CISCO WLC training

Cisco wlc training

Introduction to CISCO WLC training:

In the CISCO WLC training, CISCO centralized wireless solution provides a simplified method for deploying and managing the wireless networks.  In the Cisco WLC, the access points are going to go on what power they going to transmit out and it works. It addresses the wireless network security, management, deployment and control aspects. Cisco WLC is one of the most effective network connecting.

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Mode of training:  Cisco WLC Online training/ Cisco WLC corporate training/ Cisco WLC classroom training.

Duration of course: 30 hrs

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Cisco wireless LAN controller Training Course content

cisco wireless lan controller training course content

Overview of Cisco WLC training:

Cisco WLC training is one of the most effective network connecting. It gives the mobility of student and staff. The Cisco wireless LAN controller training addresses the wireless network security, deployment, management, and control aspects of deploying a wireless network.

The wireless and wired networks combined by the Cisco WLC training. The combination is used to deliver secure, and scalable wireless networks with a low cost. CISCO introduced two types of wireless architecture in its Wi-Fi portfolio. Those are Distributed architecture and Centralized architecture.

Distributed architecture:

Most of the Wi-Fi access points (APs), are self contained in the distributed architecture are called autonomous or standalone APs.

Centralized architecture:

The access points are controlled and managed in the centralized Wi-Fi architecture by a central device called wireless LAN controller. These access points are lightweight APs.

About Cisco WLC training:

Many corporate environments require deployment of wireless networks on a large scale.  There is upgraded concept of the CISCO Unified Wireless Network (CUWN) solution from CISCO.  In the CUWN, the WLS device has a central role.

Association or authentication of wireless clients as traditional role of access points are done by WLC.  In the unified environment access points called as lightweight access points.

The WLC is switching the packets between wireless clients and the wired portion of the network. The entire configuration is downloaded from WLCs by lightweight access points.

In the Cisco WLC training to keep the data and network is safe is paramount to an organization’s success, one security system is used to keep the data secure. That is known as Cisco security.

In this Cisco security training, gives the knowledge on security analyst, security engineer, or security administrator. IT security system can use this Cisco training benefits to secure their skills and can prepare for Cisco CCNA certification or Cisco CCNP security certification.

In this Cisco WLC training, the knowledge of Cisco is provided by Cisco service provider. This Cisco service provider training technology is used to pursue a variety of service provider roles from technician to administrator.

Wireless LAN controller (WLC):

For wireless LAN coverage requirements, two WLAN controllers 5508 are deployed, each supporting 500 APs (access points). The AP selects the nearest controller, and the important AP configures two controller addresses to improve reliability. 

The controller and AP of the company can be in different network segments. The AP obtains the IP address through the company’s internal DHCP server and finds and registers it with the controller through option.

   For the company’s intranet users, because the company’s office network is mainly through wired access, it is not provided as a public operation network access. Therefore, the 802.11i peap authentication is adopted for the authentication of the internal network. The controller is linked with the Radius authentication server.  802.1 x identity authentications is used for user identity data.

The configuration and all were secured by Cisco certified network associate security. It is also shortly known as CCNA security training. With this CCNA security certification a network professional demonstrates the skills required to develop a security infrastructure.

   Hybrid Remote Edge Access Point (H-REAP) is a wireless solution for branch office and remote office deployments. It enables customers to configure and control wireless access points deployed in branch offices and remote offices over wide area network (WAN) links without the need to deploy wireless controllers in each office. 

The H-REAP wireless access point can forward the data traffic of the wireless client locally and perform the verification of the wireless client when the connection of the local H-REAP wireless access point to the wireless controller is lost. When the H-REAP wireless access point is connected to the wireless controller, traffic can also be forwarded to the wireless controller through the tunnel.

Advantages of Cisco WLC training:

  • Flexibility: The architecture of the Cisco training was always adapted to the future that can never quite predict.
  •   High throughput: Especially in the phase of increasingly complex security policies like encryption.
  • Availability: The redundancy can never be down even when upgrading hundreds of access points.
  • Mobility: it seamless roaming even at layers.

Conclusion of Agile project management training:

 Cisco WLC training is one of the most effective network connecting. In the Cisco WLC, the access points are going to go on what power they going to transmit out and it works. Global online trainings will give the best corporate training on Cisco wireless LAN controller.

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