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C Dot Net  Online Training

Introduction To C# .NET Training Course:

The C# is the most commonly and popularly used programming language for developing different types of .net applications. As per todays trend, C# has more demand in market. C# is thre  Object Oriented Programming language (OOPS), It is introduced specifically for .NET & thus it has no backward compatibility issues. Global Online Trainings offers  C#.NET training, which teaches the  non-experienced people how to create the solutions or the applications using C#.NET.  C#.NET is Microsoft’s entry into the world of managed programming. Using the syntax that is deliberately from Java, C++ & C,  The C#.NET achieves a natural trade-off of terseness & clarity, by  enabling programmers to express concepts in a clear & maintainable form. The C# allows the  programmers to work with both an Object-Oriented &  partially functional style. Register with us for more details.

Building user inter face using basic techniques
  • Choose the most appropriate control class
  • Implement screen layout using nested control hierarchies
  • Creating & applying styles and theming
  • Manage reusable resources
  • Implement an animation in WPF
User interface Enhancing by using advanced techniques
  • Manage routed events in WPF
  • WPF commanding Configuration
  • Modifying the visual interface at run time
  • Implement user-defined controls
  • Creating and displaying graphics
  • Adding multimedia content to an application in WPF
  • Create and apply control templates in WPF
Managing data at the user interface layer
  • Implementing data binding c.net course syllabus
  • Implement value converters in WPF
  • Implementing data validation
  • Implement & consume change notification interfaces
  • Prepare collections of data for display
  • Binding to hierarchical data
  • Implementing data-bound controls
  • Create a data template in WPF
Enhancing the functionality & usability of a solution
  • Integrating WinForms and WPF within an application
  • Implement asynchronous processes & threading
  • Incorporating globalization & localization features
  • Implement drag and drop operations within and across applications
  • Implementing security features of an application
  • Managing user & application settings
  • Implement dependency properties
Stabilizing & releasing a solution
  • Implementing a WPF test strategy
  • Debug XAML by using the WPF visualize
  • Debugging WPF issues by using Presentation Trace Sources
  • Click Once deployment Configuration
  • Create and configure a Windows installer project
  • Deployment security settings Configuration