Captiva Dispatcher TRAINING

Captiva Dispatcher Online Training

Captiva Dispatcher Functionality
  • Overview- Forms identification- Document Identification, Document Groups, Identification & Extraction Technologies
  • Dispatcher Project & InputAccel and Dispatcher level Tree structure
  • Dispatcher Modules
    • Administration Development
    • Modules & Flow chart
    • Dispatcher API Files
    • Dispatcher for InputAccel Infra structure
    • Identifying Handwritten or Machine printed data (Check boxes and Text boxes)
    • Providing extracted info through Webservice –TIBCO and other applications
      • Controlling Image Formats
      • Running a dispatcher Product
      • Sample Process and Monitoring performance
      • Exception report generation
Barcode reading -2D/3D format data
  • Reading barcode data 2D or 3D format
  • Validating on barcode data from database
  • Direct Proceeding for OCR functionality, if barcode doesn’t have value in the forms
Captiva 7/7.1 Upgradation.
  • Install Database
  • Input Accel Components –IADB, IAServer, Web components & Client Components
  • Configuration & Process deployments with existing code
  • Sanity testing process