Checkpoint Firewall Training

Checkpoint Firewall Training


Checkpoint Firewall is an international provider of software and combined hardware and software products for IT Security, including network security, endpoint security, data security and security management. A Network Administrator needs to be constant aware of the threats to the organization’s network, data and protect these by proactive deployment of firewalls and instruction prevention systems.

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Checkpoint Firewall Training Prerequisites:

  • Attendees should have knowledge on troubling, basic security concepts.

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Mode of training : Checkpoint firewall online training / Checkpoint firewall Corporate Training
Duration of Course : 30 Hours (It can also be optimized as per required period)
Materials : Yes, we are providing materials for best Checkpoint firewall online training.
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Trainer Experience : 10+ years.

Purpose of Checkpoint firewall training:

The checkpoint firewall has few ideas basics of checkpoint firewall architecture, there are diverse operating systems and models for the checkpoint firewall. And there are few GUI compounds. You will learn about the security and NAT regulations and also about troubleshooting problems.

Architecture of Checkpoint Firewall:

  • In the checkpoint firewall architecture there is three tier proficiency, they are GUI, MM and FW.
  • The GUI is the Smart Console GUI application in the SmartDashboard that is to create and manage the security policies by the system administrator.
  • The MM is the security management server that will manage the security procedure that will organize the databases stored in the security management.
  • The FW will act as the security enforcement peak and security gateway will put into effect in the organization.
  • There are few technologies in the organizations like distributed and standalone deployment, gateway and security policies and the Security Management server Smart Console Smart Dashboard are created by the administration for incoming and outgoing communications. 

Overview of Checkpoint Firewall Features:

  • The accomplishment of the Internet makes longer deep inside enterprise network, haze the line between concealed & public networks. Internet expertise is the lashing universal business rebellion
  • You can see how you can make use of critical communications travelling more than assorted association, security deployments have to to defend project networks beside interruption and make certain the retreat and reliability of the communications in this Checkpoint firewall training.  
  • This will complete enterprise security explanation so as to defend networks, applications, and users each and every elements of the project network. The end to end network security delivered for the Secure Virtual Network architecture uniquely that will defend the business related Internet, intranet and extranet interchange.
  • There are few important factors in the checkpoint firewall those are listed like it has some specialized vendors that only create the firewalls. The firewall has the connection based granularity and it has many platforms that will manage the servers. It has hardware platforms and the operating systems also. Based on the SmartConsole it has the enhanced management tools. This checkpoint firewall has the GUI which is very easy to troubleshoot and that is simpler. This is not related to the java companionable.

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About Cluster in the checkpoint training:

In this checkpoint you can learn about the ClusterXL and the modes of the clusterXL which are related to the checkpoint. The synchronization of clusterXL and cluster control protocol will be explained. Basically the user starts using the internet then the traffic will be forwarded to the firewall and then to the internet. In case the firewall got troubled then the user will not get the information.

  • When users will drop any question in the query box then the request will go to the firewalls then to the internet, this firewall controls the traffic among the internal and the external networks of the network policy. The security will be checked by the Security Gateway or Security Management server, and there will be the checkpoint software blades that will check that these security features are working correctly or not.
  • There are some parts in the checkpoint software blade those are, connectivity of the mobile devices and the VPN, identity and awareness of the computer, filtering through the internet, application control and the data loss prevention.
  • The architecture of the Secure Virtual Network exclusively distributes the back-to-back network security that facilitate project of the business to protect from decisive internal and external traffic.         
  • Security has all time been one of the most important aspects of network. As security deployments become more complicated with addition of mobile connectivity & the Web services, enterprises are looking for comprehensive answers. With the joint solution between security leader

Checkpoint needs clustering because, to get to the internet in between you will have the firewall, and then it will send to the server which you are accessing. If suppose the firewall will be crashed then the information will not reach you from respected server, so in this case the clustering will be the solution that will take care of the redundancy. Redundancy means, if suppose the firewall is failed then it will go to the backup firewall then the traffic will go to the internet. There is the fault tolerance that means, if you have many systems then each system will have the separate firewalls


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