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Bonitasoft training

Bonitasot training

Introduction of Bonitasoft training:

 In Bonitasoft training, BPM stands for Business Process Management and core BPM is a process of series of steps or activities, people follow  a logical path to achieve goals.  BPM is the way of improving of our business process in all the ways or analyzing how the business works. Business Process Management is neither a project management nor a task management.The business process is a pattern of tasks that must be performed to operate a business.By using Business Process Management to your business it helps to improve in all the aspects. Bonitasoft training is provided by Global online training. We are providing the best Bonitasoft training at reasonable price with practical knowledge.Before going to the Bonitasoft course, Let’s have a look at the basics of Bonitasoft.


Mode of Training: Bonitasoft online training/Bonitasoft expertise/BPM Training/Bonitiasoft support.

Duration Of Program: Can be optimized as per required(30 Hours).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for best Bonitasoft online training.

Course Fee: please register in our website, so that one of our agents will contact you.

Trainer Experience: 10+ years.

Overview of Bonitasoft training:

Global online training is one of the best online training in India. We are providing the best quality online training at a reasonable price. If any student miss the session we will assurance for backup sessions. Online training will be provided according to the student timings flexibility and the best Bonitasoft expertise training by global online trainings. We highly experienced trainers for Bonitasoft training. They have 12 years of experience in Bonitasoft training. Our consultant will help you in preparing in resume and how to answer the questions in interview.The best BPM Training by real time trainers and Global online team will be available for 24 hrs and will solve any queries regarding the Bonitasoft training. For any queries feel free to Global team. We have strong academic background in Bonitasoft training more than 60+ students are trained in this Bonitiasoft support training online. If you have any queries regarding the Bonitasoft training, please call the help desk and we will get in touch as soon as possible and classroom training at client premises Noida Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune. 

The life cycle of Business Process Management ( BPM ) involves 5 steps they are Design, Model,  Execute, Monitor and Optimize.

  • Design : Break the business process into multiple steps.
  • Model : Model the business with a suitable Business Process Management  software.
  • Execute : Do execution for the process.
  • Monitor : Monitoring and analayzing of the business
  • Optimize : Make some improvements to the process.

 Types of Business Process Management in Bonitasoft training:

The Business Process Management are of three types. They are Integration-centric BPM, Human-centric BPM and Document-Centric BPM.Bonitasoft training infographics

  • Integration-centric BPM-  Integration and centric BPM is used for building and promoting desktop and internet applications. Integration-centric BPM is known as integration centric BPM suite.
  • Human-centric BPM- Human-centric business process management is the way to  approach Business Process Management in which human skills are used.
  • Document-centric BPM-  In document centric BPM the documents play a very important role to add the value of the organization.

Benefits of Business process management in Bonitasoft training:

  • Cost efficiency: BPM is one of the strategy for maximizing cost efficiency by streamlining business operations
  • Implement flexible process: Many clients have different projects and different requirements. By using Business Process Management ( BPM ) we can implement processes according to their requirements.
  • Business agility: Business agility are of three types Process management, Rule management and Integration and automation.
  • Compliance ease and visibility: By BPM systems companies can build compliance into their business practices.
  • Customer focus: BPM will help to organize for combining people with technology to acquire and retain satisfied customers.
  • Continous improvement: We should find the different ways to improve our business so that organization will continue to grow and to get profit.
  • Staff satisfaction: Organizations creates a working environment that motivates their staff.
  • Measure results: Using Business Process Management we can measure the outcome of new process. We can know how much time has been saved and we can monitor this results in real time.

Tools of Business Process Management in Bonitasoft training:Bonitasoft training infographic

There are two important types of Business Process Management tools they are

1.Business Process Analysis ( BPA ) tools

2.Business Process Management Suites ( BPMS )

Applications of Bonita BPM in Bonitasoft training:

Bonita BPM applications are used for Manufacturing, Financial services, Education, Retail.

Bonita BPM Cluster :

Bonita BPM Cluster has two characteristics. They are High availability and Scalability.

  • High availability:  Bonita cluster is highly available.
  • Scalability: By increasing the no of nodes up to the limit of the load balancer capacity and network bandwidth we can scale our Bonita BPM cluster.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bonita BPM Cluster are as follows:


  • Cluster is very easy to configure.
  • Node network connection is flexible.
  • Cluster is highly available.
  • Agility
  • Efficiency


  • All the nodes must use the same data base.

Important features of BPM system are :

  • Enterprise  Architecture Modeling
  • Project management integration
  • Data Capture, Management and Analysis
  • Social Collaboration Features
  • Mobility
  • Adaptive case management

The important key components of BPM are

  • Process Admin Console
  • Process server
  • Process portal
  • Process designer
  • Process center
  • Process center console
  • Performance Data Warehouse

Configuring a Work flow :

Configuring a wok requires four tasks. They are

  • By using the workflow we can author the BPMN.
  • At the time of workflow’s execution design the forms used for human interaction.
  • Specify that external applications are to be used in workflow’s execution.

Uses of Business Process Management (BPM) :

Business Process Management  is a collection of related or  tasks that provides a specific service and have to be executed in a specific sequence.

  • Marketing and sales
  • R&D
  • Customer relations
  • Human resources
  • Manufacturing
  • Communications
  • Internal policies and procedures

Many applications are processed based on Business Process Management( BPM).  BMP’s are very expensive so they are used by wealthiest  companies.

BPMS stands for Business Process Management Systems. BPMS is a set of software tools to implement Business process management in an organization.   

BPMS and agility :

Modify a process is equal to edit a diagram and redeploy a file

Modify a process = edit a diagram + redeploy a file

Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) in Bonitasoft training:

BPMN stands for Business Process Modeling Notation. It is a graphical notation for modeling business process. Business Process Management Notation (BPMN) was developed by the Business Process Management Initiative ( BPMI ).

Reasons for using Business Process Modeling Notation ( BPMN ) :

  • It helps to draw from BPMN to model the process.
  • BPMN is used in Business Process Management tools.
  • To learn the techniques and to create a few work samples using the notation.

Tips for Business Process Management ( BPM ) :

  • Knowing the scope of the process from beginning to ending.
  • You must first map the current business process to highlight inefficiencies before modeling a better way with BPMN.
  • Layout sequence flows horizontally and data flows vertically.
  • BPMN is not appropriate for modeling organizational structures.

Basic elements of Business Process Modeling Notation( BPMN ) :

In BPMN there are two types of elements they are

  • Descriptive : These are used for Business analysts for model process as documentation.
  • Analytic : These are developed for technical staff to model executable processes within the software.

Basic categories of elements :

The basic categories of elements are Flow objects, Data, Connecting objects, Swimlanes and Artifacts.

Benefits of Business Process Modeling Notation    (BPMN):

  • Easily understandable by all business stakeholders.
  • To fill the communication between process design and implementation.
  • It is easy to learn.

Major components of Business Process Management(BPM) :

By using three major components, we can say Business Process Management is success or failure. They are Process,People,Technology

  • Process:  All business process must satisfy all the demands of the clients.
  • People:  Each and every person plays a very important role in the success of Business Process Management (BPM).
  • Technology: Technology also plays a very important role in the success of Business Process Management (BPM) implementation.

Conclusion of Bonitasoft training:

Global Online Trainings provides the best Bonitasoft training by corporate trainers. Bonitasoft online training helps you to learn the different Bonitasoft tools easily. By using the Business Process Management we can reduce our risk to maximum extent in the form of fraud and risk of errors. Get high quality Bonitasoft training at Global Online Trainings. 

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