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CCSP Training

CCSP Training


CCSP Training is network professional demonstrates the skills required to secure and manage network infrastructure to protect productivity and reduce costs. The Certified Cloud Security Professional curriculum emphasizes secure VPN management, Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance, Intrusion Prevention Systems, Cisco Security Agent, and techniques to combine these technologies in a single, integrated network security solution.

CCSP Online Training course is the most comprehensive review of cloud security concepts and participates will gain knowledge in identifying the types of controls necessary to administer various levels of confidentially, integrity & availability , with regard to securing data in the cloud. You will identify the virtual and physical components of cloud infrastructure with regard to risk management analysis, including tools and techniques necessary for the maintaining a secure cloud infrastructure.

CCSP Training Prerequisites:

  • Attendees should have a Basic knowledge of Routing Table.

CCSP Training Course Content

The Network Platform Security with Switches
  • To Configure Advanced Layer 2 Security
  • Introducing Cisco IBNS systems
  • Execute Basic 802.1x Authentication
  • Configure Basic 802.1x Authentication
  • Configuring Advanced 802.1x Authorization and Authentication
  • Network Platform Security with Routers
  • Examining the Cisco Network Foundation Protection Strategy
  • Securing the Control Plane cooncepts as a part of CCSP Training
  • Management Plane security
  • Securing the Data Plane
  • Secure Site-to-Site Communications
  • Examining VPN and IPSec Fundamentals
  • Execute IPSec VPNs with PKI
  • Execute GRE over IPSec-CCSP Training
  • Configuring High Availability VPNs and VTI
Execute DMVPN
  • Execute GET VPN conccepts
  • Secure Remote Access Communications
  • Execute Cisco IOS Remote Access Using Cisco Easy VPN
  • Examining a Cisco IOS SSL VPN
  • Configure a Cisco IOS SSL VPN
  • Threat Control &Containment
  • Configuring NAT and PAT
  • Configuring an Cisco IOS Classic Firewall-CCSP Training
  • Configure an Cisco IOS Classic Firewall on a Cisco Router
  • Configuring an Cisco IOS Zone-Based Policy Firewall
  • Configuring the Cisco IOS IPS
  • Securing Networks with ASA Fundamentals v1.0 (SNAF)


What is CCSP?

CCSP (Certified Cloud Security Professional) is a global credential born from the expertise of the two industry-leading stewards of information systems and cloud computing security, (ISC)2 & CSA. The CCSP training credential is appropriate and applicable to cloud security in a global environment and it denotes professional with deep-seated knowledge and competency derived from hands-on experience with the information security and cloud computing. Global Online Trainings offers Certified Cloud Security Professional training with most comprehensive, complete review of information systems security concepts & industry best practices.


CCSP Training Overview:

Managing and utilizing cloud computing introduces the new security challenges that cannot be addressed with traditional information security approaches. Secure clouds cannot exist without right cloud security experts. As a result, organizations are seeking competent, experienced professionals who know how to secure cloud computing environments and services. The CCSP training credential helps employers ensure they have the expertise by providing a new benchmark for knowledge, skills and experience that is viewed as the most reliable indicator of the overall competency in cloud security.


Benefits for CCSP Training:

  • Demonstrate not just cloud knowledge but competence gained through the hands-on experience in addressing the unique information security demands information security demands intrinsic to cloud environments.
  • Join for CCSP Training and see how you can enhance your credibility & marketability for the most desirable cloud security opportunities; bolster your standing and provide a career differentiator.
  • Affirm your commitment to understanding & applying security best practices to cloud environments
  • As a member of (ISC)2 , gain access to the valuable career resources , such as networking and ideas exchange with peers.
  • Secure and optimize the organization’s use of cloud computing infrastructure and services with qualified professionals who have demonstrated their cloud security competence. you will explore more as a part of CCSP Training.
  • Ensure the organization is applying the proper cloud security controls not only internally but also with third parties by the reinforcing risk and legal requirements through cloud contract and SLAs with cloud service provides.
  • Increase organizational integrity in the eyes of clients and other stakeholders.
  • Ensure work teams stay current on evolving the cloud technologies, threats and mitigation strategies by meeting the continuing professional educational requirements.


CCSP Online Training: Knowledge & Concepts

In Certified Cloud Security Professional training participants are instructed in several aspects of data security. Here’s a list recommended training programs

  • Security Networks with Cisco Routers & Switches (SNRS)
  • Secure v1.0 Securing Networks with Cisco Routers and Switches(SECURE v1.0)
  • Implementing the Cisco Intrusion Prevention Systemv6.0 (IPS)
  • Implementing Cisco Intrusion Prevention Systemv7.0 (IPS v7.0)
  • Deploying Cisco ASA Firewall Solutions (FIREWALL v1.0)
  • Securing the Networks with ASA Foundation (SNAF)

The CCSP training Syllabus also lists elective subjects, which include the following:

  • Implementing Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis and Response System (MARS)
  • Implementing the Cisco NAC Appliance (CANAC)
  • Securing Networks with ASA Advanced (SNAA)
  • Deploying Cisco ASA VPN Solutions (VPN v1.0)