Ccent Online Training course content

Building of Simple Network
  • Explore the Functions of Networking
  • Communications Model for Host-to-Host systems  
  • LANs introduction
  • Operating Cisco IOS Software
  • Starting a Switch
  • Ethernet  and Switch Operation
  • Common Switch Media Issues by Troubleshooting
Internet Connectivity Establishment
  • Internet Layer TCP/IP
  • IP Addressing and Subnets
  • Transport Layer  for TCP/IP
  • Exploring the Functions of Routing
  • Configuration of  a Cisco Router
  • Exploring the Packet Delivery Process
  • Enabling  the Static Routing
  • Managing Traffic Using ACLs protocols
  • Enabling Internet Connectivity
Network Device Security management
  • Securing Administrative Access
  • Implementing Device Hardening
  • Implementing Traffic Filtering with ACLs
Medium-Sized Network building
  • Implementing VLANs and Trunks
  • Routing Between VLANs
  • Using a Cisco Network Device as a DHCP Server
  • WAN Technologies
  • Dynamic Routing Protocols
  • Implementing OSPF
Introducing IPv6
  • Basic IPv6
  • Configuring IPv6 Routing