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Burp Suite Training

Burp Suite Training

Burp Suite Training Introduction:

The Burp Suite Training is one of the best web application frameworks at global online trainings and this burp suite training is all about doing manual security testing of various web applications so in this course deals about how we can SQL injection, how we can do cross-site scripting but in this training we can guide you that how can use this fantastic framework that is burp suite in order to do manual security testing and this Burp Suite training totally hands-on and also it is essential for penetration tester security enthusiast and Ethical Hacker’s.

The Burp Suite is a java based web penetration testing framework which is mostly used by security professionals in order to identify attackers vectors or

in order to find out various security flaws in web application and one of the most important features of burp suite is that it is also called as interception proxy tool and why it is called as interception proxy tool it is available for only Linux, MAC, windows

Mode of Training: Burp Suite Online training/ Burp Suite corporate training/ Burp Suite Web training.

Duration Of Program: Can be optimized as per required (30 Hours).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for best Burp Suite online training.

Course Fee: please register in our website, so that one of our agents will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 10+ years.

Learn about Burp Suite Training:

The installation and configuration Burp Suite by default comes with two additions i.e. one is professional and second one is free like you are a beginner and you just started  doing security testing then I recommend you that please go for its free edition  but if you are working in any security company and if you are a web penetration tester then I think you might have its professional one, if you don’t have it just buy it so the reason behind that is that scanner tab in box wait which do automatically security  testing comes with Burp suite professional  so in order to use automatically web application testing scanner in burp suite.  You can download professional one from this website their website that is, and let’s see our lab setup will look like here is our browser that is Firefox here burp suite and there will be a web server.

We will configure our burp suite between our browser and between our servers so by that each and every request which is being sent by our browser will first go through burp suite where we can actually manipulate that request and then we can send the request to web server and this is how  our lab setup will look like now.

Learn about vulnerable web application in burp suite Training

Let’s talk about that what else we need in order to complete our lab setup so one important thing is vulnerable web application so why vulnerable web application because we can’t use burp suite on a live website or some other websites because that’s illegal.

That’s why in order to do security testing or practicing burp suite we need some  vulnerable web application which is totally free and we can use in our local system , we need this is OS broken web application so you can download this web application from this URL so this OS broken web application or virtual machines consists of vulnerable web application which you can use in order to do security testing by using burp suite or by just manual testing so this is what we need no less installed burp suite in our system.

Learn how to create projects in Burp suits:

Let’s install burp suite in our now let’s install burp suite training as well as over broken web application in order to do manual security  testing so you can download box feed from here or from here official URL’s that is and once you are here there are two Burp suite editions which you can download so the one is community edition which is totally free and other one professional,  if you are cybersecurity professional and if you are working in any organization then I recommend you guys that go for professional  on because it contains a lot of features including web vulnerable scanner.

  • Here Burp suite looks like so can see over here that whenever you start Burp suite it will tell you whether it’s a free edition or whenever you start Burp suite by default there is a temporary project which is selected.
  • If you just buy its professional one then we can actually create a new project we can save new project even we can import existing projects but for the time being we have to just go with a temporary projects use burp suite defaults and click on start Burp.
  • You can see over here that it’s starting that project so we have to wait for a time being and you can see over here that is how the burp so it looks like there are different tabs like a proxy, spider, scanner repeater, decoder, and extender.

Advantages of Burp Suite Training

The Features of Burp Suite Training

  • We can use the Burp suite in order to do interception proxy in order to do automatic security scan.
  • We can actually manipulate HTTP and HTTPS requests, HTTPS headers even.
  • We can use the Burp suite for good forcing various credentials and lastly.
  • We can use it in order to make a sitemap of a website or in order to crawl a website or spider web site.
  • The burp suite has multiple tabs or different different tabs and all of them different functionality which is used In order to send multiple HTTPS or HTTPS requests and then we can check out that out kind of response is given buying out the server you can see over here.
  • There is one more tab called decoder which we can use in order to use in crypto stuff let’s take eg: one string and you want to convert it or lets says you find you found one string and that might be a session id but that is encrypted. so what else you can do?
  • You can actually send that request to the decoder and there you can just perform some crypto stuff and then you can identify that is what kind of string

Overview of OMRON Training

The Burp Suite Training is one of the most popular corporate training course .we provide the best and expert trainer for Burp suite Training and we have a related for this training is GOT gives best online enterprise architecture at the reasonable price. For more details visit our website global online trainings and our team is always ready to help you in any corporate training so keep in touch us. OS broken web application slash files so you can hear that the latest one is 1.2 so let me open it up and you see over here their lots of OS is broken web application files .but we need this files that is oh broken web application VM and that is dot/file means it’s already Appliance so now what we have to do is you must have virtual box.

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