CA Wily APM Training

CA wily apm training

Introduction To CA wily APM Training Course:

Today CA CEM & CA Introscope together creates the CA wily APM solution, which allows you to address both your business & IT concerns. Here the web-based business transactions are performing in real time. The CA APM addresses business concerns with customer experience metrics, that can answer questions that are important to the business such as Are my customers getting the level of service that they need?,  Are we getting the Return on Investment that we are expecting from our web applications & the services?,  Are web customers experiencing a problem that is affecting bottom line? By using customer experience metrics, one can receive the regular updates for the volume, errors, & average response time of business transactions critical to your business. use CA CEM to analyze the root cause of problems by using correlated transaction information from CA Introscope

CA Wily APM online training course content

Application Performance Management
  • Application Performance Management Challenges
  • CA APM Solution & Its Benefits
  • Components in the CA APM Architecture
  • Transaction Terminology
  • Identify Business Services
  • Transactions for Monitoring
  • Define the Domain
  • Define Business Applications & Business Services
  • Protect Transaction Data
Record Transactions
  • Recording Process
  • Transactions Automatically
  • Transactions from the TIM
  • Recorder
Define Defect, Incident, & Impact Levels
  • Defect Condition Values
  • Incidents
  • Determine Impact
Triage Incidents
  • Customer Experience Metrics in the Application Triage Map
  • Incident Reports
  • Graphs and Charts
View Real-Time Transaction Metrics in the Investigator
  • Configure & Validate the CEM to
  • Introscope Integration
  • View Real-time Transaction Metrics in the Workstation & Console
Additional topics we wish to be covered
  • TIM Installation, configuration, administration.
  • MTP concepts &TIM installation on it.
  • CDV concepts, benefits, limitations, etc
  • Gigamon types
  • Simulation for TIM, MTP install, configure & administer.