CA SiteMinder Training

CA SiteMinder Training

Introduction to CA Siteminder Training :

Our CA Siteminder Training helps you learn code access management product of C. That is called as Siteminder. CA Siteminder is used to protect the web application.  CA Siteminder is basically a security application and the resources working on this tool or product should have a minimum understanding of what is the web server?, what is the application server and what is the signing word, encryption, HTTP Protocol etc., So these are the minimum requirements to be known about Siteminder Training and understand the functionality. In CA Single Sign On Online Course, CA stands for Computer Associate’s and this is related to enterprise infrastructure product.

Global Online Trainings provides best CA Siteminder Online Training at flexible timings to both individual and corporate batches by well experienced Trainers. This helps you to gain more knowledge about CA Siteminder  Corporate Training.

We are also providing the classroom training at client premises Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune. To learn the best CA Single sign on online course join in our Global Online Trainings at a reasonable price. If you have any queries regarding CA Single Sign On Online Course please contact our Global Online Trainings helpline.


Prerequisites for CA Siteminder Training:

To learn CA Siteminder Training at Global Online Trainings, the person must have basic knowledge on:

  • Access Management
  • Apache
  • Federation
  • Identity Management
  • OAM
  • JAVA
CA Siteminder Online Training Course Details:
  • Name of the course: CA Siteminder Training
  • Mode of training: CA Siteminder Online training/CA Siteminder corporate training/CA Siteminder classroom training.
  • Duration: 30 Hrs (can be customized as per the requirement)
  • Materials: Yes we provide materials for CA Siteminder Training
  • Fees: Register with Global Online Trainings so that one of our coordinator will assist you
  • Basic requirement: Good Internet Speed and proper headset
  • Timings: As per the student flexibility
  • Experience of trainer: 15+ years of experience
  • Backup sessions: Yes we provide Backup Sessions
  • Batch Type: We provide batches like regular, weekends and fastrack

CA Siteminder Training Course Content

ca site minder training course content

Overview of CA Siteminder Training:

CA Siteminder Online Training, corporate training is provided by Global Online Trainings by industry experts who had hands on experience. CA Siteminder Online Course is useful and helpful for the industries in many ways.

  • So, in this course you will know that how we can implement Siteminder in our organization, how Siteminder can be implemented to integrated our different application, how it can be used for providing authentication and authorization to the user base in organization.
  • We have different access management product in market. But still, we prefer for the Siteminders.
  • The reason is that the Siteminder provides the stability with the lesser infrastructure, with lesser amount of infrastructure it provides us. Along with that a provider, say basic feature.
  • It means the basic feature of means incorporating different user’s tool for different type of applications.
  • We need to maintain a different user for each application having a user stores. Its configuration also is the main advantage .
  • We can even map user authentication and authorization, the different directory structure over there. So it doesn’t mean that for all users, we need to store in a particular user store and Siteminder.
  • We can use that user store to protect all its applications. So thus we can use multiple number of users store and you can use those store for your application.
  • So it will be the main benefit to excitement of provider in Siteminder edge access management product or in on top of the other management product.

The first thing and second thing that why we need the Siteminder means, that is the basic advantage of Siteminder over there and the third component explains that the Siteminder provides Federation process where you want that cross-domain applications need to be integrated with site minder. Then they provide a Federation process.

PingFederate Training helps in Federation. All the advantages regarding this course will be explained by top rendered experts at Global Online Trainings. This course will be useful to learn about Federation in of CA Siteminder.


Why we need CA Siteminder Corporate Training?CA sitemiminder training infographic

CA Siteminder is helpful in many ways.

  • It requires fewer infrastructures for its implementation.
  • It can be used for integrating number of users store and that store can be used for different applications.
  • It indicates that it doesn’t require that all users should be present in a particular user store or in the single user store or center like only one user store that will be used for other applications.
  • It will provide us an option to use different users to where, we can store our user data for application specific and we can use that instead of storing all user data in a single store of repository.
  • So it is the main advantage. Here you can get an option to find Segregate, authentication and authorization process.
  • Thus, Siteminder will provide us the flexibility to use different users for authentication and different users.
  • For authorization- no need to store a stored user data in one place and we need to use that as a authentication and authorization process. It is one of the biggest advantages of Siteminder.
  • Then it will provide a Federation process. This federation process can be used for cross domain applications instead of other identity management product.
  • Then it will provide us to install a separate product. The separate component for the Federation process for Siteminder can provide the Federation process inbuilt within the Siteminder product.
  • So it is not necessary to install any other component. So it is the best advantage of Siteminder that is being used in the industry practice.
  • CyberArk Training is mainly used for security purposes. This software is used to secure the data, maintain it and also to monitor. This CyberArk Training at Global Online Trainings will be helpful to get the knowledge about security solutions and all its advanced features by top training experts.

RSA Archer Training is one of the key sources for risk management. It provides the entire knowledge about solving the risks in an organization policy management etc., learning this course will be helpful for you to gain more knowledge about Siteminder Training.

Advantages of CA Siteminder Training:

The following are the advantages of CA Siteminder Online Training.

  • The other option that why we need Siteminder is- this is stable product. So, if once we have configured Siteminder, then no need to face any such type of issues.
  • If there is no change in our application site then we will find stability in that product without having any issue, so without giving us so much ease or complication after implementation of the Siteminder process. So these are the basic advantages of Siteminder.
  • The deployment process, configuration process of Siteminder, agent model groups and many other modules like can be explained with more detailed information during the CA Siteminder Corporate Training.
  • We can configure different user store, we can provide authentication store and we can create an authorization store. Global Online Trainings is best in providing CA Single Sign-On Online Course by industry experts at flexible timings.
  • We will map those stores between each other. The next step will be protecting on a web application. As you know that segment provides different way to protect web applications.
  • All these ways can be explained during the course. The migration of environment, migration of configuration from one environment to other environment and also the export and import process can be discussed there during the CA Siteminder.
  • It also gives you the centralized like policy management system.
  • That means all the policies can be configured in a centralized system, where you can manage and define the roles, define the access controls centrally rather than defining it on the product application.

Sailpoint Training is also a related course for CA Siteminder. Sailpoint Training is mainly used for an industry to maintain and run it in successful Identity Management Training. We also provide the knowledge about advanced features in Sailpoint during the Sailpoint Training.


Features of CA Single Sign-On Online Course:

  • A service desk uses single sign-on technology to grant access to the requests. To enable single sign-on, you have to setup remote user variable. It takes this attribute to give you the desired page results without signing in multiple times. 
  • Remote user variable is required by products like service desk and IBM Congnos for Single sign-on. Let us see the procedure to setup remote user variable when a page is protected by Site minder. Before we proceed ensure that CA Siteminder is installed and configured. CA Siteminder web agent is installed and configured.
  • Desired page is displayed from the default IIS page is displayed, Let us view the variables of a protecting application for which the remote user has not been configured. Notice that the remote user field is not populated. To configure the remote user for this application, launch the CA site minder Administrative UI from the CA site minder administrative home page.
  • On the SiteMinder administrative home page click infrastructure, click agent configuration objects. To configure the remote user for this agent configuration we need to enable the required parameters to continue click the edit button, the parameters is displayed, browse through available parameters, to locate the parameters associated with a remote user configuration, remote user variable and set remote user are the parameters associated with the remote user configuration. So we need to enable these parameters to enable the remote user variable click the edit button to enable the parameter remove the hash sign from the parameter name, update the parameter value as appropriate for the purpose of demonstration.
  • CA SiteMinder enables web and mobile single sign-on across multiple enterprises and cloud. CA SiteMinder Federation can do SSO in a wide variety of architectures, agent based proxy based, agentless and web services. There are three entities involved in, we will show two of them now. The organisation entity could be an enterprise or government agency that needs to establish secure connections with entities like a service provider entity.
  •  The organisation needs to provide SSO to their employees for their connection to a service provider like Federated SSL will enable the user either an internal employee or mobile employee to access an application. In this example it will be a cloud-based application, Salesforce is indicating to a standard based external identity proof provider. In this case SiteMinder is acting as Identity provider. This is done using a pre-established  relationship, In CA SiteMinder Federation will call the trust relationship, a partnership. The partnership is established between two entities an identity provider or a certain party and a service provider or a reliant party.
  • Federation entities and partnerships are setup using an easy to understand step through wizard with SiteMinder Administrative UI. Login as Administrative super user and browse the Federation, First we will walk through creation of local and remote entities. To create a new entity the administrator clicks on create entity, selects entity location local and then new entity type.

Conclusion to CA Siteminder Training:

CA Siteminder is used to protect the web application. Global online trainings will give you the best corporate training on CA Single Sign On Online Course. We are the best online training providers; we just don’t teach you the technologies rather we make you understand with live examples, the sessions we conduct are interactive and informative.We provide best CA Siteminder corporate training also at hyderabad, mumbai, bangalore, noida, delhi, chennai with certification.

As it is an Online Training, the timings will be according to the candidate feasibility. As our trainers are real time experts they will help you in giving training at very high level for real time projects. Our Team will be in switch on mode for 24/7 and will solve any issues regarding CA Single Sign On Online Course, timings, trainer or server.


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