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Cisco WASS Training Course Content:

Chapter 1:   Introduction of Cisco Wide-Area Application Services
  • Topic 1A: Basic Introducing Cisco WAAS


Chapter 2: The Cisco WAAS Quick Start
  • Topic 2A: Installing & Configuring Cisco WAAS Using Quick Start
Chapter 3: Implementation, Integration, &  Management
  • Topic 3A: Configuring the Application Traffic Policies
  • Topic 3B: Implementing the Cisco WAAS Express
  • Topic 3C: Configuring the Cisco WAAS Virtualization
  • Topic 3D: Introducing to Cisco WAAS Mobile


Chapter 4:The Advanced Cisco WAAS Configuration
  • Topic 4A: Introduction to Cisco WAAS Traffic Interception
  • Topic 4B: Configuring the Advanced Cisco WAVE Features
  • Topic 4C: Implementing the Cisco vWAAS


Chapter 5: Cisco WAAS_ Design
  • Topic 5A: Planning an Cisco WAAS Network Design
  • Topic 5B: Planning & Executing a Cisco WAAS Site Survey
Chapter 6: Cisco WAAS Application-Optimizers
  • Topic 6A: Configuring the CIFS Optimization
  • Topic 6B: Configuring the NFS Optimization
  • Topic 6C: Configuring MAPI Optimization
  • Topic 6D: Configuring HTTP Optimization
  • Topic 6E: Configuring SSL Optimization
  • Topic 6F: Configuring Cisco WAAS Windows Network Printing
  • Topic 6G: Configuring theStreaming Video Optimization
  • Topic 6H: Installing the Cisco WAAS Mobile


Chapter 7: The Cisco WAAS Troubleshooting
  • Topic 7A: Introduction to Troubleshooting  
  • Topic 7B: The Troubleshooting Network Interception
  • Topic 7C: Troubleshooting WAN- Optimization
  • Topic 7D: Troubleshooting Cisco_ vWAAS
  • Topic 7E: Troubleshooting Cisco_ WAAS Express
  • Topic 7F: Troubleshooting Cisc_ WAAS Mobile