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Citrix Netscaler Training

Citrix Netscaler Training


Citrix Netscaler is the industry’s leading web and applications delivery control that maximizes the performance and availability of all applications, data, and also provide secure remote access to any application from any device type. Netscaler products are easily selected by the determining edition providing functional needs and the appropriate physical or virtual appliance platform to fulfill performance needs.

Global Online Trainings offers Citrix Netscaler Online Training is to provide foundation concepts and skills necessary to implement, configure, secure, monitor, optimize, and troubleshoot a Citrix Netscaler system within a networking framework. Citrix Netscaler training is designed for participates who have limited or no previous Netscaler experience.



  • Attendees must have basic knowledge of the purpose and goals of virtualization  and an understanding of computing architecture, including network & storage device drivers and operating system.

Citrix Netscaler Online Training Course Content

Citrix Netscaler Training Overview
  • NetScaler Overview
  • Introduction to the NetScaler System
  • NetScaler Functionality
  • NetScaler Operating System Overview
  • Hardware Platforms
  • Hardware Components
  • Planning a NetScaler Deployment
  • Deployment Scenarios
  • NetScaler Configuration
  • Logging in to the NetScaler System
  • NetScaler Licenses
  • Basic Networking
  • OSI Networking Model
  • NetScaler Architecture Overview
  • Packet Forwarding
  • NetScaler-Owned IP Addresses
  • NetScaler IP Address
  • Sending a Client IP Address to Servers
  • Virtual Local Area Networks
  • Network Address Translation
Basic Load Balancing
  • Load Balancing Basics
  • Configure Basic Load Balancing
  • Services Configuration Overview
  • Virtual Servers Creation
  • Services Bound to a Virtual Server
  • Configuration Verification
  • Load-Balancing Methods
Service Weights
  • Session Persistence Methods
  • Service Level Monitors
  • High Availability
  • High Availability Functionality
  • High Availability Node Configuration
  • Propagation and Synchronization
  • High Availability Management
  • Policies and Expressions
  • Policies Overview
  • Policy Basics
  • Basic Policy Components
  • About Policy Bindings3
Policy Priorities
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  • Expression Structures
  • Wildcards
  • Context-Sensitive Fields
  • Simple Expressions
  • Compound Expressions
  • Advanced Policy Conversion
  • Content Switching
Introduction to Content Switching
  •        Understanding Content Switching
  •        Configure a Load-Balancing Setup for Content Switching
  •        Content-Switching Policies
  •        Content-Switching Rule Precedence Without Priority Specified
  •        Content-Switching Rule Precedence With Priority Specified
  •        Connection Tuning
  •        IPv6
  •        DNS and the NetScaler
  •        IP Routing
  •        Link Load Balancing
  •        SIP Load Balancing
  •        Custom Load
  •        Persistence and Persistence Connections
  •        Load-Balancing Configuration Protection
  •        Load-Balancing Setup Management
Traffic Management
  •        Global Server Load Balancing
  •        GSLB Deployment Methods
  •        GSLB Concepts
  •        GSLB DNS Methods
  •        Implementing Static GSLB
  •        Metric Exchange Protocol
  •        Configuring Site-to-Site Communication
  •        Customizing the GSLB Configuration
  •        GSLB Persistence
  •        Monitoring GSLB Services
  •        Protecting the GSLB Setup Against Failure
  •        Implementing GSLB Failover for Disaster Recovery
Citrix netscaler Training Clustering
  •        Features supported by Clustering
  •        How Clustering Works
  •        Cluster Synchronization
  •        Cluster Connections
  •        Cluster Communication Interfaces
  •        Striped and Spotted IP Addresses
  •        Traffic Distribution
  •        Cluster and Node States
  •        NetScaler Cluster Set up
  •        NetScaler Cluster Traffic Distribution Mechanisms
  •        NetScaler Cluster Management4
  •        NetScaler Cluster Troubleshooting
Security and Authentication
  •        SSL
  •        SSL Administration
  •        SSL Keys
  •        Digital Certificates
  •        Certificate Signing Request
  •        SSL Certificates
  •        Certificate Generation
  •        Certificate Key Pairs
  •        NetScaler System Communication
  •        Front-end SSL
  •        Front-end SSL_TCP
  •        Securing Traffic
  •        SSL_Bride
  •        SSL Termination Points
  •        SSL Offload
  •        Configuring SSL Offload
  •        Advanced SSL Settings
Hardware Compliance
  •        Authentication Setup
  •        AAA for Traffic Management
  •        SAML 2.0 Consumer Support
  •        Enhanced NTLMv2 Support
  •        Authentication Policy Creation
  •        Single Sign-on Setup



What is Citrix Netscaler?

Citrix Netscaler is an integrated web application delivery controller that functions as an application accelerator through caching, HTTP compression, and provide advanced traffic management through layer, load balancing and content switching functions. Netscaler training also include application security via a web application firewall, including PCI-DSS security mandate protection & SSL VPN. Netscaler further offloads application and web server to ensure application availability, increases the security through SSL, and server consolidation.

By using Netscaler to create a services delivery fabric overlay spanning enterprises and cloud data centers, enterprises can make the cloud a transparent extension of their own networks. IT organizations can extend existing in-place processes and tolling to the cloud based services the business adopts.


Objectives for Citrix Netscaler Training:


  • Identify the functionality and capabilities of the Netscaler.
  • Obtain, install, and manage Netscaler licenses.
  • Explain how SSL is used to secure the Netscaler.
  • Optimize the Netscaler system for traffic handling & management.
  • Customize the Citrix Netscaler training system traffic flow and content-specific requirement.
  • Demonstrate monitoring and reporting through the native Netscaler logging tools.
  • Employ recommended tools and techniques to troubleshoot common Netscaler network & connectivity issues.
  • In Citrix Netscaler training identify the capabilities, functionality and networking characteristics of the Netscaler SDX platform.
  • Explaining the process of provisioning and administering Netscaler VPX instances on a Netscaler SDX appliance.


Citrix Netscaler Sub modules:

Netscaler MPX

  • Hardware based app delivery appliances.
  • Managing web applications with multiple gigabits of traffic.
  • Load balancing for small enterprise.
  • Ultra high performance web application security.
  • Flex tenancy.

Netscaler SDX

  • Hardware based appliance with advanced virtualization to consolidate up to 115 independently manage Netscaler instances.
  • Supporting data center consolidation.
  • Providing multi tenancy the right way.
  • Maintaining tenancy isolation without compromise.
  • Enabling cloud data center build outs.

Netscaler VPX

  • Software based virtual appliances that run on widely deployed hypervisors.
  • Architecting private/public cloud infrastructures.
  • Utilizing Netscaler within non production environments.
  • Architecting scalable multi-tenant infrastructures.
  • Attractive application delivery options for the smaller business.