bill. Along with these mandatory components in list having, each component in necessary quantity, and information to control work in a procedure, and material planning.

Assemblies pick to order bills and some more are examples of bills. Standard bill of material is also known as a configuration bill. It is a set of alternative choices made from the model bill that includes a buildable, sellable product. Configuration items and bills are mechanically formed from a model.

Model Bill of Material:

The Model Bill of a material having options and options module. You can choose in Oracle command entry to order a configuration. A model bill also specifies compulsory components or included items that are required for each arrangement that model.

Option class Bill of Material:

Option classes can also have required workings that apply for all of its options. An option class is a thing that becomes a level in your model bill of material.

Planning bill of material:

A planning bill of material is a bill of material configuration that includes a proportion allocation for its components. You can define exchange and common planning bills, if the bill is that you reference as a common must be another planning bill.

Engineering bills of material:

Engineering bill is also known as an alternate for a manufacturing bill. The typical use of an alternate engineering bill is to example variations from the primary bill. It produces the same assembly. Engineering users can authorize assigning improved and manufacturing items as components to an engineering bill.

BOM training main components:BOM training infographic

There are some main components of the BOM training. Those are

        1. BOM level:

 The bill of materials is compiled according to the anti-process route. The level of the material reflects the order of dispensation of the product. The bottom layer is the raw material, the second layer is the blank, and the upper is the semi-complete product. The top layer is the product, which is the 0th layer. The purchased parts that participated in the final assembly are on the first floor.

       2. BOM Item code:

 It is also known as the item number. A material code is the material sequence number arranged according to certain coding rules. There are many ways to encode rules, such as Arabic numerals, English letters, hints, mixed methods, etc. A material can only have one material code. Similarly, a material code can only represent one material, just like our ID card. The same number, although the same name, but the ID number is not the same in BOM training. This is the unique requirement for material coding.

       3. BOM Item Description:

Item Description is also called as the item name. It is a description of the material characteristics.

       4. BOM Specification or type:

A product may have multiple specifications and different specifications. Even if there are slight differences, it is regarded as another material. The product cost is calculated separately. The product specification is the smallest of the materials.

      5. BOM Unit of Measure:

The unit of measurement is gram, kilogram, individual, set, liter, package, etc. A material may have multiple units of measurement at the same time; generally, the smallest unit is used as the basic unit that is inventory unit. In BOM training if purchased or sold, requires the conversion factor of the unit of measure or the conversion factor to be set in the ERP software.

     6. BOM Standard Quantity:

The standard amount on the BOM can be divided into input quantity and output quantity. The output is the net amount that constitutes the finished product. The same product can be set at different production stages at different production stages.

       7. BOM Phantom item:

The use of virtual parts is mainly to reduce the number of layers and complexity of the BOM, simplify the operation of the MPS, and of course, for the convenience of business management, such as reducing the MO (Manufacturing Order). There are many drawbacks to using a large number of virtual components.

In particular, in order to facilitate the virtual components set by a department to look at the product structure, the use of virtual components needs to be cautious, because the abuse of virtual components has a great impact on the system. Production, work order execution, and management have an impact, and the shop floor may be difficult to adapt to.

BOM Training conclusion:

Global online trainings will provide the best BOM Training by experienced corporate trainers. Bills of material Training will give you the in-depth knowledge on how to create the bill of material. There are many types to create the bill of material. There are many job opportunities in this Training. Join with the global online trainings for the BOM Training is very beneficiary to you. BOM training career is very high profitable career.


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