Business analytics with R training

Business analytics with R Introduction

Business analytics with R course will introduce you to the concept of data mining, business analytics, data manipulation, data visualization, exploratory data analysis, sentiment analysis and the concepts using open source R – Programming language & many other. R is a providing excellent capability to the analytics professionals open source programming environment. It much easier to pick up as compared to java like languages, it is high level programming language making. Business analytics with R training which is provide by Global online trainings with flexible timing of participant at reasonable price by world top best expert trainers. Register for this course for more information contact us at our help desk


  • You don’t need to have a programming back ground to do
  • Basic knowledge on R – Programming from scratch.
  • It’s good to have basic understanding of statistics.

Business analytics with R online course content

1 : Introduction of Business Analytics and R
  • Introduction to Business Analytics with Applications
  • Career opportunities
  • Installation Procedure of RCmdr & RStudio interface
3 : Statistics
  • Statistical Measures.
  • Probability Distribution and its types.
  • Creating Summary statistics.
5 : Data Manipulation in R
  • Apply Family, DPLYR Package.
  • String Manipulation.
  • Data Reshaping
7 : Data Exploration and Preparation
  • EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis)
  • Cross tabulation.
  • Anomaly detection & Graphical analysis
9 : Association Rule Mining and Sentiment Analysis
  • Association Rule Mining & its Algorithm.
  • Sentiment Analysis.
  • Mining data from Twitter.
11 : Regression Modelling in R
  • Regression Introduction
  • Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression
2 : R Programming
  • Basic Math operations.
  • Advanced Control Statements, Data Structures,&  Loop
  • Built in Function.
4 : Importing Data from Different Sources
  • CSV, Text, Excel, MySQL Data base
  • Statistical Tools
  • Web Scraping
  • Packages
  • GUI
6 : Data Visualization in R
  • Data Visualization Introduction
  • Difference between Multivariate graphs & Bivariate , Univariate
  • Different types of Graphs
8 : Data Mining with Machine Learning
  • Introduction to Machine Learning, Data Mining.
  • Clustering & its Application.
  • Clustering Techniques.
10 : Predictive Modelling Techniques
  • Hypothesis Testing.
  • T-Test , Z-Test
  • Chi Square Test
12 : Decision Tree and Random Forest
  • Decision Tree & its terminology
  • Building Decision Trees
  • Decision Tree splitting method
  • Random Forest Introduction
  • Party package


  • Our training delivers R language for Business Analytics course with practical knowledge.
  • The sessions provide cover the installation of R programming & conceptual knowledge
  • How to import various formats of Data with advanced R topics like: optimizing R code, Data Visualization, GUI for Data Mining Technique using practical implementation by real-time working expert with R Commander.