CCNA Wireless training

CCNA Wireless Training Course Content

Wireless Fundamentals
  • Introducing Wireless Networks and Topologies
  • Introducing WLAN RF Principles
  • Understanding RF Mathematics
  • Describing Antennae
  • Understanding Spread Spectrum Technologies
  • Examining Wireless Regulatory Bodies, Standards, and Certifications
  • Examining Wireless Frames and Physics
  • Non-802.11 Wireless Technologies and Their Impact on WLANs
  • Wireless Frame Journey: End to End
Cisco Aironet WLAN Products
  • Describing Wireless LAN Access Points. Bridges, Antennas and Accessories
  • Describing WLAN Client Adapters
  • Describing WLAN Network Management, Control, and Services
Wireless Bridges
  • Using Wireless Bridges and Alternatives
  • Choosing Roles in Radio Network
  • Determining Bridge Path Information
Wireless Clients
  • Using Default Configuration Tools
  • Describing Cisco Aironet WLAN Client Adaptors
  • Describing the Cisco Secure Services Client
  • Understanding the Cisco Compatible Extensions program
Core Access Point and Bridge Basic Configuration
  • Setting up Autonomous Access Point Hardware
  • Configuring the Access Point
  • Managing the Access Point
Basic Cisco WLAN Installation
  • Understanding Cisco Unified Wireless Network Basics Architecture
  • Configuring a Controller
  • Discovering and Associating with a Controller
  • Examining the Different Access Point Operational Modes
  • Roaming
  • Managing the Network from the Controller
  • Configuring and Migrating Standalone Access Points
  • Understanding the Cisco Mobility Express Architecture
WLAN Security
  • Overview of WLAN Security
  • Establishing IEEE 802.11 Security
  • Centralizing WLAN Authentication
  • Describing EAP Authentications
  • Managing Authentication and Encryption with WPA and WPA2
  • Configuring Wireless Security on Controllers and Clients
Cisco WCS Administration
  • Introducing Cisco WCS and Cisco WCS Navigator
  • Installing Cisco WCS
  • Administering Cisco WCS
  • Working with Controllers from Cisco WCS
  • Working with Maps
  • Monitoring the Network with Cisco WCS
WLAN Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • System Maintenance
  • Design and Site Survey Considerations
  • Troubleshooting Tools
Site Survey Preparation and Techniques
  • Determining the Deployment Requirements for a Site Survey
  • Performing a Site Survey
Manual Site Survey Tools and Utilities
  • Identifying Site Survey Tools
  • Using Site Survey Utilities
  • Using AirMagnet Site Survey Tool for a Manual Survey