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Citrix Netscaler Training

Citrix Netscaler Training

Introduction of Citrix NetScaler Training:

Citrix NetScaler Training by Global Online Trainings comes with either physical or virtual form. In the terms of the load balancer, when customers on the internet come then their traffic is directed to that NetScaler who then can distribute the load across one or more servers that are cooperating together and have the same content. In the terms of the gateway by Citrix NetScaler 12.x Online Training, the company who may be using this load balancer as a gateway have their own users connecting to that gateway authenticating and then having access through an SSL VPN to the resources at the headquarters location or that main office. The Citrix NetScaler Training does all things such as it acts as a delivery controller for layer four through layer seven web applications. It has the ability to compress the traffic means the server does not have to support HTTP compression so it takes the load off from the server.

Prerequisites for Citrix NetScaler Training:

  • Basic knowledge of AWS and Azure.
  • Should be familiar with Citrix Admin, Citrix Consultant and Citrix Presentation Server.
  • CLOUD COMPUTING should also be known for this course.

Citrix Netscaler Online Training Course Content

Citrix Netscaler Training Overview
  • NetScaler Overview
  • Introduction to the NetScaler System
  • NetScaler Functionality
  • NetScaler Operating System Overview
  • Hardware Platforms
  • Hardware Components
  • Planning a NetScaler Deployment
  • Deployment Scenarios
  • NetScaler Configuration
  • Logging in to the NetScaler System
  • NetScaler Licenses
  • Basic Networking
  • OSI Networking Model
  • NetScaler Architecture Overview
  • Packet Forwarding
  • NetScaler-Owned IP Addresses
  • NetScaler IP Address
  • Sending a Client IP Address to Servers
  • Virtual Local Area Networks
  • Network Address Translation
Basic Load Balancing
  • Load Balancing Basics
  • Configure Basic Load Balancing
  • Services Configuration Overview
  • Virtual Servers Creation
  • Services Bound to a Virtual Server
  • Configuration Verification
  • Load-Balancing Methods
Service Weights
  • Session Persistence Methods
  • Service Level Monitors
  • High Availability
  • High Availability Functionality
  • High Availability Node Configuration
  • Propagation and Synchronization
  • High Availability Management
  • Policies and Expressions
  • Policies Overview
  • Policy Basics
  • Basic Policy Components
  • About Policy Bindings3
Policy Priorities
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  • Expression Structures
  • Wildcards
  • Context-Sensitive Fields
  • Simple Expressions
  • Compound Expressions
  • Advanced Policy Conversion
  • Content Switching
Hardware Compliance
  •        Authentication Setup
  •        AAA for Traffic Management
  •        SAML 2.0 Consumer Support
  •        Enhanced NTLMv2 Support
  •        Authentication Policy Creation
  •        Single Sign-on Setup


Introduction to Content Switching
  •        Understanding Content Switching
  •        Configure a Load-Balancing Setup for Content Switching
  •        Content-Switching Policies
  •        Content-Switching Rule Precedence Without Priority Specified
  •        Content-Switching Rule Precedence With Priority Specified
  •        Connection Tuning
  •        IPv6
  •        DNS and the NetScaler
  •        IP Routing
  •        Link Load Balancing
  •        SIP Load Balancing
  •        Custom Load
  •        Persistence and Persistence Connections
  •        Load-Balancing Configuration Protection
  •        Load-Balancing Setup Management
Traffic Management
  •        Global Server Load Balancing
  •        GSLB Deployment Methods
  •        GSLB Concepts
  •        GSLB DNS Methods
  •        Implementing Static GSLB
  •        Metric Exchange Protocol
  •        Configuring Site-to-Site Communication
  •        Customizing the GSLB Configuration
  •        GSLB Persistence
  •        Monitoring GSLB Services
  •        Protecting the GSLB Setup Against Failure
  •        Implementing GSLB Failover for Disaster Recovery
Citrix netscaler Training Clustering
  •        Features supported by Clustering
  •        How Clustering Works
  •        Cluster Synchronization
  •        Cluster Connections
  •        Cluster Communication Interfaces
  •        Striped and Spotted IP Addresses
  •        Traffic Distribution
  •        Cluster and Node States
  •        NetScaler Cluster Set up
  •        NetScaler Cluster Traffic Distribution Mechanisms
  •        NetScaler Cluster Management4
  •        NetScaler Cluster Troubleshooting
Security and Authentication
  •        SSL
  •        SSL Administration
  •        SSL Keys
  •        Digital Certificates
  •        Certificate Signing Request
  •        SSL Certificates
  •        Certificate Generation
  •        Certificate Key Pairs
  •        NetScaler System Communication
  •        Front-end SSL
  •        Front-end SSL_TCP
  •        Securing Traffic
  •        SSL_Bride
  •        SSL Termination Points
  •        SSL Offload
  •        Configuring SSL Offload
  •        Advanced SSL Settings

Overview of Citrix NetScaler Training:

The NetScaler sits in front of the servers and provides a single point of entry from the internet to the back-end and it will make some decisions as to where the traffic needs to go and how it needs to be handled. So depending on what part of the Citrix NetScaler Training you get a hold of first is how you tend to see it but it does lots of things.

  • The Citrix NetScaler Training can be described as a tool or system that controls the delivery process of web applications such as an e-commerce site or a services site or a collaboration site.
  • The NetScaler sits in front of those websites to assist them in the delivery of that application to the end-users within Citrix NetScaler 12.x Online Training with corporate training videos and course materials.
  • It can speed up the application process, load balancing and content switching functions that means as the request come in then the NetScaler can distribute them evenly across your backend servers as a load balancer.
  • As the content switcher, it can examine the request to determine whether it came from a mobile device or a regular computer.
  • It can also handle the SSL traffic so when the client enters the NetScaler from the front from the IP address that will come to the load balancer and the load balancer will make a decision as to which service will be invoked.
  • The Citrix NetScaler Training prevents slow networks and high server loads to increase the productivity and sales. It provides a developed experience of the web application for mobile and desktop.
  • With NetScaler data loading process became faster and easy monitoring the data regarding network speed and server loads by Citrix NetScaler 12.x Online Training with corporate training videos and course materials.
  • Global Online Trainings also provide NetApp Training which mainly focused on all aspects regarding storage management. The data management capability of NetApp provides better visualization with most improved security and increase the efficiency of storing process. The cloud computing factor of NetApp works for public cloud infrastructure with the combination of hybrid cloud for implementing the cloud database.

Citrix NetScaler Training with VPX:

The Citrix NetScaler Training with VPX editions are virtual editions means it is a virtual client that you can run on hypervisor of your choice which could be VMware, VSphere, and Hyper-V or sense servers. The advantage of having VPX is that it provides flexibility although Citrix NetScaler comes with a hardware form factor as well as MPX and STX. Citrix NetScaler Training also comes with all sorts of licensing with platinum edition as the highest level of license that allows enabling all the features.

The VPX has several features such as it has an application layer firewall which is layer 7.

  • It protects the resources that you publish through it against distributed denial of service attacks and zero-day attacks. In the term of load banker, it supports several algorithms to bounce the load.
  • It acts as server load or session persistence or SSL session ID along with high availability which can be configured in the cluster as well as high availability configuration such as standby.
  • Citrix NetScaler 12.x Online Training with corporate training videos and course materials also has the ability to act as a secure remote access gateway but it has a fully fledged option that can be configured as SSL VPN gateway.
  • It also owns the ability that can perform pre-authentication checks and authorization like after getting authenticating what they are allowed to access.
  • Citrix NetScaler Training has the ability to compress the traffic means the server does not have to support HTTP compression so it takes the load off from the server.
  • It has an option of optimization to optimize the TCP traffic as well as caching. WAN acceleration is another function that can be used between two NetScaler devices to accelerate the traffic between two branch offices.

Citrix NetScaler Training with SDX:

The Citrix NetScaler Training with SDX allows running multiple with fully isolated and independent NetScaler instances or a single NetScaler MPX appliance. Unlike the most networking solutions in Citrix NetScaler 12.x Online Training with corporate training videos and course materials which could be multi-resident the NetScaler is not based upon a single shared instance carved into partitions. With SDX each instance is its own virtual machine with its own dedicated NetScaler main virtual engine, resources that come from CPU, spaces availability by memory management and allocating the bandwidth for faster speed. The associated multiple instances can be implemented on a single NetScaler MPX appliance of Citrix NetScaler Training.

  • Generally adding virtualization requires transparency and this transparency can corrupt the overall performance.
  • The NetScaler SDX is designed to enable NetScaler MPX appliances to be virtualized with no conciliating appliances overall throughput.
  • To achieve this SDX introduced the standard called Single Root input output virtualization which is put into practice within the NIC and system’s hardware.
  • The single root standard allows split the facility of individual device interface into various virtualized interfaces. The SDX could be combining with rate-limiting technology for allocating the bandwidth for each request.
  • The Single root also enables the SDX for mapping the virtual instances straight to the NetScaler instance. The bandwidth allocation of a virtual interface cannot be overridden.
  • Global Online Trainings provide VMware Training will help to reduce storage infrastructure costs and increase data protection and availability in order to virtualize more systems with VMware by using NetApp. The thin provisioning technology Citrix NetScaler 12.x Online Training with corporate training videos and course materials allows entering into a model where storage is provisioned on demand.

Citrix NetScaler Training for Unified Gateway:

In this growing industry, the applications are evolving at a faster rate than never before and the technologies that are used to deliver these applications are also updating with new features and functionalities. So People want to use advanced devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets in order to access the applications from anywhere they want.

  • These kinds of facilities of Citrix NetScaler Training produce much expectation with costs and security issues. There are different remote access solutions for each required application types which will help to prevent from meeting requirements of end-users.
  • So there is a need for an appropriate solution to deliver all applications for any device and that provides a common place to examine all the process across all applications.
  • The Unified Gateway of Citrix NetScaler Training gives the centralized place for managing and enforcing the security along with the ability to access the control policies. It delivers the appropriate solution for each device and helps to monitor the process across the environment.
  • Citrix NetScaler 12.x Online Training with corporate training videos and course materials makes the process easy for end-users so they can access any type of application from any device from anywhere.
  • Citrix NetScaler Training is the most popular VPN solution for SSL and provides strength for the entire remote access infrastructure which helps to reduce the cost of ownership and consistent as well as good user experience.
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