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Citrix netscalar training

Introduction of Citrix NetScaler Training:

Citrix NetScaler Training is provided by leading online training platform Global Online Trainings. With our Citrix NetScaler online Training, you can provide enhanced web applications for mobile and desktop experience. With our Citrix NetScaler you can able to work with Optimal Traffic Performance, Network Resilience which includes the Compress ability, DE duplicate and prioritize traffic over one logical LAN server. With our Citrix NetScaler you can do all things such as delivering and controlling web applications and you also know that how to compress and sending the traffic across optimal path based on metrics analysed.


Course Name: Citrix NetScaler Training

Mode of training: Online Training, Corporate Training and Job Support

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.

course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 12 years+

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track.


Citrix Netscaler Online Training Course Content

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What is Cirtix NetScaler Training?

The Citrix NetScaler has ADC (Application Delivery Controller) System, and it is using to optimize the delivery of enterprise and cloud services for detecting and adapting to change network conditions.

  • The NetScaler is not just an agency, it has 10 times capacity on demand which includes Global Server Load Balancing.
  • The Data center virtualization features in Cirtix NetScaler will provide extreme flexibility and it offers Triscale technology which is useful for smart and affordably scale application and service delivery of the structures without adding complexity.
  • With Citrix NetScaler, you can increase the application delivery performance of a server and you can do clustering the server with zero downtime.
  • You can simplify application delivery support by virtualization separate applications and business needs under one management platform.
  • In our Citrix NetScaler online Training you will know about NetScaler mobile streaming features which accelerate the mobile experience, when there is poor reception.

By joining our Citrix NetScaler online Training, our expert trainers will teach you how to deploy physical or virtual hardware with NetScaler cloud.

VPX in Citrix NetScaler online Training:

The VPX in Citrix NetScaler is a virtual edition. It means, whenever a virtual client runs on hypervisor of your choice which could be VMware, vSphere, and Hyper-V or sense servers. With the help of Citrix XenApp you will able to perform Desktop Virtualization and its evolution. Citrix NetScaler online Training also comes with all sorts of licensing with platinum edition as the highest level of license that allows enabling all the features.

The VPX has several features and it has an application layer firewall. The following are some of those VPX features,

  • It protects the resources which are published against the distributed system of service and it is designed for minimizing zero attacks pre day. In the term of load banker, it supports several algorithms to bounce from the load.
  • It acts as server load or session persistence or SSL session ID along with high availability which can be configured in the cluster as well as high availability configuration such as standby.
  • With our Citrix NetScaler Online Training, you will have the ability to work with secure remote access gateway and you will have ability to provide fully-fledged option to configure Citrix NetScaler with SSL VPN gateway.
  • It also owns the ability to perform pre-authentication checks which are allowed to access the authorization like after getting authentication.
  • With our Citrix NetScaler you will gain the knowledge and the ability to compress the traffic, it means when the server does not supporting HTTP then it takes the load off from the server and perform compression.
  • NetScaler has an option of optimization to optimize the TCP traffic as well as cache. WAN acceleration is another function in NetScaler. With this function you can do traffic acceleration between two NetScaler devices or servers.
SDX in Citrix NetScaler online Training:Citrix NetScaler Key Points

The SDX tool in our training of Citrix NetScaler will teach you how to run multiple isolated and independent NetScaler instances on a single NetScaler MPX appliance. Citrix NetScaler Online Training providing networking solutions and those could be multi-resident with NetScaler and it is not based upon a single shared instance carved into partitions. Each instance in SDX has its own NetScaler main virtual engine resources. Those resources are come from CPU, spaces availability by memory management and allocating the bandwidth for faster speed.

The following are the multiple instances which can be implemented on a single NetScaler SDX appliance.

  • Adding visualizations in Citrix NetScaler will requires transparency and this transparency can involves with the overall performance.
  • The NetScaler SDX is designed to enable NetScaler MPX appliances and to visualizer with no conciliating appliances.
  • To achieve this SDX, NetScaler introduce some standards called as Single Root input and output visualizations. These standards are come into practice within the NIC and system’s hardware.
  • The single root standard allows Citrix to split the facility into individual device interface for different visualizations. The SDX could be combining with rate-limiting technology to allocate the bandwidth for each request.
  • With our Citrix NetScaler you can also enables the SDX for mapping the virtual instances straight to the NetScaler instance without overriding the allocated bandwidth in NetScaler instance.
  • With this Citrix Training you can reduce storage infrastructure costs, increase data protection and availability in order to visualize more systems.
  • The thin provisioning technology in Citrix NetScaler you can also enter into a model, where storage is provisioned on demand.

Citrix NetScaler online Training for Unified Gateway:

For today IT world, the applications are evolving at a faster rate than never before and the technologies that are used to deliver these applications with latest updates and with new features and functionalities. For the security and mobility of computers Citrix XenDesktop 7 will be more useful. So People always want to use advanced devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets in order to access the applications from anywhere they want.

  • In our Citrix NetScaler our trainers will teach you with latest facilities of much expectation and security issues. There are different remote access solutions for each required application types and it will help to prevent from meeting requirements of end-users.
  • For an enterprise if there is any need for an appropriate solution, with our Citrix NetScaler you can deliver solution for any application for any device. By that you can perform common examine process across all applications.
  • The Unified Gateway of Citrix NetScaler will give the centralized place to manage and enforce the security along with the ability to access the control policies. These policies will deliver the appropriate solution for each device and helps to monitor the process across the environment.
  • With Citrix NetScaler online Training, you can also provide VPN solution for SSL and provides strength for the entire remote access infrastructure. These solutions will help to reduce the cost of ownership and consistent as well as improves good user experience.
Advantages of Citrix NetScaler online Training:

The following are a few advantages of Citrix NetScaler Online Training.

  • With Citrix NetScaler technology you can deliver software applications for mobile devices and computer desktops to access from any location.
  • With the latest features in Citrix, demands and expectations will grow and controls cost and security concerns.
  • Citrix NetScaler online Training will teach about remote access solution for each and every different application type and this will make you to meet demands of end users.
  • With Citrix you will have centralized lace to manage and enforce security and access control policies.

By joining our online training you will know more advantages in Citrix NetScaler. 

Overview of Citrix NetScaler Training:

  • The Citrix NetScaler has been described as a tool or system that controls the delivery process of web applications such as an e-commerce site or a services site or a collaboration site.
  • With the Citrix NetScaler online Training you will collaborate with websites to assist with the delivery of application to the end-users.
  • Citrix NetScaler will speed up the application process, load balancing and content switching functions that mean when the request comes in, then the NetScaler can distribute them evenly across your back end servers as a load balancer.
  • As the content switches, it can examine the request to determine whether it came from a mobile device or a regular computer system.
  • It can also handle the SSL traffic, when the client enters into the NetScaler from the front from the IP address that will come to the load balancer and the load balancer will make a decision as to which service will be invoked.
  • With NetScaler, the data loading process became faster and easy to monitor the data regarding network speed and server loads.
  • Global Online Trainings also provide NetScaler Training which mainly focused on all aspects regarding storage management. The data management capability of NetScaler provides better visualization with most improved security and increase the efficiency of storing process. The cloud computing factor of NetScaler works for public cloud infrastructure with the combination of hybrid cloud for implementing the cloud database.

With our Citrix NetScaler you get a hold of first is how you tend to see it but it does lots of things.

Conclusion of Citrix NetScaler Training:

The leading online training cloud Global online Trainings is providing Citrix NetScaler Training from India for you to get training in the way of providing solutions for enterprise applications. Students who are willing to work in Citrix NetScaler after their studies and employees who are from India has less idea but got positions in other countries such as USA and UK etc. are also eligible to take our training. We have years of experienced trainers and they will teach all elements in Citrix NetScaler from the basics.

Get register for the best Citrix NetScaler online Training, our experts always available through online to resolve your project related queries. GOT is also providing Corporate Training on client premise in Noida, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad etc. for an affordable cost. For more information please visit our official website, thank you.


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