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Chef Devops Training

Chef devops training Introduction 

 Chef DevOps is focused on how we operate & build high velocity organizations. How all organizations manage change to their infrastructure & applications for DevOps culture is rapidly becoming the norm. Chef, combined with DevOps, operate a high velocity organization that continuously delivers infrastructure and applications & provides more collaborative & automated workflows that make it possible to build. Global online trainings provides Chef Devops online training bat minimal price by best experts consultant trainers with participant flexible timing, register for more information.


  • DevOps training should have IT experience
  • There are no other prerequisites

Devops online course Content

1 : Introduction to Chef
  • Common Chef Terminology
  • Chef Server
  • Chef Workstation
  • Chef Workstation – Looking At Security And Configurations
  • Chef-Repo
  • Chef-Client
  • Servers And Nodes
  • Chef Configuration Concepts
3 : Node Object and Search
  • What Is The Node Object?
  • Search Concepts
  • Searching Node Attributes Using Knife
5 : Data-Bags
  • What Are Data Bags?
  • Creating User And Sudo Group Data Bags
  • Building A Recipe To Deploy Local User Accounts From Data Bags
7 : Extending Chef
  • Knife Plugins
  • Chef Supermarket And Chef-Client Cookbook
9 : Deploying Nodes in Production
  • UnAttended Node Bootstrapping
  • Chef-Client Cookbook (Security And Automated Runs)
2 : Building the Web Server Cookbook
  • Getting Set Up
  • Starting The Apache Recipe
  • Adding Attributes, Recipe, And A Template
  • Attribute Precedence
  • Adding HTML Templates Dynamically With Chef
  • Recipe Includes And Dependencies
  • Copying Config Files To The Node
  • Executing Linux Commands On The Node
  • Adding Platform Support To The Cookbook
  • Adding The Local Chef-Repo To Github
4 : Chef Environments
  • What Are Environments And Why Do They Matter?
  • Creating And Configuring Environments
  • Creating A Second Version Of Our WebServer Cookbook
  • Deploying To Different Environments
  • Viewing And Deleting Environments With Knife
6 : Roles
  • What Are Roles?
  • Creating A Web Server Role
  • Building A Simple MySQL Cookbook For A Role
  • Creating A DB Server Role
  • Creating A Base Role
8 : Using OpenSource Chef Server
  • OpenSource Chef
  • Configuring The Workstation And Bootstrapping A Node
  • Closing: Bootstrapping Nodes And Deploying Cookbooks 

Why Chef devops

  • Need for Devops engineer & the basics of Devops training for beginners.
  • Maintain Version control with GIT.
  • Using Puppet a chef Do configuration management.
  • Implement CI (continuous integration) with Jenkins.
  • Implement infrastructure monitoring with Nagios.
  • Understand containers practicing Docker.
  • Build and set up portable development environments, reproducible & light weight with vagrant.