citrix presentation server 4.5 training

citrix presentation server 4

citrix presentation server 4.5 Online training

Installing Citrix Presentation Server

o Citrix Presentation Server Overview

o Identifying Components of Presentation Server

o Introducing New Features and Feature Enhancements

o Identifying Management Consoles in Presentation Server

o Installation of Presentation Server

o Making Installation Decisions

Installing and Configuring Citrix Presentation Server Clients

o Citrix Presentation Server Client for Windows

o Identifying New Features in the Client for Windows

o Using the Client for Web

o Using the Program Neighborhood Agent

o Using the Program Neighborhood

o Client Connection Security

o Configuring Remote Configuration

o Installation of the Client for Windows

o Understanding the Installation Requirements

o Creating Custom Packages Using the Client Package

o Installing the Clients Manually

o Deploying Clients Using Active Directory

Publishing Resources

o Publishing Resources

o Organizing Published Resources for Users

o Advanced Settings for Published Resource

o Configuring Advanced Access Control Properties

o Configuring Server-to-Client Content Redirection

o Implementing Resource Limits and Client Options

o Configuring Resource Appearance

o Published Resource Management

o Viewing Published Resource Usage

o Modifying Published Resource Properties

o Disabling or Hiding a Published Resource

Configuring Policies in Presentation Server

o Policies in Presentation Server

o Identifying Policy Rules

o Creating Policies in Presentation Server

o Applying Policies Using Filter

o Prioritizing Policies

o Using the Policy Search Engine

Configuring Sessions in Presentation Server

o Session Connection Settings

o Configuring Virtual IP Addresses

o Configuring Broadcast Setting

o Configuring the Citrix XML Service

o Configuring Time Zone Settings

o Configuring Novell Directory Services

o Session Reconnection Configuration

o Configuring Keep-Alive Setting

o Configuring Session Reliability

o Configuring Auto Client Reconnect

o Session Performance Configuration

o Configuring Display Settings

o Configuring SpeedScreen Browser Acceleration

o Configuring SpeedScreen Multimedia Acceleration

o Configuring SpeedScreen Flash Acceleration

o Configuring SpeedScreen Latency Reduction

o Configuring SpeedScreen Image Acceleration

Configuring Presentation Server

o Citrix Administrator Accounts and Permissions

o Adding Administrator Accounts

o Configuring Administrator Permissions

o Configuring Folder Permissions

o Configuration Logging

o Creating the Configuration Logging Database

o Configuring Configuration Logging

o Data Collectors and License Servers

o Configuring Data Collectors

o Specifying the License Server

o Performance Settings

o Optimizing CPU Utilization

o Implementing Virtual Memory Management

o Administration Settings

o Configuring Health Monitoring and Recovery

o Configuring Remote Console Connections

o Configuring ICA Connection Limits

o Configuring Shadow Settings

Configuring Load Management

o Load Management Process

o Load Calculation

o Load Evaluator Configuration

o Creating Custom Load Evaluators

o Assigning Load Evaluators to Servers and Applications

o Load Monitoring

o Monitoring Load Evaluator Usage

o Monitoring Load Evaluator Rule Activity

o Logging Load Manager Activity

Deploying Applications with Presentation Server

o Application Installation in Presentation Server

o Streaming Applications in Presentation Server

o Installing Applications in a Multi-User Environment

o Isolation Environments

o Creating an Isolation Environment

o Configuring Isolation Environment Settings

o Associating an Application with an Isolation Environment

o Installation Manager Overview

o Installation Manager Packaging

o Rolling Back the Packager

o Packaging an Application

o Packaging a File or Folder Contents

o Packaging an Unattended Installation

o Package Deployment

o Adding a Package to the Installation Manager Database

o Installing a Package

o Publishing a Package

o Installation Manager Administration

o Configuring Installation Manager Properties

o Creating Server Groups

o Creating and Using Package Groups

o Viewing Package Status

o Uninstalling a Package

Configuring Printing

o Printer Configuration

o Importing Print Servers

o Printer Assignment

o Configuring Client Printers

o Assigning Network Printers to Users

o Print Driver Management

o Replicating Print Drivers

o Universal Driver Printing Policies and Features

o Maintaining Print Driver Compatibility Lists

o Configuring Print Driver Mappings

o Assigning Printer Creation Settings to Published Applications

o Managing Printer Bandwidth

Enabling Web Access to Published Resources

Web Interface Communications Overview

o Web Interface Installation and Configuration

o Creating Web Interface Sites

o Specifying the Initial Configuration

o Site Appearance Configuration

o Authentication Configuration

o Configuring Explicit Authentication

o Configuring Pass-Through Authentication

o Configuring Smart Card Authentication

o Workspace Control Configuration

o Configuring Workspace Control

o Server Configuration

o DMZ Settings Configuration

o Client-Side Proxy Setting Configuration

o Session Preferences Configuration

o Client Deployment Configuration

o Configuring Client for Web Settings

o Configuring Client for Java Settings

o Managing Client Deployment Settings

o Program Neighborhood Agent Services Site Configuration

Streaming Applications

o Application Streaming Components Overview

o Application Streaming Communications

o Citrix Streaming Client

o Installing the Streaming Client

o Citrix Streaming Profiler

o Installing the Citrix Streaming Profiler

o Setting Profiler Preferences

o Profile Configuration

o Configuring Profiles

o Viewing and Changing Profile Properties

o Changing Target Properties

o Adding a Target to a Profile

o Deleting a Target from a Profile

o Upgrading an Application in a Target

o Deleting an Obsolete Version of a Target

o Streaming Application Configuration

o Publishing a Streaming Application

o Changing the Application Type

o Specifying an Alternate Profile for a Published Application

o Enabling the Least-Privileged User Account

o Using a Policy for Application Delivery

o Configuring Sites for Streaming Applications

o Offline Access Management

o Providing Offline Access

o Customizing the Offline License Setting

o Caching Applications for Offline Access

o Lab Setup

Securing Access to Published Resources

o ICA Encryption

o Configuring ICA Encryption in a Policy Configuring

o ICA Encryption Through a Published Application

o Citrix SSL Relay

o Configuring Citrix SSL Relay

o Secure Gateway

o Using Digital Certificates

o Installing the Secure Gateway

o Web Interface Configuration for the Secure Gateway

o Configuring the Access Method

o Configuring Secure Gateway Settings

o Secure Gateway Monitoring