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CCNP Training

CCNP stands for Cisco Certified Network Professional accreditation for Routing and  Switching certification


CCNP stands for Cisco Certified Network Professional accreditation for Routing and  Switching certification and professionals planning for learning expertise for planning, implementing, verify and troubleshoot wide-area and local  enterprise networks as well as want to develop professional ability to perform collaboratively in advanced security network solutions, voice, video and wireless. CCNP professional certification course suitable for the professionals who have at least one year experience in networking.

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CCNP Online Training Course Content

Topic 1.
  1. Scalable Internet works Overview
  2. Traffic and Access Introduction Managing
  3.  IP Traffic Managing
  4. Configuring Queuing to Manage Traffic
  5. Routing Protocols Overview
  6. IP Addresses Extending  Using VLSMs
  7. OSPF Configuring in a Single Area
  8. Interconnecting Multiple OSPF Areas
  9. Enhanced IGRP Configuration
  10. Optimizing Routing Update Operation
  11. BGP Configuring
  12. Quality of Service
Topic 2.
  1. Cisco Products Selection  for Remote Connections
  2. Cabling and Assembling the WAN Components
  3. Configuring Asynchronous Connections with Modems
  4. Accessing the Central Site with Windows 95
  5. Configuring PPP and Network Access Controlling with PAP or CHAP
  6. Enhance Remote Connectivity Using ISDN and DDR
  7. Optimizing Use of DDR Interfaces
  8. Configuring a Cisco 700 Series Router
  9. Establishing a Dedicated Frame Relay Connection and Controlling Traffic
  10. Traffic Shaping Flow
  11. Enabling a Backup to the Permanent Connection
  12. Traffic Optimizing on Dedicated WAN Connections
  13. IP Addresses Scaling with PAT and NAT
  14. Remote Access Network Troubleshooting
Topic 3.
  1. Introduction to Switching Concepts
  2. Virtual LANs
  3. Placing Catalyst Switches in your Network
  4. Catalyst Switch Overview
  5. Overview of Catalyst Switch Architecture
  6. Catalyst Switch Hardware Introduction
  7. Fast Ethernet Configuring and  Supervisor Module
  8. Catalyst Switch Software
  9. Managing the Catalyst Switch
  10.  Catalyst Switch Troubleshooting
  11. Features of Catalyst 2900 Series
  12. Catalyst 2900 Series Switches Configuration
Topic 4.
  1. Troubleshooting Support Resources
  2. Troubleshooting Methods
  3. Troubleshooting Targets Identifying
  4. Applying Cisco Troubleshooting Tools
  5.  CCO and Workgroup Discovery Lab
  6. Using  Troubleshooting Method
  7. Documenting Symptoms, Actions and Results
  8. Log-ins and Connections Tracking
  9. Debug Commands and Using Cisco Show
  10. Diagnosing and Correcting Campus TCP/IP Problems
  11. Diagnosing and Correcting Catalyst Problems
  12. Troubleshooting VLANs on Routers and Switches
  13. Correcting and Diagnosing Frame Relay Problems
  14. Correcting and Diagnosing ISDN BRI Problems studies