Business Management Training

Business Management Training

Introduction to Business Management Training Course:

The Business Management Training  provides a foundation for understanding the functional areas of  the business and how they contribute to the management of an firm. The participants use this foundational knowledge to analyze cases & complete projects in the order to gain an understanding of some of the key issues affecting an wide range of the most important global industries. The  students can gain a better understanding over the vast array of career possibilities available to those who study business. This course also helps to  examines the fundamental issues in the development of new markets for products & services globally. Register with Global online Trainings for Business Management Training  now by contacting our help desk.

Business Management Online Training Course Content

Business Management Introduction
  • Characteristics &  Environment
  • Business Ownership
  • Supervision, Decision Making, & Leadership
  • Organizing & Planning
  • Implementation & Control
  • Business Ethics-Business Management Training
  • Typical Business
  • Qualities for Successful Business Management
  • Time & Stress Management
Business Management & Its Application
  • Basic Management Functions
  • Types of Business Activities
  • Legal Structure of a Business
  • Purpose of a Business-Business Management Training
  • Starting a Business
Business Organizational Structures & Functions of Management
  • Organizational Structure
  • Planning & Organizing
  • Leading/Directing-Business Management Training
  • Controlling/Monitoring
  • Management Information Systems
Finance Demystified For Entrepreneurs
  • Basic Business Math
  • Balance Sheet-Business Management Training
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Preparing Budgets
  • Financing Alternatives & Business Valuation
Business Environments
  • Human
  • Economic
  • Government
  • Global
  • Trade-Business Management Training
  • Ethical

Overview On Business Management:

Following session gives you an brief overview, more knowledge will be provided by our expert consultant as a part of Business Management Training.

The two words Business & Management put together constitute the business management. These two words put together mean an specific process of planning, coordinating, motivating & controlling the efforts of the people manning the different business activities with an aim to attain the predetermined objectives of the business.

Business Management Training is an comprehensive & detailed programmed which covers the knowledge & the skills required in the modern business practice. You will gain an appreciation of the theoretical issues involved in the study of business & you will develop the range of practical skills which will enhance your value to the employers. The major topics covered in the Business Management program include management, marketing, economics & accounting.

Importance of Business Management:

The business is an group effort in which the personnels work relentlessly in organized manner so that the purpose of the business is ful-filled & society is served according to its requirement & the expectations. Join for Business Management Training and learn why every business needs repeated stimulus, this stimulus is provided by the management, only & effective & efficient management may get the principles, ideas & policies of the business translated into the result oriented actions.

Business Management explains what the business is & what businesses do. It outlines the main business functions & explains the different sectors of industry. Entrepreneurship & the reasons for setting up a business are examined.

What is An Business ?

The business is any organization that uses resources to meet the needs of customers by providing an product or service that they demand. Not for profit organizations are classified as the businesses.


While you join for Business Management Training  you learn how the Businesses mainly identify the needs of an consumers or other firms. They then purchase resources, which are the inputs of the business or the factors of production, in order to produce output. The outputs of an business are the goods & services that satisfy consumers needs, usually with the aim of making the profit.

What is the role of business : A business aims to meet the needs & wants of individuals or the organizations by these actives: Following sesion gives you an out-line, more you will explore as a part of Business Management Training.

  • Producing the crops or extracting the raw materials from the earth
  • Create the products
  • Provide an service.

Role Of The Entrepreneur

The entrepreneur is someone who takes the financial risk & reaps the rewards of starting & managing the new venture. These people have:

  • Had an idea for an new business
  • Invested some of their own savings & capital
  • Accepted the responsibility of the managing business
  • Accepted the possible risks of the failure

The Qualities Of The Entrepreneur:

Explore more qualities by joining Business Management Training at Global Online Trainings

  • Innovative
  • Commitment & self-motivation
  • Multi_skilled
  • Leadership_skills
  • Belief in one-self
  • Risk_taker


What Is Business Plan? :

The business plan is an written document which describes the business, its objectives & its strategies, the market it is in & its financial forecasts

The contents of an typical business plan include:

  • The executive summary – The brief overview of the new business & its strategies.
  • Description of the business opportunity – what is going to be sold, why & to whom?
  • Marketing & sales strategies – details of why the entrepreneur thinks customers will buy what the business plans to sell & how the business plans to sell to them.
  • Management team & personnel – the skills & experience of the entrepreneur & the staff he or she tends to recruit. Explore in-depth knowledge by joining Business Management online Training now!
  • The Operations – premises to be used, production facilities, It systems.
  • Financial forecasts – the future projection of sales, profit & cash flow.

The main advantage of preparing an business plan is that it allows you to fully investigate your own business idea & clarify your thoughts & ideas. It will also enable others to examine your idea & provide you with feedback. The investors will probably only look at the Executive Summary.

What is the purpose of a business plan: A business plan is drawn up to:

  • Support the launch of an new organization or the business idea
  • Attract new funds from the banks, grant providers, or venture capitalists
  • Support the strategic planning-Business Management Training
  • Identify the resource needs
  • Provide an focus for development
  • Work as an measure of business success.


Business Function: The Function Role of business departments as follows :

      1.HR :

  • They ensure about appropriate employed people to make the product or service
  • Recruit & train them, at times dismissing them, & determining of appropriate compensation.

      2. Finance & accounts:

  • They ensure of availability of the appropriate funds, learn more responsibilities by joining for Business Management Training.
  • Forecasting requirements, keeping accurate records, procuring financial resources from various providers, & ensuring about proper payment for goods & services acquired to operate the business .


  • They ensure about business offered desired by an sufficient number of people or businesses for the profitable operations.
  • Appropriate strategies to promote, price, package & distribute a product or service.

      4.Operation managements or the production:

  • These people ensure of appropriate processes to make product or services with the desired quality. Explore more responsibilities by joining for Business Management Training.
  • Control of the quality & flow of stock, look for ways to produce the good or the service more efficiently.

Key Learning Outcomes of Business Management Training:

  • You can explain the role of organizations in combining human, physical & financial resources to create an product.
  • Analyse the main business functions: human resources, finance & accounts, marketing & operations.
  • Explain the nature of the business activity in the primary, secondary, tertiary & quaternary sectors. learn more responsibilities by joining for Business Management Training.
  • Examine the role of entrepreneurship & intrapreneurship in business activity.
  • Identify the reasons for starting the business, the common steps involved & most likely problems an new business may face.
  • Analyse the elements of an business plan and much more in depth

The principles of business management focuses on the roles & responsibilities of the managers as well as opportunities & challenges of ethically managing an business in the free enterprise system. While you join for Business Management Training, participants will attain an understanding of management, team building, leadership, problem solving steps & processes that contribute to the achievement of organizational goals. The management of human & financial resources is emphasized.