Build Management Tools Training Introduction:

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  • Importance of SCM or Build Engineer
  • Where do we stand in SDLC
  • Basic prerequisites to work in this domain
  • Overview of the existing system
SCM Concepts

Source code management

SVN (Subversion)/Clear case/Mercurial

  • Subversion introduction
  • SVN and apache installation and configuration
  • Users administration
  • SVN directory structure
  • SVN branching and merging
  • All SVN commands
  • Branching and merging
  • Branching/Tagging strategy
  • Conflicts types
  • Configuration management
  • Environment management
Build and Release Concepts

Build process automation

Ant or Maven

  • Ant Introduction
  • Ant tasks
  • Ant properties and command line calls
  • Advanced ant tasks and external tasks
Continues integration

Jenkins or Cruise control or Team City

  • Jenkins Introduction
  • Jenkins configuration
  • Architecture and slaves configuration
  • Types of projects and integration of builds
  • Build automation and reporting
  • Plugins