Chef Devops Training

chef devops training

Chef devops training Introduction: 

Chef Devops Training is basically configuration management tool, there are a lot of tools in this category one is chef, and ansible and puppet, salt stack and so on. So a lot of tools available and can work with the configuration management part. Chef is the tool uses the various aspects of naming conventions like going to have organizations. Breaking that whole infrastructure into organizations, now the organizations are the independent unit they will not share anything with that then will have environment which will help to get the flow of system like development environment test environment, production environment and so on.

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Pre-requisites for Chef Devops Training:

  • Devops Engineer, Build Release Engineer and SCM engineer.
  • To learn Chef Devops Training, you must have basic knowledge on,
  • AWS, SVN and Subversion,
  • Git, Gerrit and Maven,
  • ANT, Jenkins, and Hudson,
  • Apache, Tomcat and Web logic.

Chef Online Training Course Content


Chef Devops Training Overview:

Chef Devops Training is an automation platform that configures and manages infrastructure whether it’s on premise or in the cloud. Use chef to speed up application deployment and even create a continuous delivery pipeline. The key to chefs power is that it turns infrastructure in to code.Infrastructure is code means that computing environment has some of the same attributes as application its virginal, it’s testable and it’s repeatable. Chef online training unique approach gives tremendous flexibility don’t need to struggle to confirm to chef. Chef devops training specialist adjusts to condition can depict any asset have regardless of the amount it vary from a standard design with Chefs specialists. There’s no motivation to begin without any preparation numerous standard foundation setups and tasks are as of now portrayed in culinary specialist cookbooks that are accessible for nothing on the chef expert group site.


What is Configuration management?CHEF DEVOPS TRAINING

Configuration management in Chef Devops Training is nothing but the managing the configuration, that configuration would be in many types they are hardware configuration, software configuration, infrastructure configuration, people and process.

  • Hardware configuration it means in an IT they are do configure and in the way of hardware and they mange the hardware.
  • In the software configuration they do what the software to install, what they things do, and version of the software.
  • Infrastructure means what is the software are install in laptop that all configure in this.
  • People related to users they have Google account and so on they are all managed in this. Process in this team management and project strategy, workload management this all are make in one particular configuration management. Configuration management it’s not just a devops, the configuration management its applies everywhere in the company.  


What is chef devops?

Chef Devops training is the tool uses the various aspects of naming conventions like going to have organizations. Breaking that whole infrastructure into organizations, now the organizations are the independent unit they will not share anything with that then will have environment which will help to get the flow of system like development environment test environment, production environment and so on.

  • We have the roles to the given machines and the roles are nothing but data base roles, web server roles and so on.
  • Have combinations of roles can apply to a single machine there may be a many roles or no roles for the given node and the node means node is basically independent unit.
  • In the chef environment is like a virtual server it can be a cloud, it can be a private data center, or it can be a standalone machine or it may be network devices.
  • In this chef devops training, it can do policies, the node CA follows the policies and implements those policies and the policies are gone into various areas like policies for writing policies.
  • Chef is available in two modes standalone mode and cloud mode.
  • Chef comes in two flavors open source chef and enterprise chef. Open source chef online training is the basis for both versions of chef. Enterprise chef includes premium features such as multi tenancy so can support multiple organizations’ with a single chef server role based access control of configuration resources.
  • Integration with active directory for managing administrator’s identities reporting tools and professional services and support from the chef experts can run enterprise chef in house. Chef devops training integrates with the existing environment can interact with the chef server from windows, MacOS and many Linux, UNIX.


Why chef is called infrastructure code?

  • Chef devops training is the tool, it is a not a tool it provides infrastructure to automate the all the tasks. Chef devops training is the automated platform that configures and manages the infrastructure does it is on premises or in the cloud.
  • It explained by compare chef infrastructure code with normal code. While writing a normal code, we must use some source control tool. Coming in to version control tool, if any code write in version control tool, it’s not going to over write, every time its collect a new version.
  • And its check the behavior of the code and we have so many branches to for testing the code. If we writing a code, no need to worry about the a lot of things.
  • Chef devops training provides all this similar features in the chef itself. So infrastructure is the version able, repeatable and testable. Chef devops training manages infrastructure by writing code that’s why called infrastructure code. Chef coding is different from another coding, chef coding is nothing but just configuration coding.
  • Chef Development Kit is open source package created by chef community. It comes with all the development tools that we need using chef. It is also a way to build and test recipes and cookbooks locally.


Components in Chef:

  • Chef has three components workstation, chef server, and nodes. Workstation is basically like laptop desktop through will control, upload or some changes on the chefs. Chef server means chefs are is a central piece of integration so all the communications of the node all this put in to the chef server.
  • Nodes will follow the policy some packages to be on the workstation will have some chef server core package on the server side and install the node and have the some agent on that node.
  • The agent will run on the node and it will communicate it to the server so node that will communicate and its start getting the data from this server so it will download the policies and store policies on the chef server. So the node will download the policies and agent implements the policies on the node.
Chef architecture:

Chef architecture in chef devops training, it will use 90% in an enterprise organization.


Workstation is your laptop, where you write chef configuration. Whenever write chef configuration in local workstation. After writing the chef configuration, the developer pushes the code to source control tool. Similarly when a write chef configuration and going to deploy this configuration to the chef server.

Chef server:

Chef server is the server which holds the all chef configuration. When configure code deploy to chef server, chef server is separate unit. Which is a standalone server, it reads the chef configuration and it store in node.


Nodes are actual servers where we want to apply the code, return by user in workstation. And then node state will be updated, state means snapshot Configuration.


Chef tools and terminologies in chef devops training:

Chef workstation:

Chef workstation is the space, we are uses in most of the world it could be laptop.


Node could be anything, as be said node is the last point of the server. What you want to manage, it could be a physical server or it could virtual machine or it could be instance with cloud or it could be network devices also.

Chef server:

Chef server it is act as a hub, just like the source controller management. Chef server which stores all of the chef configuration code. The functionality of the chef server is much more. It is not just holds the information data, but it is possible to push that changes to the chef to the nodes and push to the related metadata.

Chef client:

Chef devops training workstation, node and chef server are physical entity. Chef client is an agent that devops locally on the node. Chef client only run on the node, the chef client is command the transaction and starts the handshaking between node and chef server.

It is connection between node and chef server, the functionality of chef client is to the nodes are allows to interface between node and chef server.


Knife in chef devops training is allows to interact between workstation and chef server. Knife is work on only on the local workstation; by using this we can push code to chef devops training server.


Ohio means which can run anywhere, it is background chap. Ohio is the collector, and it collects the information about system, memory and node and passing to the chef server. It could be static information or dynamic information also.


Resources could be anything, the basic block for the transaction. Resource is the change the configuration, it can resource anything like files, dirs, users and groups and packages, services.


Resources are gathered in to a file is called recipe which ensures the system is in desired state. Recipe is collection of configuration and it makes sure the configuration in desired state.


Cookbook in chef devops training is the fundamental unit of configuration and policy distribution. Each cook book defines a scenario, such as everything needed to install and configure MYSQL. Then it contains all of the components that are required to support that scenario.


  • Devops is a set of practice, methodology and set of rules and principally, devops are not a tool and software. Dev means developer activities and ops means operational activities in this between this processes is called as devops method. Here reduce the gap between the developer activities and operational activities.
  • Devops fundamentally extending agile concepts from the development to operations and promoting consistent culture where developers and operations team work together as one team this is achieved through automatic the process of development and delivery as well as inculcating collaborative behavior among devops team.


  • Puppet is the configuration management tool which empowers the framework managers to work speedier and quicker witted to help of the robotizations. As Puppet we have numerous more design instruments are accessible in the market.
  • Puppet is a configuration management tool which is accessible as an open source and also venture renditions. It keeps running on numerous UNIX like frameworks and additionally on Microsoft windows.
  • Puppet is delivered by manikin labs and it is established Luke Kanies in 2005. Puppet is intended to deal with the setup of UNIX like and Microsoft windows
  • Frameworks especially, the client portrays framework assets and the state either utilizing manikins definitive dialect or a ruby DSL language.


Conclusion of Chef Devops Training:

Chef is name of the configuration management tool written in Ruby and Erlang, it is a pure Ruby domain specific language that is DSL for writing system configuration. Learn in-depth Chef Devops tools in online, Chef Devops training is used to streamline the task of configuring and maintaining the company servers and can integrate with cloud based platforms. For learning Best Devops Chef Training with Videos, must have knowledge of Devops, Apache, Tomcat and Web logic. The best time to start with Chef Devops is after graduation or after good command over Devops. Salaries in Chef Software tool is depended upon the number of years in experience and knowledge. The salaries starts from $90,000 per year to $1,50,000 per year. Chef is already used by 70% of thousand fortune companies. There is great scope of development in chef devops job in knowledge and salary wise. Global online trainings is providing Real time implementation of Chef Devops Course. Our team will always be available to clarify your doubts regarding Chef Devops online training. If you have any doubts regarding this Chef Devops training certification, please feel free to contact the help desk. We have a good academic background in Chef Devops  training courses. We also provide classroom training at client premises Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune.

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