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CISCO BCRAN Training Course Introduction

CISCO BCRAN Trainings is for Managing Network Performance with Queuing and Compression. In this training we discuss focusing on some of the advanced queuing techniques offered in Cisco IOS. We cover the topics such as Queuing Overview, Introduction to Queuing, Class-Based Weighted Fair Queuing (CBWFQ), Low-Latency Queuing (LLQ) and Compression Techniques.

We Global Online Trainings will help you to prepare for the CCNP BCRAN exam, discuss some of the advanced queuing techniques offered in Cisco IOS and compression techniques that are possible from Cisco routers. Register or enroll today at the website for the CISCO BCRAN Trainings

Cisco Bcran online training course content

WAN Technologies and Components
Configuring PPP Features
Accessing Broadband Technologies
Using Virtual Private Networks with IPSec
Using ISDN and DDR to Enhance Remote Connectivity
Using DDR Enhancements
Configuring Frame Relay with Traffic Shaping
Implementing DDR Backup
Using QOS and Compression
Using AAA to Scale Access Control