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Introduction to CCSP Training:

CCSP TRAINING stands for Certified Cloud Security Professional, CCSP is an IT professional who is trained by Cisco system in network security hardware, software and management. These professionals are basically the employees how are employed as system administrator in it security department. CCSP training is developing the capabilities of an organization to manage IT.  Cisco Certified Security Professional is cloud based programming. The CCSP Training credential is appropriate and applicable to cloud security in global environment and it denotes professional knowledge and competency deriving experiences with the information security and cloud computing. CCSP is a global diploma form from the expertise of two industry leading steward of information system and cloud computing security i.e. (ISC)2 and CSA. Here at Global Online Training we provide the best CCSP Training through our expertise tutors you have years of experience in CCSP Training, were our trainers share their real-time value, knowledge and skills about the course.

CCSP Training Prerequisites:

  • Basic knowledge about Routing Table is required.
  • Having good knowledge in Information Technology and Information Security will help you to understand CCPS Training easily.


  • Course Name: CCSP TRAINING
  • Duration of the Course: 35 hours (can be optimized according to requirement).
  • Timings: According to one’s flexibility.
  • System Access: Will be provided
  • Batch: Regular, weekends and fast track.
  • Mode of Training: Online classes and corporate training.
  • Course Fee: Kindly register on our website, so that one of our agents will contact you.

Certified Cloud Security Professional Online Training Course Content

CCSP course content


CCSP Training at global online training covers all the points of current technology about developing comprehensive network defense solution. CCSP certification training includes the clear demonstration of networking protocols and other levels of security models for its appropriate usage in the organization.

CCSP Training includes the following in its certification;

  • Identification Management
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Firewalls
  • Anti-Malware Programming
  • Development of Security Policies.

Cloud is the third innovation of the scale by IT and it is a largest innovation as well. Cloud is a bigger change than just change from mainframe to client-server. Cloud computing ins not just about the buzzword (like iCloud and dropbox) it is a fundamental difference for new delivery methods. Basically CCSP training overview is to focus on security management training of security applications like Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) for enabling the best possible level of security for business service protection at its ever lowest costing.



CCSP develops the advanced technical skills and knowledge of designing, managing and securing data like infrastructure and applications in the cloud using the latest technology, policies or procedures set by cyber security experts.

This certification aims for IT architecture, web and cloud security engineering, information security, governance, risk and compliance and even IT auditing. It is for the professionals who are involved in activities related to managing cloud environment. CCSP is a focused cloud operation which is global certification born from the two industry-leading organization information and cloud computing security.

CCSP includes various type of domains each every unique function, these domain are define as ‘D’; the following are mention below;


  • D1-Architectural Concepts and Design Requirements

CCSP Training Infographic

CCSP is the strong understanding of the basic cloud computing

Different and crucial roles that within a cloud implementation, from the perspective of individuals and other entities play the cloud service provider and the cloud service customer. It includes the understanding of building blocks for a cloud environment, such as virtualization, storage, networks, and the underlying infrastructures that

 is hosted and controlled. Domain covers the cloud reference architecture, cloud computing activities, cloud service capabilities, cloud service categories, cloud deployment models, and cross-cutting aspects of cloud computing. D1 deals into certification as instilling trust in cloud system.


  • D2-Cloud Data Security

The domain-2 deals into the design, principles, and best practices for system and application to protect data.

CCNA includes the Understanding of data lifecycle, which shows how data flows from its creation through its disposal, and how it is handled through varied uses and activities while it remains within a system or application. It also differentiates types of storage in different types of services with encryption used in cloud with including IRM AND DRM.


  • D3- Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security

Cloud environment consists of a physical infrastructure and a virtual infrastructure, and both carry with them unique security concerns and requirements. It deals into the cloud-specific risks, the risks associated with virtualization, and the specific countermeasure strategies that can be employed. Identity and access management is a crucial concept for the Cloud Security Professional. Domain 3 covers the concepts of business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR).


  • D4- Cloud Application Security

To know about Cloud Application Architecture and Procedure necessary to assure and validate cloud software. Necessary functional and security test for software assurance. It includes the process of verifying secure software, including API and supply chain.



Planning for data centers Environmental concerns and needs are addressed along with physical requirements, including reliable and redundant access to cooling and electrical resources. Domain covers extensively the components and concepts from ITIL Risk Management Collection and preservation of electronic records for use as digital evidence.



It focused on the legal and regulatory compliance requirements for IT systems; this domain explores legally mandated controls from the perspective of multiple jurisdictions, as well as legal risks that are specific to cloud computing. It delves into the various types of audits, their purposes, and the requirements from a regulatory perspective.


Join for CCSP Training and learn how to you enhance your prospect & marketability for the most used Cisco security opportunities; strengthen your position and provide a career differentiator. Increase your knowledge for understanding & applying security best practices to Cisco applications. Which gains access to the valuable career resources, such as networking and Ideas exchange with peers?

CCSP certification Secures and optimizes the organization’s use of cloud computing Infrastructure and simian with qualified professionals who have demonstrated their cloud security competence. You will explore more as a part of CCSP Training. Ensure the organization’s is applying the proper cloud security controls not only internally but also with third parties by the reinforcing risk and legal requirements through cloud contract and with cloud service provides. Ensures work teams stay current on evolving the cloud technologies, threats and mitigation strategies by meeting the continuing professional educational requirements.

Conclusion of CCSP Training:

GLOBAL ONLINE TRAINING is providing the CCSP Online Training. Were we have expert trainer who have great experience on all programs of CCSP Training. Our expertise trainers will share the best, latest and updated information regarding CCSP Training. Our trainers will help you to learn both new and old concepts including the updated, latest and present technology. We provide the finest training on overall programs of CCSP training. GOT is among one of the best training providers in India. We focuses on all required aspects of training with including of guiding you throughout the  training and helping you to overcome the barriers which you will face while the time of training, apart from this we provided all this at reasonable price. We also provide classroom training at client premises at Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune . To know more about our training details please, Register or Contact Us.

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