Ccna Voice Training

 Introduction to CCNA Voice Training:

CCNA VOICE TRAINING helps you to gain the knowledge and skills required for administrating the voice network. CCNA stands for CISCO CERTIFIED NETWORK ASSOCIATES. It is the total information of VoIP technologies including practical implementations like IP Telephony, IP PBX, Voicemail services, call controls and handsets. This certification verifies the users capabilities on (CUE) Cisco Unity express, (CME) CISCO Call manager Express. GOT is one of the best and finest training institutes in India with our expertise trainers we deliver the best knowledge and skills which will be required to you for achieving your organizational and no-organizational goals. For getting the CCNA collaboration training from global online training and for knowing more information you can contact us.


There is no requirements of any prerequisites to CCNA Training but is an add on point to have a basic knowledge on the below courses,




Duration of the Course: 30 hours (can be optimized according to requirement).

Timings: According to one’s flexibility.

Mode of Training: Online classes and corporate training.

Course Fee: Kindly register on our website, so that one of our agents will contact you.

CCNA Voice Training course content

ccna voice training course content

Overview of CCNA Voice Training:

The CISCO CCNA collaboration certification is a role-job which concentrates on training and certification program for video networking engineers, participating engineers, IP telephonic and IP networking engineers of IT organizations. It helps in developing and advancing ones combination and video skills in track with the merging of data, video, voice and other mobile applications.

CISCO certified network administrator includes three certifications,

  • 100-105 – Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices, part 1 (ICND1) V3.0
  • 200-105 – Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices, part 2 (ICND2) V3.0
  • 200-125 – Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices: Accelerated (CCNAX)


  • CISCO CERTIFIED NETWORK ASSOCIATES is a career certification available to professional network engineers. The certification validates the holder’s general ability to install, configure, secure, operate, and troubleshoot various aspects of up to, and including medium-sized enterprise networks. CCNA Voice program is a three year certification program which is created to provide the information on voice and unified communication education and testing the voice engineers, managers and administrators.
  • CCNA Voice Training is the information given about all the networking sites and also to its applications. Cisco Certified Network Associate is very useful as it helps in resource sharing. As communication is based on networking , it is a cost saving technique. In this training the students are thought about how to maintain and operated a Cisco unified communication network solution, which in turn helps you in cracking the CCNA voice interview.
  • These days many of the companies are increasing their performance by increasing the collaboration between the employees, suppliers and the customers whose only goal is to implement and maintain solutions to latest technologies. However this collaboration not only helps in better communication but also helps in decreasing the cost. Cisco is a perfect application to offer both the products that solves the business collaboration challenges, training and certification for every single individual who is interested in designing, installation and maintenance.
  • This program trains and certifies a individual in an industry leading collaborate products and as well as best practices offering job-role based curriculum for all of the IT staff. In present market the voice communication engineers find the solutions and need for connecting your business to voice and collaboration program.
  • CCNA voice in particular has physical design, implementation, and troubleshooting skills. This requires and expertise trained IT staff that can implement and maintain a voice solution which is easy to use and provides an advantage to a seamless user experience for the organization. This results in encouraging innovations and better employee productivity in the organization.
  • Achieving CCNA voice certification helps in recognizing individual who have skills and knowledge to implement, design, maintain and support complex by using the latest and updated practices and technologies by Cisco IP telephony network. This program recognizes the reward for network voice engineers who had demonstrated expert-level performance in implementation, configuration and troubleshooting of Cisco voice.

Components Of CCNA Collaboration Training:

CCNA is an Associate certified by Cisco, It a work administrator used for Routing and switching, there are many programs available in CCNA Training the one which you may select could be depend on your interest or job role:

  • CCDA (for Design Specialization)
  • CCNA – Routing & switching, service provider, video, wireless, data center, security, service provider operations, voice.

Cisco Certified Network Associates advantages for the employees;CCNA VOICE TRAINING- Infographic

  • Professional
  • Knowledge
  • Career advancement
  • Higher salary
  • Job security
  • Personal
  • Prestige
  • Personal satisfaction
  • Increases self-confidence.

CCNA impacts on the following features:

  • Return On Investment
  • Employees develop skills to utilize more product features.
  • Productivity
  • Employees performs task more efficiently.
  • Process is streamlined.
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer problems are solved more efficiently.
  • Lower Cost
  • Errors and do-over are eliminated.
  • Downtime is reduced.

What is SIP?

  • SIP (Session Initiation protocol) is a text based signalling protocol. It’s purpose is to setup, modify and tear down sessions. It uses a request and response transaction model and what this means is somebody has to ask and somebody has to respond. The entities that send these messages are called user agents.
  • But that information for line soft key template that doesn’t come in the configuration file. The configuration file tells a lot of things such as whether the web server can be run on the phone or things like that but then it will  hand down any specifics later. So let’s just take a look at an animated view.
  • We have got our POS which is either 802.3af which is the first POE standard or 80.3at which is the enhanced standard to allow for more power and a newer standard is actually even right around the bend of being ratified for even more power. But what happens is to begin with first of all, and this is POS so this is the industry standard of 802.3af. There is a resistance sent across the mine and power classification and as long as the phone returns the resistance of between 19 and 26 ohms then the POS knows that this is a device that needs power. Global Online Trainings is best in providing CCNA training with live projects by industry experts.
How Phone registration process works in CCNA Voice training?
  • Moving on to the phone registration process. The phone gets its power from the connected switch, the phone then boots its current firmware that’s already loaded in its stored flash memory assuming it has firmware loaded assuming it hasn’t been factory defaulted and erased which is certainly possible. Cisco discovery protocol or else LLDP-MED, the Link Layer Discovery Protocol which is the industry standard.  CDP is obviously Cisco properiatory, IP Phones in  their current firmware support.
  • Both are bi-directionally transmitted to effectively instruct as we just mentioned the IP phone. What voice VLAN should be used as  a VLAN ID whenever the phone is taking and creating, passing on all of its Ethernet frames and as well as creating the dot1q trunk header with the particular VLAN ID equalling the voice feel and  equalling the voice v1 ID that was instructed from the switch. So that all of its Ethernet frames destined that were generated by the phone itself can be destined for the voice VLAN and then all other non tagged frames that those came from the PC or Mac attached and those will go in to the access VLAN.
  • So the phone sends a DHCP request once the voice VLAN is obtained a broadcast and this gets a response from a server with the IP address and subnet mask, default router and TFTP server at a minimum that the phone should use. Obviously It’s IP address to communicate on the network and subnet mask for the same default router for the same and then TFTP server is a crucial bit of information.
  • So then the phone will next contact  the TFTP server with a request for SEP_MAC_Address which is the name of the company that cisco acquired for call managers. Celsius Ethernet Phone and then the actual Mac address .CNF.XML.

Features of CCNA Voice Training:

  • Basically its own file it’s own name and then if for same reason that file wasn’t available the phone will follow up that request with a request for a file default .CNF.XML. So basically if its own SEP_Mac_Address file was not there, maybe  there was no record in the database and auto registration is turned on and it will look for default record and try to gain information.
  • It will then the phone will parse that XML configuration file for the load information which is effectively the firmware version that it should be running as well as the process node name the CPE. If the load information is different than the load file. It currently has back in step two.
  • Then it will contact the TFTP server and try to download the newer firmware, the newer load file and upgrade itself and then it will finally contact that process node name. The call processing Engine where CPE stands for and then the phone will register with CUCM or CUCME Cisco Unified Communication Manager or express with the call processing engine for that process node name and then finally the server will hand down any specifics to the phone such as line, soft key template etc.
  • The POS switch is also referred to as a PSE or a Power source equipment and the phone would also be referred to as a PD Powered device. If this were the Cisco training inline power a proprietary pre standard then everything would be same. However, beyond this the first thing instead of a specific resistance detection is what would be sent from the switch is something called a fast link pulse(FLP). So that’s really the main difference. Basically how it’s sending out that very low resistance detection or actually sending out a fast link pulse for PoE and inline power respectively. We are best in providing CCNA Voice training by experts from India at flexible timings.
  • The Phone depending on the resistance that was returned the switch knows the classification of the power supplied and there are things such as class two would indicate that the phone needs between three and six that would be considered as a low power device. Class four would be considered as a high power device and it PoE switch will know that it can deliver between 12.9 and twenty five and a half watts and there is actually even a newer standard coming out  that will allow up to 55 watts.


Conclusion of CCNA Voice Training:

GLOBAL ONLINE TRAINING is providing the CCNA collaboration Training. Were we have expert trainer who have great experience on all programs of CCNA Voice online Training. Our expertise trainers will share the best, latest and updated information regarding CCNA Training. Our trainers will help you to learn both new and old concepts including the updated, latest and present technology. We provide the finest training on overall programs of CCNA training. GOT is among one of the best training providers in India. We focuses on all required aspects of training with including of guiding you throughout the  training and helping you to overcome the barriers which you will face while the time of training, apart from this we provided all this at reasonable price. We also provide classroom training at client premises at Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune. To know more about our training details please do Register or Contact Us.