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CheckPoint training

CheckPoint training

CheckPoint Training Introduction:

Checkpoint course is the essential for security administrators secure communications across the Internet, who want to configure security policies, manage a secure network, & defend against network threats. This course covers concepts and skills necessary to implement, configure and maintain Check Point Software Blades including Firewall, IPS, IPSEC VPN, IPSO, logging, status, network policy management, & monitoring, anti-virus, URL filtering, anti-malware, anti-spam & email security. Global Online Trainings provides best online Checkpoint training by expert consultants with best lab set-up in an interactive and informative way.  Register for more information about the course by contacting our help desk

Prerequisites for CheckPoint training :

  • Participants of the Check Point Security Administrator course are required to have basic networking knowledge
  • Basic idea on Windows Server or Unix skills
  • experience with Internet technologies & TCP/IP

CheckPoint online course Content

Topic 01: Introduction to Checkpoint Firewall
  • What is the Firewall?
  • Where do we use the Firewall?
  • Important Terminology in Firewall.
  • Different Types of Firewall
  • Venders of a firewall
  • Architecture about Basic Checkpoint (2tier/2tier)
  • Hardware and software used for Checkpoint firewall


Topic 02: Content of Architecture about Checkpoint firewall
  • What is a Smart Console?
  • What is a smart centre server?
  • What is a Gateway/firewall?
  • What are MDS, CMA, and MLM?
  • What is relation between MDS And CMA
  • Difference between MDS and MLM
  • What is container?


Topic 03: Introduction checkpoint software applications
  • SMART DASH BOARD in Detail
  • What is object and how to create object
  • Content of RULEBASE
  • NAT RULEBASE- Checkpoint Training
  • Configuration of NAT and Policy
  • Policy Package
  • Installation of a configuration
  • Database revision control


Topic 04: CLUSTER
  • What is cluster?
  • Cluster IP
  • VRRP
  • High Availability
  • Redundancy
Topic 05: Checkpoint additional Terminology
  • Secure Internal Communication (SIC)
  • Policy Package
  • Anti-spoofing
  • Clean up and stealth Rule
  • Implied and Explicit Rule
  • Global Policy
Topic 06: Check Point CLI Introduction
  • Login to CLI
  • Modes of Checkpoint firewall in CLI
  • Basic command of CLI
  • Limitation of CLI at checkpoint training
Topic 07: Scenario based practical
Topic 08: VPN Day-1
  • Basic concept of VPN
  • VPN in Checkpoint
  • Phase of VPN in checkpoint
  • Types of VPN in Checkpoint
  • Parameters of VPN
Topic 09: VPN Day-2
  • Steps to configure VPN
  • Troubleshooting command for VPN


Topic 10: SMART VIEW TRACKER Full Session
  • How to filter traffic
  • How to analysis the traffic
  • Meaning of syntax in Checkpoint training
  • Traffic flow in checkpoint


Overview about Checkpoint Training:

  • The CheckPoint online course is a worldwide leader at end-to-end network security solutions for enterprise security management. 
  • Check Point Security Administration is to deploy the network security solution which is trusted by 100% of all Fortune companies worldwide.
  • CheckPoint Security Expert provides you how to build, deploy, modify and troubleshoot Check Point Security Systems on the GAiA operating system.
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Why you need to learn Checkpoint?

  • We are here to advance your skills and knowledge for either professional development or Check Point certification by the online training which is designed to ensure your success.
  • Our Checkpoint helps the learners how to build protection against all the types of threats and enable the organizations to achieve maximum security effectiveness, while reducing the security complexity and lowering the ownership costs.
  • Checkpoint online course will be provided by Global Online Trainings which can enables the aspirants to acquire in-depth knowledge and the training required while providing expert security solutions to organizations.
  • Major crust of this certification revolves around firewalls and VPNs as this certification can validates the aspirants ability to carry out in routine Check Point security operations like Creation.Virtual Job Support provides best checkpoint job support by expert trainers.

Overview about Check Point Certification Program:

The Check Point certification program at checkpoint training offers four professional certifications:

  • CCMSE: Check Point Managed Security Expert
  • CCSM: Check Point Certified Security Master
  • CCSA: Check Point Certified Security Administrator
  • CCSE: Check Point Certified Security Expert
CCMSE: Check Point Managed Security Expert

The CCMSE (Check Point Managed Security Expert) is an advanced-level credential in the Check Point certification program and it validates a candidate’s skills with Multi-Domain Security Management with the Virtual System Extension.

CCSM: Check Point Certified Security Master

The CCSM (Check Point Certified Security Master) is Check Point’s most advanced technical credential, which can validate the ability of candidates to use the advanced commands to troubleshoot, configure and optimize the Check Point Security Systems at checkpoint.

CCSE: Check Point Certified Security Expert

The CCSE (Check Point Certified Security Expert) is a Check Point’s intermediate-level credential. CCSE certified IT professional implements Check Point’s Security Gateway, SmartProvisioning, SmartReporter, High Availability, Smart Workflow, SSL VPN, Smart Event and Management Portal products. VJS will skilled you on the Checkpoint project support at reasonable price aand at flexible hours.

CCSA: Check Point Certified Security Administrator

The CCSA (Check Point Certified Security Administrator) is a Checkpoint foundation-level credential, which recognizes individuals who can deploy, configure and manage Check Point 3D Security Systems to protect the networks from intrusions and minimize vulnerabilities.

 Goals of Checkpoint Training:

  • Knowledge and expertise crucial for obtaining CCSA Certification
  • Expertise in configuring NAT, Identity Awareness and VPN features on Checkpoint training
  • Knowledge in installing and configuring Check Point Firewall from scratch
  • Overall skills development that will eventually enhance career prospects.
  • Proficiency in handling and managing CheckPoint training products
  • Skills in troubleshooting on CheckPoint training Firewalls

Checkpoint Training outline:

  • Course Name: Checkpoint online course
  • Duration of the course:  30 Hours
  • Timings: According to one’s flexibility
  • Mode of Training: Online classes and corporate training
  • Trainees will get the soft copy material in form of PDF Or WORD
  • Sessions will be conduct through WEBEX, GOTOMEETING OR SKYPE.
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Checkpoint training