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Ca identity manager training

CA Identity Manager Training Course Introduction:

CA Identity Manager Training Online course, Trainee professionals will examine the CA Identity Manager architecture and the integration Topics with other CA security products. By CA Identity Manager Training they will get to learn how to widen user stores, make use of product extension, configure batch feed and Reverse synchronizing, and Execution fault tolerance. At the end of Identity Manager Course, you will deploy the CA Identity Manager solution according to a supplied solution design requirement & troubleshoot the implementation.

 If you a professional who seeking to gain expertise in  Identity Manager then join the course that offers scrupulous designed courses to train you in details about the CA Identity Manager under our proficient guidance.

CA Identity Manager online training course content

    • Features &functions of CA Identity Manager
    • CA Identity Manager architecture
  • Identify system requirements
  • Validate & troubleshoot the installation
TOPIC 3: Install the Report Server
  • Configure CA SiteMinder Integration
  • Install Connector Xpress
  • Set Up the CA Identity Manager Environment
  • Install & Configure Endpoint Agents
  • Install & Configure Password Synchronization
  • Import Users
  • Configure the Report Server, GINA, & the Database
  • Credential Provider
  • Configure the database
  • Troubleshoot CA Identity Manager
TOPIC 4: Install Connector Xpress
TOPIC 5: Install and Configure Endpoint Agents
TOPIC 6: Install and Configure Password Synchronization
TOPIC 7: Configure Site minder Integration
TOPIC 8: Import Users
TOPIC 9: Troubleshoot CA Identity Manager

CA identity manager Training Overview:

  • CA identity manager training is delivers a unified solution for the user provisioning and the user management that manages the users’ identities throughout their an entire lifecycle, providing them with the timely, appropriate access to a applications and data. Managing identities & access of the users to the on-premise apps and in a cloud is a critical function for today’s IT organizations that are the under increased pressure to the improve operational efficiencies and while still remaining compliant.
  • CA Identity Manager training delivers an unified solution for the user provisioning and user and management that the manages users of a identities throughout their an entire of a lifecycle, providing them with the timely, appropriate to be access to applications and also data. The user provisioning and CA identity management training solutions
  • CA Identity Manager training helps your organization to be prevent the non-compliant provisioning activities, eliminates guesswork and then when providing role-based access to users and that enables user self-service including the access requests, providing your employees, contractors and the partners with an application of a access they then need on the day they start and then easily removing .