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bootstrap training

Introduction To Bootstrap Training Course:

Bootstrap training is a free open source and is the most popular HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework developed by twitter for creating responsive web applications. It includes HTML and CSS based design templates for common user interface components. Bootstrap framework depends on every single open standard HTML, CSS and JavaScript; this implies bootstrap can be utilized with any server side innovation and any stage.

Global online trainings provides Bootstrap 4 online training minimal price by best experts consultant trainers with participant flexible timing, register for more information. We also provides bootstrap training tutorials and related bootstrap 3, bootstrap css tutorials.

Mode of Training: We provide Online mode of training and also corporate, Job Support.

Duration Of Program: 30 Hours (Can Be Customized As Per Requirement).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for Bootstrap online Training.

Course Fee: Please Register in Website, So that one of our Agent will assist You.

Trainer Experience: 12+ years.

Prerequisites for bootstrap training:

  • The attendees should have basic knowledge on AngularJS, git, HTML and HTML5 / CSS.
  • Basic knowledge on Jade, JavaScript, Jenkins and Nagios.

Bootstrap Training Course Content

1 : Bootstrap Scaffolding
  • Mobile first design
  • Including Bootstrap
  • Customizing installation
  • Responsive Designs
  • The “container” classes
  • Grids work in Bootstrap
    • Grid classes (.col-xs-, .col-sm-, .col-md-, .col-lg-)
    • Adding offsets to columns
    • Pushing and pulling columns
    • Nesting columns
  • Navigation components
    • Navs
    • Navbars
  • Jumbotron component
2: Page Components
  • Headers
  • Panels
  • ListGroup
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Labels
  • Buttons
  • Glyphicons (with buttons, toolbars and form inputs)
  • Wells
3: Page Components: Forms
  • Creating forms
  • Inline and horizontal forms
  • Form validation
4: Bootstrap Plugins
  • Alert – Messages
  • Buttons & button groups
  • The ScrollSpy
  • The Tabs
  • The Collapse
  • Carousel
  • Modal
5: Extending Bootstrap with Custom Plugins
  • Bootbox.js
  • DateTimePicker
  • Font Awesome
  • Off-Canvas
  • Image Gallery
  • Social Buttons
  • SweetAlert
  • Yamm3 Mega Menu

Overview of Bootstrap Training:

Bootstrap installation:

  • For installation of bootstrap, just go to the browser and then search the bootstrap and then click on the
  • And then click on the download the bootstrap in that we are seen three options.
  • They are bootstrap download, source and third one is download sass.
  • And also in that shows a free open source and click on this and then download a zip file.
  • And then go to the folder here we install zip file and extract this zip file.
  • Inside the folder, we find the three folders they are CSS folder, fonts and JavaScript.
  • In the CSS folder we see the related files to the CSS like themes and design. The fonts and JavaScript folders are very important for this bootstrap.
  • And after this create a HTML file inside the folders and name it as index.HTML. In this html folder write some code and save this file.

Install bootstrap on to the web page using a CDN, CDN means content delivery network and CDN is basically a server that hosts all of the bootstrap files that want to use and it hosts them externally. The advantage of CDN is its really easy to implement bootstrap files or bootstrap training using CDN.

JQUERY Training is an cross browser that means we write JavaScript using the JQUERY we don’t have to worry about this code, this code going to work Google chrome like this.

We don’t have to worry about those browsers Comparability issues all that taken care by JQUERY Training. When we write java script using JQUERY that can be sure it will work across the browsers.

We will give the JQUERY Corporate training by the best trainers from India. JQuery online Training is very to use than the raw JavaScript. JQUERY Training is very simplifies because it has the AJAX support with this only it is simple. JQUERY Online Training has the free of many plugins and it is a large expansion community. In new application if we want to implement the complete text box we can write code for it for writing this we can use any free plugin and this plugin is tested and developed its working are not when we have that plugin we can use that plugin simply without using another plugin.

Grids system with Bootstrap:

  • The bootstrap training grid system in bootstrap training we need a container to hold rows and columns; container is a simple div element with a class called container.
  • In bootstrap training there are mainly two types of containers, one is fixed container and next one is fluid container.
  • In bootstrap training the bootstrap categorizes the devices into four categories; first one is extremely small devices, small devices, medium devices and large devices.
  • Bootstrap training provided some classes to notify the extremely small devices, in order to work with extremely small;
  • We need something that is called col-xs-X and in order to work with the small devices, we can take the support of col-sm-X and for medium devices take support of col-md-X.
  • In order to work with large devices we can take support of col-lg-X and here x is the number.
  • Whenever we work with the grid system it is used to lay the content in rows and columns and the rows should be within the container.
  • For example, specify the one container and take support of a class col-test container for identifying the container and within this container can have several rows.
  • In order to represent that row we can support of ROW, this row consists of columns. The columns are representation it’s depending on requirement we have to take columns as per the device specification.
  • It is full-highlighted JavaScript structure for including intuitiveness with the HTML for growing effective SPA.
  • AngularJs improvement was begun by a two engineers, Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons at Brat Tech LLC in 2009.
  • AngularJs variant 1.0 discharged in 2012 and authoritatively controlled by Google.
  • Angularjs Training is a JavaScript based open-source system for Dynamic Web Application created by Google.
  • AngularJs broadens HTML Attributes with Directives and Data official to HTML with encounter.
  • AngularJs is appropriate for making single page Application, yet we can likewise use for multi paged dynamic web application.

The AngularJS is the intense JavaScript Framework. It is utilized as a part of Single Page Application (SPA) ventures. It expands the HTML DOM with the extra properties and makes it more receptive to client activities. The AngularJS is an open source, totally free, and it can be utilized by a large number of engineers all around the globe. It is authorized under the Apache permit form 2.0.

AngularJS is a JavaScript system that is expected to make it less demanding to execute the RIA web applications. AngularJS is an auxiliary structure for dynamic web applications. It gives you a chance to utilize the HTML as your layout dialect and gives you a chance to stretch out HTML’s grammar to express your application’s parts unmistakably and briefly The AngularJS depends on the MVC design (Model View Control).

Along these lines the AngularJS isolates your RIA application into models, sees and controllers. Enroll for best online Angular JS Training with us.

Bootstrap tabs plugin in bootstrap 4 online training:

  • These bootstrap tabs plugins topic in this bootstrap training explained with a simple example, firstly create to create three tabs they are home, contact and locations.
  • Then go to visual studio, and then create unordered list with two classes.
  • The two classes are nav and nav tabs, and then create list item, this list item create an anchor element.
  • In this anchor element, we are going to use data-toggle attribute.
  • Go to the first tab i.e. home, include home within the anchor element.
  • Create a second tab, and the text for the second tab is to contact.
  • And then go to the third tab i.e. is location it is actually a drop down, above we are create a list item, in this use a drop down.
  • And also have anchor element; the value of the data toggle attribute here is going to be drop down.

Navigation components in Bootstrap training:

Page components:

Create a div with class of form group so every form and it’s a label should be in a div tag with a class of form group. In this we explains all bootstrap related topics they are bootstrap css, bootstrap HTML5, bootstrap templates.

Bootstrap nav component:
  • Bootstrap nav component makes it very easy to create a navigation component that is navigation tables and pills.
  • Classes those are useful for creating navigation tabs and pills. For creating navigation tabs we use navigation class and to create navigation pills there also use navigation class.
  • This class contains the base markup for both navigation tabs and pills.
  • We can also use drop down menu with navigation tabs and pills.

It explains with a simple example, the navigation tabs it should contain three tabs home, and contact and about. Go to the visual studio to create navigation tabs we create an unordered list with class set to the base nav and we want to create navigation tabs we also use nav tabs class and within the unordered list.

For creation of navigation tabs there also used active class, basically this class is that tells the tabs within the list item. Create an active element at the moment this href attribute is pointing to hash symbol but it can point to any valid page or URL within in the application and the link text is going to home.

Lets create a another tab by creating another list item, we don’t want to an tab is an active so we are not use an active class. Includes anchor element as well again the href attribute is pointing to a hash the link text. Then reload the page we get navigation tabs with home, contact and about.

If we need navigation pill instead of navigation tab there is only one change do i.e. in the HTML code instead of using nav tab we are going to use nav pill. Global online trainings provides best bootstrap training and bootstrap frame work training, bootstrap php by corporate trainers.

Nav bar component in bootstrap training:

  • The bootstrap nav bar component is useful for creating responsive navigation header for a website by responsive.
  • However on small screen devices like mobile phones, a tablet etc. in that we don’t have enough space to display the navbar horizontally the navbar collapses.
  • For creating navbar component in bootstrap, go to the visual studio, create a nav element and set its class.
  • Going to use navbar default class as we want to use the defaults of the navbar and then inside this navbar create a toggle button.
  • For creating horizontal lines we are using span element and for vertical lines use span element.

Bootstrap alert in bootstrap training:

Creating an alert with bootstrap is straightforward, for this we create a div element with classes alert and one of these contextual state classes alert dangers for alerting and warning and inside this it includes strong element.

Alert div element it is include anchor element set and we also need the data dismiss attribute the value of this must be alert.

Firstly we add bootstrap page and to add a div tag and then add a class called alert. And then add some attribute alert and save with a danger alert.

Advantages of bootstrap training:

  • Bootstrap training supports responsive design and one of tea main advantage of bootstrap training is that it helps to create responsive web applications faster and easier.
  • The responsive web application is automatically adapts to different screen sizes that is laptops, tablets and mobiles etc.
  • Responsive web application provides optimal viewing and interaction experience that is easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing and scrolling across a wide range of devices.
  • Bootstrap training saves a lot of development time instead of writing code from the scratch bootstrap 4 online training offers ready made blocks of code that can use to customize to application requirements.
  • Bootstraps training developed by twitter to encourage consistency across their internal tools by giving their developers a centralized development code base and it is easily customization.
  • Bootstrap training is the most popular framework; it has a very large community based and excellent documentation.
  • Bootstrap training is the front end framework that it was created to make building responsive websites a much easier task.
  • And connect some bootstrap CSS files and some bootstrap JavaScript to the website and then add a bunch of classes to the HTML and to the website instantly the website becomes responsive.
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