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Chef training

Chef Introduction Training:

Chef training is a powerful automation platform that all transforms complex infrastructure into a code, bringing your servers & services to life. Whether you’re operating in a cloud, on-premises, or an hybrid, Chef automates how applications are configured, deployed, & managed across your network, no matter its size. Chef is an built around simple concepts achieving desired state, centralized modeling of a IT infrastructure, and the resource primitives that serve as building blocks. 

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prerequisties Of Chef Training:

  • Writing code in a text editor
  • Working on the command line
  • Basic system administration – installing packages, configuring those packages, starting service

Chef automation corporate course content

  • infrastructure as code
  • getting started
  • dissecting your first chef run
  • roles
  • upgrading chef
  • recipes
  • creating and retrieving cookbooks
  • chef-shell
  • best practices

Chef Training Overview:

  • Chef is a name of a configuration management tool that uses an domain specific language and a help in maintaining the servers of the different companies. The open source software can easily integrate into an cloud-based platforms and a configure new machines. Therefore, it is the ideal solution for a any scale of an operation and comes with hosts of features.
  • Learn the techniques of the pros by walking through an host of step-by-step guides to solve your real-world infrastructure automation of a challenges. This Chef Training takes you through all required recipes to configure, deploy, and also scale your servers & a applications.
  • Chef automation corporate course manages nodes that make up the infrastructures that runs on each node . it contains configuration information called coobook chef-client obtain the run list from the chef server. It ensures the node complies with the policy in a run list.
  • This Chef Training is complete in a instructor-taught training covering a architecture of Chef and its related tools. This Chef automation corporate course focuses on preparing key of development, engineering, and a operations staff to employ Chef to write a infrastructure.

 Chef Training objectives:

  • Chef automation corporate course is an idel automation framework for ceph and openstack . not only does it gives us. Complete control, but its super easy to work Chef is a configuration management tool for IT professional.
  • Chef  is a automation platform that configure and manage your infrastructure chef node will have chef client installed which will talk to chef server and pull all configuration etc. chef client has a component OHAI which discover machine specific data like FQDN,IP,RAM,CPU ETC.
  • Store cookbooks , recipes list that are applied on nodes. Chef automation corporate course nodes talk to chef server using chef client. Chef workstation is the machine where chef admin will work .chef nodes cannot directly communicate with the chef workstation. Chef is an automation platform that configures and manages your infrastructure whether its on premises or cloud.
  • Iac is automation of IT operations by provising of a code ,rather than manual process, provisioning of dev, test and prod environment by writing code in one centralized location.hef framework is a combination of a chef server , node and work station.