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Catia  Training

Introduction To CATIA Training course: 

CATIA Training (Computer aided three dimensional interactive application) three dimensional  design will be drawn in CATIA Training course only that software will available here and the two dimensional to three dimensional will change here. CATIA is high end tool for CAD/CAM/CAE worldwide. Some company will use CATIA  Training as design software and also used for solving problems. CATIA v5 online course   is developed by DESSAULT SYSTEMS. CATIA V5  online course is mostly used in companies, which allows easy to capable of using feature based and designs. While you register for CATIA Training you will also come across the topics which covers all the major commands & techniques & also provides the reader with all of the details to learn the basics with an clear method of instruction. For more information regarding the course, please contact our help desk now global online trainings.

Prerequisites for CATIA Training:

  • Basic knowledge on CATIA  Training because it’s the main which tools are using and views seeing all this are required.

Catia Online Training Course Content

1: User Interface
  • User Interface Unit Introduction
  • User Interface Overview
  • What Workbench?
  • Toolbars
  • Toolbar Customization
  • Menus
  • Options – General
  • Options – Display
  • User Interface Unit Summary
2: Managing Files
  • Managing Files Unit Introduction
  • File Types
  • File Operations
  • Managing Files Unit Summary
3: Visualizing Models
  • Visualizing Models Unit Introduction
  • Manipulating Views
  • Mouse
  • Named Views
  • Compass
  • Compass – Using
  • Display Modes
  • Preselection Navigator
  • Visualization
4: Specification Tree
  • Specification Tree Unit Introduction
  • Specification Tree Overview
  • Specification Tree – Using
  • Specification Tree – Options
  • Specification Tree Unit Summary
5: Managing Geometry
  • Managing Geometry Overview
  • Selecting Objects
  • Deleting Objects
  • Hiding Objects
  • Undo and Redo
  • Layer Overview
  • Managing Layers
  • Selection Sets
  • Properties
  • Graphic Properties
  • Managing Geometry Unit Summary
  • Mounting Block (UI #1)
6: Reference Features
  • Reference Features Unit Introduction
  • Reference Features Overview
  • Reference Features Uses
  • Creating Reference Points
  • Creating Reference Lines
  • Creating Reference Planes
  • Axis Systems
  • Creating Axis Systems
  • Reference Features Unit Summary
  • Reference Features (Basic)
7: Sketch Geometry Creation
  • Sketch Geometry Unit Introduction
  • Sketcher Overview
  • Creating Sketches
  • Sketch Tools Toolbar
  • Curve Creation Techniques
  • Options – Sketcher
8: Sketch Operations
  • Sketch Operations Unit Introduction
  • Sketch Operations
  • Corner and Chamfer
  • Relimitations
  • Transformation
  • Sketch Operations Unit Summary
  • Sketch Operations 1
  • Sketch Operations 2
  • Triangular Sketch (Sketcher #2)
9: Sketch Constraints and Dimensions
  • Sketch Constraints and Dimensions Unit
  • Introduction
  • Constraints Overview
  • Dimensional Constraints
  • Geometric Constraints
  • Auto Constraint
  • Animate Constraint
  • Removing Constraints
  • Dimension Editing Overview
  • Dimension Editing
  • Sketch Constraints and Dimensions Unit
  • Summary
  • Sketch Constraints 1
  • Sketch Constraints 2
  • Triangular Sketch2 (Sketcher #3)

Why CATIA training is needed?

We can  draw two dimensional if we want to change this to three dimensional then we need CATIA Training because it contain some tools and the modules to change any design for this we want CATIA V5 Online course. Best  CATIA  Training software is very needed to sketch the design. CATIA  V5 Training online course will be available. CATIA V6 training will also available .

Overview about CATIA Training:

CATIA Training  is also known as interactive applications of 3D with computer aided. CATIA was started in 1977 by French Aircraft manufacture Avinos Marcel Darsault system. It is also used in Aerospace, Automotive, Shipbuilding, and other industries. It is commercial software suite developed by the French company Dassault systems is a multiple platform CAM, CAD, CAE and marketed worldwide by IBM. Initially CATI is named as conception Assistee tri-dimensionally interactiv. AUTO CAD Training is very needed for the drawing the sketch before the  learn the CATIA Training and the CAD Software is also needed for this training.. CATIA Training competes in the market with Siemens NX, pro/engineers, Auto desk investors, solid works and solid edge. It programming is written in C++ language. Industry using CATIA  Training are Automotive, Aerospace, Shipbuilding, Transportation, other (Architecture etc). CATIA is recognized as a high-end features based and multi platform parametric solid modeling design software. CATIA V5 online utilizes an intuitive windows user interface to create and manipulate a wide variety of profile-based solid features. There are various work bench in CATIA Training  such as Drafting, assembly design, part design, sheet metal design, dmu kinematics, wireframe drawing.

CATIA Training is widely used throughout the engineering industry, especially in the mechanical sector.Because it help full to draw the sketch of the mechans. Solid Works Training is very important for the CATIA Training. Global Online Trainings will give more information about this CATIA Training Course and the training will be given by the professional trainers regarding this course. For more information  regarding this CATIA  you should register to our website.

Course Objectives in CATIA Training:

  • The main vision of Global online trainings is just not only providing the Students with excellent training but also to make the Students to directly work on projects and achieve excellent results.
  • Extensive focus will be provided as we focus on every individual student with one on one session.
  • Extensive focus on quality checking process of 3D models, MBD and drawings.
  • Students will not only gain knowledge in CATIA V5 but also will be able to gain Domain knowledge n Manufacturing methods.
  • Students will be executing Mini projects with Aerospace examples.
  • Mock/Model tests will be conducted and Students will be assessed at the end of each section.
  • PRO E Training  tell us about the 2d and 3d design it is neccessary for the CATIA .
  • CREO Training is also for the design and the design are in 3d form so it is an 3d software and the CATIA V5 is also an 3d software it is useful for the CATIA.

Designing Steps in CATIA training:

We don’t learn CATIA without knowing the CATIA software training .We should create the rough sketch of the model of any view like top,right,bottom, left. After the rough sketch we want to assign the dimensions,and that if any modification needed we can do that before only the workbench take the place after completion of sketch in workbench only we can use some tools. AUTOSYS Training is for the job controlling system and it will keep the all job position of the data in a manner and the data of the CATIA Training will be keep.

Workbench in CATIA training:

Workbench consists  of set of tools. Which allow us  to perform the designs in where the need of it we want.In workbench there will be sketch module it

Types of Workbench: 

  • Part design workbench
  • Wireframe
  • Surface
  • Assembly
  • Drafting

types of workbench

Part design workbench:

In the part design workbench we can create the design and the main sketch is important . with the outer sketch only we can so. Tool will be there to draw a two dimensional and it will convert into three dimensional using part design workbench.

Wireframe workbench:

We can prepare wireframe model and the tools are different for requirement and the tools are available in wireframe workbench.

Surface workbench:

We can prepare surface model and the tools are different for requirement and the tools are available in surface workbench.

Assembly design workbench:

We can  assemble the components after the parts are created  using the assembly constraints, which are available in this workbench.We can assemble the separate parts.


  • Bottom-up
  • Top-down

Bottom-up: It provides very easy to start the beginners

Top-down: It is very difficult we should know the design of the model concept.

Drafting workbench:

It is used for creating the sketch model with the types of drawing views and their particularization.


  • Generative drafting
  • Interactive drafting

drafting workbench

Generative drafting:  

Generative drafting is a direct information from component

Interactive drafting:

 Interactive drafting we can create draft views by sketching   the model without view there will be nothing.

Tools restore in CATIA training:

We can also restore the tools in CATIA V5 online course   if not having any tools which are required to the sketch that will available.

CATIAV5 Training:

CATIAV5  online course  is an software design for three dimensional and it will use full for large amount of product for designing in three dimensional CATIAV5 will use.


  • Design of INBD Flap, Fixed Trailing Edge & Shroud Panels of Bombardier Global 7000/8000.
  • Responsible for Design of SkinsFwd& Aft Panels of INBD Flap. Stress Sizing implementation.
  • Involved in design of air load ribs, Track ribs, Fairings for tracks and spar
  • Selection of fasteners based on the assembly sequence and strength requirement.
  • Creating MBD models in FTA workbench and providing CATIA v5 Models suitable for release in toBA’s ENOVIA database for all detail parts.
  • Responsible for Design implementation of new concepts for Fairings for AFT panel using Aerospace Sheet metal design using SL3 licence.


  • MRJ –MitsubishiRegionalJet is a passenger jet aircraft seating 70 to 90 passengers.
  • The project involves in design of fuselage structures and creating MBD models for production.
  • Detail design of primary and secondary structural parts of fuselagelike Frames, Stringers, stringer clips, Shear tie, splices etc.
  • Creating annotations using Model Based Definition in FTA,creating referencedocuments forevidence reports and review of evidence reports for proper captures.

Creating axis systems, named views and captures in FTA Work bench.


  • Modelling, Development & Drafting of Aircraft Components Light Combat Aircraft (LCA/LSP).
  • The models are created at its specific location with respect to the aircraft axis and corresponding NMG surfaces.